The Family of
George and Nancy McElwain

HUSBANDGeorge McElwain
Other wivesUnknown
WIFENancy (possibly Rector; not proven)
Other husbandsUnknown

Effie Unknown1) Wynent (Vynent) Fine
2) Rhueben Redaford
Nellie (Eleanor)UnknownUnknown1) Norton Gum
2) 8 Sept 1793, William Bailey
Mary (Polly)UnknownUnknown3 Sept 1781, Peter Cogar
ThomasUnknownUnknown3 Sept 1781, Francis Price
Tunis19 Aug 1759-73, Rockingham Co., VA14 Nov 1851, Calhoun Co., VA/WV1789, Catherine Propst
CatherineUnknownUnknown18 Aug 1794, Jeremiah Brooks
Sarah (Sally)UnknownUnknown22 Apr 1799, Charles Vinson

Sources for the information on this Family Record:

  • Letter from Jacob Wayne to the McElwain family in Webster County, West Virginia, written c1892.
  • Court records of Franklin and Rockingham Counties, Virginia

    The Wayne Family in Pennsylvania

    The McElwain family was in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania as early as 1748. The deed records show John Muckelwain witnessed a deed for John Scott in that year. Robert McIlvain (McElvain) and his wife, Mary, sold land in Strasbury Township, May 1765. The land was purchased in 1762.

    The state of Pennsylvania required its citizens to take Affirmation of Allegiance to the United States Government during the Revolutionary War, 1777-1778. The names of Alexander, George, Robert, Moses, and James McElwain appear on the list for Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Members of this McElwain family came in to Washington County, Pennsylvania and to Augusta, Bedford and Botetourt Counties in Virginia; John went on to Wooford County, Kentucky.

    This pattern of immigration seems to coincide with the one of George. His family came into Rockingham and Shenandoah Counties, Virginia, then to Franklin County, Virginia. Thomas McElwain, grandson of George, made his home in Muhlenberg, Kentucky. George McElwain is probably a part of these Lancaster County, Pennsylvania families and could be descended from Alexander McIlwain, who married a Mrs. McAdams and lived at Aughnacoy, Ireland. Alexander had a son, Andrew, who came to America in 1719 and settled at Cool Springs, Delaware.

    There are no documentary records that George was the father of Tunis, other than his grandson, Joseph's, statement. There are no tax, census, deed or Revolutionary War records to place him anywhere, other than Tunis saying he was born in Rockingham County, Virginia. Nancy McElwain's consent to the marriage of her daughter, Sally, to Charles Vinson in Franklin County, Virginia, places her in that county with her five younger children, April 22, 1799. The two older children remained in the Shenandoah Valley with their families.

    Information About The George Wayne Family

    Letter From Jacob Wayne, Son of Tunis and
    Catherine (Propst) McElwain

    1- Effie McElwain (oldest girl) married Vynent Fine & he was killed by the Indians & she married Rhueben Redaford

    2- Nellie she married Norton Gum, second husband was William Baley

    3- Polly she married Peter Cogar

    4- Cathron married Jerry Brooks

    5- Sarah married Charles Vinson

    "Only one aunt on my mothers side and she was a Props and married Henry Props"

    One Uncle on my fathers side & his name was Thomas McElwain and he lived on Blackwater in Virginia & he had one son, his son moved to Kentucky and I heard he raised a large family there.

    I am the only living McElwain in my family and I will be 84 years old the 4th day of April 1892. I was married to a parsons and had 10 children by her. Second wife was a Barnhouse and had 8 children by her. The youngest is 9 years old.

    I live on the west fork of little Kanawha River, 6 miles above Arnoldsburg, Calhoun Co.

    All the McElwains come to see me.

    (Signed) Jacob 2-10-1892

    The Descendants of George and Nancy


    Effie McElwain, oldest daughter of George and Nancy McElwain, remained in Shenandoah County, Virginia. Her husband was in the tax list of that county in 1784. After Vynent Find was killed by the Indians there is no record of her marriage to Rhueben Redaford.

