Will Book II, pages 4-5

Submitted by Linda Fluharty.

     This is my will made this the 7th day of April, 1902, as follows: First, I want all my just debts paid. 2nd. I do not want any thing in my house or kitchen appraised as I give all of household & kitchen furniture encluding pictures and everything in the house to my wife as long as she lives and what she has left of them they shall be divided equally by executor between my four children. My home property on Julian Street, Parkersburg, W.Va., is to be used by my wife during her lifetime and my estate must pay all the taxes ensurance and keep up the repairs on said property during her lifetime at no cost to her. And I will to Charles S. Despard, Jr., trustee for my wife one third of all my personal and real estate for him to to do with it as he thinks best to furnish for him --mother. I want set apart for the use of my son Charles S. Despard, Jr., enough of my property to educate him a mining engineer at Columbia University, New York, this is to be three thousand dollars and said three thousand dollars is not to be charged up to him in the division of my estate, the rest of my estate is to be divided equally between my four children, but Charles S. Despard, Jr., is to hold all my dauters interest in my estate for them and pay them the interest he receives from their property. I further will if my executor thinks it best to sell my home property he can do so provided my wife consents to it. And tyhe proceeds must be put out on interest for her benefit as long as she lives. I allso wish that all my children as long as they are single will live with their mother the same as they do while I am alive and at the death of my wife her estate shall go to Charles S. Despard, Jr., as trustee for his three sisters for three fours of it and himself for the other fourth. I hereby appoint Charles S. Despard, Jr., my administrator & executor with bond of all my estate both real and personal to do with it as he thinks best for all of my heirs.
Given under my hand and seal this the 7th day of April, 1902.
Parkersburg, West Va. April 7, 1902

C. S. Despard.

STATE OF WEST VIRGINIA: At a regular session of the county court, held and continued for the the county of Wood, on the 5th day of March, 1906. "A paper writing purporting to be the last will and testament of C. S. Despard, deceased, late of this county, bearing the date on the 7th day of April, 1902, was this day presented for probate in open court, and said will being duly proven by the paths of C. D. Forrer, B. M. Despard and H. M. O'Blenness, competent witnesses, that said will was wholly written by the said testator, and that the signature thereto annexed, is his own proper handwriting, it is therefore ordered that said will be recorded as the last will and testament of the said C. S. Despard, deceased. A copy from the record of said court of the day and date first aforesaid.

Teste: W. E. Stout, C.W.C.C.

Recorded March 5th, 1906
Teste: W. E. Stout, C.W.C.C.

STATE OF WEST VIRGINIA, WOOD COUNTY, TO WIT: I, W. E. Stout, clerk of the county court for said county, do hereby certify that the foregoing is a true copy of the last will and testament of C. S. Despard, together with the order admitting the same to probate as said will and order appear of record in my said office in will book no. 9, page 503. Given under my hand and seal of said court, at Parkersburg, West Virginia, this the 24th day of March, 1906.

W. E. Stout, Clerk Wood County Court, Parkersburg, West Va.


WEST VIRGINIA, CALHOUN COUNTY COURT CLERK'S OFFICE, March 28th 1906. This certified Copy of the last will of C. S. Despard, deceased, was this day received by me in the said office, and thereupon together with the certificates thereto annexed, was admitted to record.

Teste: S. W. McClung, Clerk