Will Book II, page 1

Submitted by Linda Fluharty.

     I, Robert Cooper, of Calhoun County, West Virginia, being in the injoyment of reasonable good health and in possession of my reasoning faculties, make this my last will and testament, hereby revoking all former wills or codicils of any kind whatsoever made by me; I hereby will and bequeath to my wife, Rebecca Cooper my farm of 200 acres where I now reside and ocupy on Anamariah Creek, in Calhoun County, W. Va., and also a tract of 22 acres purchased of Levi Pettit, adjoining the said 200 acres, and on waters of Anamariah Creek, to have and to hold for her own use and support or benefit, with all right to use and controll the same as she may see fit during the period of her natural life. And I also further will and bequeath to my wife, Rebecca Cooper, all of my personal property, including moneys, bonds and securities, to have and to hold, to use and controll for her own use and benefit during her natural life. And I further will and bequeath to my son, William, at the death of my wife, Rebecca Cooper, one half of the 200 acres first hereinbefore mentioned; and to my son, George W. one half of the said 200 acres, heretofore divided and agreed on by the said sons, William and George W. Division commencing at a Locust corner at the fence of the field on the ridge between the forks of Anamariah Creek,and running thence, a straight line to a green W.O. in the field, and then a straight line to a stone, the old original line of the first 100 acres purchased, and thence with line of the original 100 acre survey to corner of same; the upper acre (or one half of 200 acres) I hereby set aside to, and designate as my son William's part of said survey, and the lower 100 acre (or one half of 200 acre) tract to my son, George W., the same including the residence that I now ocupy. And I further will and bequeath to my two sons, William and George W. jointly, at the death of my wife Rebecca, the tract of 22 acres here tofore mentioned and conveyed to me by Levi Pettit and wife. I further will and bequeath to my three daughters, Sarah Dewese and Elizabeth Haverty and Alice Mitchell, the sum of three ($333 1/3) hundred and thirty three and one third dollars each, to be paid out of my personal property, money or bonds, at the death of my wife, Rebecca Cooper after deducting the amounts heretofore paid by me to each one of my three daughters heretofore mentioned; which amounts is as follows:
Paid to Sarah Deweese - $59.00
" " Elizabeth Haverty - $218.00
" " Alice Mitchell - $149.58
and is dated from this day, and if my three daughters heretofore mentioned have not received their respective amounts due them at the death of my wife, Rebecca Cooper, and no personal property, money or bonds left at the death of my wife, Rebecca Cooper, to pay off the amounts due to each of them after deducting the amounts set oposit their respective names, which would be due Sarah Deweese $274.33 1/3, and which would be due Elizabeth Haverty $115.33 1/3, and would be due to Alice Mitchell $183.75 1/3, then my two sons, William and George W., jointly, shall pay by said three daughters the amounts hereinbefore due them respectively, but the said amounts due each of the three daughters shall be subject to credit by any amounts hereafter received received by either of them prior to the death of my wife, Rebecca Cooper. And I further hereby appoint my wife, Rebecca Cooper as my legal representative after my death, with full power to settle up all of my unsettled business. This 15" day of April, 1899.

Robert Cooper

Witness; N. B. Ferrell
Witness; H. B. Cooper

     In vacation of the county court of Calhoun County, in the clerk's office of said court, at the court house thereof, on Thursday July 14, 1904.
     A paper writing dated on the 15 day of April, 1899, and purporting to be the last will and testament of Robert Cooper, deceased, and who had a known place of residence in this county, and departed this life therein, was this day presented in this office for probate by Rebecca Cooper, executrix and one of the devisees therein named, and thereupon came N. B. Ferrell and H. B. Cooper, the subscribing witnesses to the said writing, who being duly sworn, did depose and say that on the 15 day of April, 1899, the said Robert Cooper, signed, published and declared the said writing as and for his last will and testament in their presence, and they in the presence of said testator, at his request, and in the presence of each other, signed the said writing as witnesses, and that at that time the said testator was of sound mind and disposing memory, and there being no objections, the said will is admitted to probate, and thereupon came Rebecca Cooper, the executrix named in said will, who with G. W. Cooper, her surety entered into a bond in the penalty of $1200, conditioned according to law, which is approved, and upon motion of said Rebecca Cooper, Geo. Davis, Ed Davis and A. Chancy are appointed appraisers to appraise the personal estate of said decedent.

Teste: S. W. McClung, Clerk

A COPY Teste: S. W. McClung Clerk