    The following information about Effie/Effa submitted by Kaye Larrabee, 9 July 1998:

    HUSBANDVinet Fine
    Deathcirca 1784
    Marriagecirca 1771
    FatherThomas Fine, Sr.
    MotherAgnes Merchant
    Other wives 
    WIFEEffa McElwain
    FatherGeorge McElwain
    Other husbandsPhewban "Reuben" Redaford (No children)

    Emmacirca 1774Unknown____ Gray
    Abraham1775, Shenandoah, VA7 May 1863Elizabeth Henry
    Sarah "Sally"1777, Shenandoah, VAUnknowncirca 1795, Abraham Job, son of David and Lezeanah B. Job
    Phoebecirca 1779, Shenandoah, VABefore 1859 Joseph Cunningham
    Charlescirca 1780Unknown 
    William1781, New Market, Shenandoah, VA 9 Sep 1865 Catherine Sivley
    Isaac Sr.Feb 1783, TNAfter 1860 1) Annie Poe
    2) Mary Alice Wilson

    Sources for the information on this Family Record:

  • Sources available upon request from Kaye Larribee, E-mail:


    Facts about Vinent/Vynent/Wynent Fine:

  • 1775: Listed in Dunmore County Militia.
  • 1775: 8th Virginia Regiment with Rev. Muhlenberg. "German Regiment."
  • Jul 1781: Attacked a party of Indians in the summer of 1781 with Col. John Sevier.
  • Census: 1783 Shenandoah, Virginia, USA; showed Vinott as head of family, with 6 in family.
  • Apr 1783: With Col. William Lillard and Major Peter Fine, crossed the mountain to the Overhill Town of Cowee and burned it. From this town originated all the aggressions upon the Pigeon and French Broad Settlements.
  • 1784: Shenandoah, Virginia, USA; listed on the tax list.
    Death: c Feb 1784. Fine's Creek, Newport, Cocke, Tennessee, USA; located on Exit-15, 1-40 North Carolina.
  • Death: c Feb 1784. In the Winter of 1783, Indians began to steal horses and cattle from the Big Pigeon settlements. Major Peter Fine and Captain John McNabb raised a company of men and followed the Indians across the mountains into North Carolina, where they killed one Indian and wounded another, but recovered the stolen horses. The Indians fired upon them, killing Vinett Fine, and wounding Thomas Holland, and a man by the name of Bingham. Because there was no time for grave-digging and apparently no safety in trying to escape with the body, the ice in the creek was broken and the body placed there. Before the men could return for it, the creek became flooded by a sudden change in temperature, and the body was washed away and was never recovered. To this day, the creek is known as Fine's Creek. Fine's Branch, in 1998, is in Cocke County, Tennessee.

    The Grandchildren of
    Vinet and Effie (McElwain) Fine

    (I) Abraham Fine was born in 1775 at Shenandoah, Virginia, USA. He married Elizabeth Henry in Jun 1806 at the home of Richard Grose by William Jobe, Esq. He died on 5 Jul 1863 at Cocke, Tennessee, USA.

    1.) Mary, b. 1808 at Greene, Tennessee, USA; m. Reverend George Gaton Sims 24 Nov 1833; d. 7 Aug 1872 at Tennessee, USA.

    (II Phoebe Fine was born circa 1779 at Shenandoah, Virginia, USA. She married Joseph Cunningham, son of Christopher Cunningham and Susanna Patton, circa 1793. She died before 1859.

    1.) Bersheba, b. 30 Oct 1794; m. John Bailey circa 1810.

    2.) William, b. circa 1796; m. Martha (--?--) circa 1816; d. 11 Apr 1859 at Hamilton, Tennessee, USA; death admitted in Hamilton Co.

    3.) Mary C., b. 1798; m. John Hightower circa 1815; d. before 11 Apr 1859.

