by Emmaline (Stump) Campbell

"Descendants of Hans Stumpff."

TR STUMP Taylor Randolph Stump (known also as "T. R" and "Zack")
b. May 25, 1847
m. Jan 14, 1866 Samilda (Stump) Stump
d. Dec. 7, 1918

His parents were Lemuel Stump and Malinda Huffman (daughter of Alexander and Hannah (Vannoy) Huffman.

Taylor Randolph was a cabinetmaker by trade, and farmed about 200 acres of land at the old homestead located on the upper Little Kanawha River, not far from the headwaters of the stream.


Taylor Randolph was a member of the 1882 state legislature. He addressed a gathering on May 30, 1912, when memorial tombstones were placed on the gravesites of Michael Stump 3rd and his wife Magdalena (Richards). Dr. Leland J. Stump, a great-grandson of Charleston, West Virginia, initiated the memorial movement, and he and Taylor R. Stump addressed the gathering at the time of the commemoration. My aunts always told me that my great-grandfather was at least seven feet tall. I think he must just have seemed larger than life to them. My father referred to Taylor Randolph as "almost" seven feet tall.

Taken on the day of the marriage of my grandparents, Oke Johnson Stump, and Emeline Campbell, August 2, 1899, Grantsville, WV. The horses are wearing lace on their ears and necks. OKE & EMELINE

OKE STUMP Oke Johnson Stump (my grandfather)
b. Dec. 18, 1870
m. Aug. 2, 1899 Emeline Campbell
d. March 30, 1952

His parents were Taylor Randolph Stump and Samilda (Stump) Stump.

The Little Kanawha River Bridge, Grantsville, WV. This is a postcard, and on the back, in Mae (Stump) Elliott's handwriting (she was my father's cousin, and the daughter of Pratt Stump, son of Taylor Randolph), is a note to my father which reads: "Thurman, our Grandfather Zack was President of the County Court when this bridge was built in 1912. They took all the steel down a year or so ago. The piers are standing yet, good and strong, thanks to the diligent inspection of Grandfather. A new bridge was completed just above where this one was built. This picture is almost obsolete and I thought you would like one." I'm guessing Mae Elliott wrote this in the late 1960's to my father. I also have a photo of the new bridge taken in 1966, and on the back in Mae Elliott's handwriting, "This is the new bridge built in 1960. It crosses the river several hundred feet above where the old one was. BRIDGE

SAMILDA STUMP Samilda (Stump) Stump
b. March 4, 1842
m. Jan 14, 1866..Taylor Randolph Stump
d. July 25, 1907
Daughter of Jacob J. Stump and Mary "Polly" Vannoy

Taylor Randolph and Samilda had eleven sons, ten of whom lived at least beyond early childhood. They were: Loranzan (Dowd), Pratt, Oke, Roy, Franklin, Wade, Robert, Eustace, William (See Photo of "Little Boy Bill" in front of "The Old Mill", Grantsville, taken in 1893), Darius, who died at age two, and Hester, who died in 1909 at the age of 33.


Emeline Campbell
was the daughter of Hiram and Mary Jane (Roberts/Maze) Campbell,
formerly from Gilmer and Wirt Counties in WV.
b. Mar. 24, 1873 in Creston, Wirt County, WV
m. Aug. 2, 1899, Oke Johnson Stump
d. Aug. 18, 1945

A photo of the James Pierce Campbell Family. James "Pierce" was the brother of Emmaline Stump.


My father's book on Stump genealogy has been posted on the Hardy County web site:

Michael Stump Sr. of Virginia 1709 - 1768

Emma (Emmaline) Campbell