    4.) Robert, b. 1801; m. Ruth (--?--) circa 1821.

    5.) John O. "Jehu", b. 17 Jun 1804; m. Sarah Walker circa 1824; d. 9 May 1859 at Monroe, Tennessee, USA, at age 54.

    6.) Nancy, b. circa 1805; m. Solomon Horton circa 1822; d. before 22 Nov 1858 at Wright, Missouri, USA.

    7.) Matthew, b. 17 Jan 1807; m. Mary Melinda (--?--) circa 1827.

    8.) Mary Sarah, b. 12 Jul 1810 at Monroe, Tennessee, USA; m. Nelson Lawson circa 1826; d. 2 Sep 1839 at Socoee Cemetery, Benton, Tennessee, USA, at age 29.

    9.) David C., b. 1805; m. Adeline Elizabeth Hastings circa 1835; d. before 11 Apr 1859 at Jackson, Arkansas, USA.

    10.) Hasten, b. 1818; m. Elisabeth Johnson 24 Mar 1850.

    11.) Harden, b. circa 1821.

    12.) Aquilla, b. 25 Jan 1823; m. Mary Ann Ferguson 25 Jan 1843.

    13.) Leroy, b. circa Dec 1823; m. Josephine (--?--) circa 1843.

    14.) Jeremiah, b. circa 1824.

    15.) Edith, b. 1825; m. John R. Orr 16 May 1839.

    (III) William Fine was born in 1781 at New Market, Shenandoah, Virginia, USA. He married Catherine Sivley, daughter of Jacob Sivley and Alsey (--?--), on 2 Apr 1807 at home of bride's parent's, Jefferson, Tennessee, USA; by: Leese (Widow's Pension Application). He died on 9 Sep 1865 at Washington, Arkansas, USA. He was buried circa 12 Sep 1865 at Gilliland Cemetery, Greenland, Washington, Arkansas, USA; South of Greenland; Dr. Maurice Ray Farm.

    1.) Elizabeth, b. 13 Jun 1809 at Jefferson, Tennessee, USA; Fine Lines lists birth in Alabama; m. Calvin Coffee 1828; bur. 11 Nov 1882 at Gilbreath-Marrow Cemetery, Maury, Tennessee, USA; d. before 1886; in a letter from her sister, Lucinda.

    2.). (--?--), b. between 1810 and 1811 at Giles, Tennessee, USA; d. before 1886; in a letter from her sister, Lucinda.

    3.) Spencer Forby, b. 7 Jan 1808 at Giles, Tennessee, USA; m. Jane Brandon, daughter of James J. Brandon and Rhoda Cartwright, 6 Sep 1833 at Washington, Arkansas, USA; d. 21 1896 at Washington, Arkansas, USA.

    4.) Charlotte, b. 22 May 1812 at Giles, Tennessee, USA; m. Judge Thomas Wilson 6 Sep 1829; d. after 1894.

    5.) Jonathan Alfred, b. 1 Aug 1814 at Huntsville, Madison, Alabama, USA; m. Rachel Mankins, daughter of Peter Mankins Sr. and Rachel Bracken, 1836; d. 12 Nov 1875 at age 61; bur. 14 Nov 1875; buried above ground; hand hewn rock casket.

    6.) William B., b. 9 May 1816 at Huntsville, Madison, Alabama, USA; m. Millie Mankins, daughter of Peter Mankins Sr. and Rachel Bracken, 1836; d. 27 Apr 1880 at age 63; bur. 30 Apr 1880 at Brentwood Cemetery, Brentwood, Washington, Arkansas, USA.

    7.) Alfred "Alford" W., b. 12 Dec 1817 at Giles, Tennessee, USA; m. Rachel Mankins, daughter of John Brackin Mankins and Mary "Polly" Sloan, Feb 1841; eleven children total; d. 20 Apr 1896 at age 78; at the residence of his son-in-law, J. H. Everett, Comanche County; bur. 23 Apr 1896 at Carlton, Hamilton, Texas, USA.

    8.) Rebecca, b. 31 Dec 1820 at Giles, Tennessee, USA; m. James Carroll Gilliland circa 1836; d. 17 Jun 1863 at Washington, Arkansas, USA, at age 42; bur. 20 Jun 1863 at Gilliland Cemetery, Greenland, Washington, Arkansas, USA.

    9.) Louallen J., b. 1823 at Giles, Tennessee, USA; m. Sally Ann Brown, daughter of Joshua Brown and Ruth Shipley, 20 Mar 1846 at Washington, Arkansas, USA; had no children; m. Elizabeth Mankins, daughter of Peter Mankins Sr. and Rachel Bracken, 8 Aug 1847 at Washington, Arkansas, USA; ceremony performed by C. G. Gilbreath, JP; d. before 14 May 1848.

    10.) Bluford Thomas, b. 1824 at Giles, Tennessee, USA; m. Ruth Adams Brown, daughter of Joshua Brown and Ruth Shipley, 11 May 1845 at Washington, Arkansas, USA; d. 1849 at Marysville, Yuba, California, USA; died in Gold Rush, of pneumonia; bur. 1849 at Marysville, Yuba, California, USA.

    11.) Lucinda, b. 1826 at Giles, Tennessee, USA; m. Reverend Thomas T. Brown, son of Joshua Brown and Ruth Shipley, 1842; m. W. H. L. "Bill" Cross 18 May 1890 at Washington, Arkansas, USA; d. 18 May 1908 at Washington, Arkansas, USA; bur. 21 May 1908 at Baptist Ford Cemetery, West Fork, Washington, Arkansas, USA.

    (IV) Isaac Fine Sr. was born in Feb 1783 at Tennessee, USA; before death of father. He married Annie Poe circa 1818. He married Mary Alice Wilson circa 1819 (No children). He was buried after 1860 at Lichlyter Cemetery, Newport, Cocke, Tennessee, USA.

    1.) Bertha Lavina "Viney", b. circa 1819; m. (--?--) Jones circa 1837; m. Samuel Ball Jr. 23 Jan 1848 at Cocke, Tennessee, USA; d. 1907 at Jefferson, Tennessee, USA.

    2.) Nancy, b. circa 1823 at Wilsonville, Cocke, Tennessee, USA.

    3.) Isaac Jr., b. 1827 at Tennessee, USA; m. Sally L. (--?--) circa 1848.

    4.) Stephen V., b. 1832 at Wilsonville, Cocke, Tennessee, USA; m. an unknown person 1850; m. Nancy (--?--) 1850; m. Martha Endline Flinn 23 Mar 1870 at Sevier, Tennessee, USA; Recorded by T. M. Lowe, JP ;3 June 1870.

    5.) Sarah, b. 1834 at Wilsonville, Cocke, Tennessee, USA.

    6.) Pauline "Polly", b. 23 Oct 1835 at Wilsonville, Cocke, Tennessee, USA; m. Robert Sneed 1852 at Sevierville, Sevier, Tennessee, USA; d. 22 Nov 1919 at Deep Springs, Unknown, Georgia, USA, at age 84; bur. 25 Nov 1919 at Deep Springs Cemetery, Deep Springs, Unknown, Georgia, USA.

    7.) William Rankin, b. 12 Feb 1838 at Wilsonville, Cocke, Tennessee, USA; m. Mary Nancy Wilson, daughter of Albert Wilson, Jun 1857 at Wilsonville, Cocke, Tennessee, USA; d. 27 Jan 1908 at Wilsonville, Cocke, Tennessee, USA, at age 69; Attempted to cross a creek on a small footlog; lost his balance and fell headfirst into the creek; force of the fall broke his neck.

    8.) Jane, b. circa 1841.

    ELEANOR (Nellie)

    HUSBANDNorton Gum
    Deathc1790, Rockingham Co., VA
    Other wivesUnknown
    WIFEEleanor (Nellie) McElwain
    FatherGeorge McElwain
    Other husbands8 Sept 1793, William Bailey, Rockingham Co., VA

    NortonRockingham Co., VAUnknown17 Aug 1813, Sarah Shoup
    MaryRockingham Co., VAUnknown16 Dec 1796, Robert Jackson
    SarahRockingham Co., VAUnknown29 Dec 1800, Jacob Coffman
    NancyRockingham Co., VAUnknown1795, Dennis O'Briant
    JohnRockingham Co., VAUnknown28 May 1816, Ann Shoup
    AgnesRockingham Co., VAUnknownStephen Mackey

    Sources for the information on this Family Record:

  • Court Records, Rockingham County, VA
  • Tax Records, Rockingham County, VA
  • Abstract of Church Records, Linville Creek Church, Rockingham County, VA

    Eleanor's (Nellie) husband, Norton Gum, was appointed Sheriff of Augusta County, Virginia in 1773. He was on the tax list of Rockingham County, Virginia in 1784 with his family of ten. The Abstract of Church Records, Linville Creek Church, Linville, Virginia, "Saturday befor 2d Sunday in July (1791) Elenor Gum, widow of Norton Gum. was received for baptism." "Saturday, November 12, 1791. Elenor Gum was excommunicated for alleged misconduct." She was married to William Bailey in 1793 and her children sold the property that was left to them by Norton Gum in 1811.

    Although the settlement of the Norton Gum Estate names 8 children, only these six have been found.

    MARY (Polly)

    Mary married Peter Coger, a Revolutionary War Soldier, and moved to Franklin County, Virginia. She remained there until after 1810. She had a large family, some of whom were married in Franklin County and remained there. The younger children came to Nicholas, Braxton and Kanawha Counties, West Virginia, where Mary and Peter made their home and where they were both laid to rest.

    HUSBANDPeter Cogar
    Birth1753, Rockingham Co., VA
    Death184-, Calhoun Co., VA/WV
    Marriage3 Sept 1781, Rockingham Co., VA
    FatherJacob Cogar
    MotherLucinda Crumb
    Other wives 
    WIFEMary McElwain
    FatherGeorge McElwain
    Other husbandsNone

    Jacobc1782, Franklin Co., VA9 Sept 1881, Braxton Co., WV25 Mar 1819, Margaret Mallohon
    AnnFranklin Co., VAUnknown13 Feb 1798, Daniel Adney
    MaryFranklin Co., VAUnknown13 Oct 1804, Ed Robertson
    Williamc1782, Franklin Co., VABraxton Co., VA18 Sept 1804, Elizabeth Kingery
    PeterApr 1797, Franklin Co., VA10 Oct 1866, Braxton Co., WVMary Marks
    Thomas1788, Franklin Co., VAUnknownEve Spillman
    Phoebe6 Jan 1808, Franklin Co., VA13 Feb 1899, Calhoun Co., WV 23 Aug 1828, Adam Starcher
    Daniel1810, Franklin Co., VAUnknown15 Aug 1841, Hannah Starcher
    SarahFranklin Co., VAUnknownJohn Henry Mace
    Benjamin1793, Franklin Co., VAc1836, Braxton Co., WVMary Hosey
    John1802, Franklin Co., VAUnknownSarah Sands

    Sources for the information on this Family Record:

  • Court Records and United States Census of Rockingham and Franklin Counties, Virginia and Braxton, Webster, Calhoun, Pendleton & Nicholas Counties, West Virginia.

    Revolutionary War Record of Peter Cogar

    9 March 1837. Braxton County, Va. Tunis McWane, aged 75 years sometime this fall by the best information he can get, having no register of his age, declares he has been well acquainted with Peter Coaer fron the days of their youth, about the time he was 10 years of age. Peter Coger and his brother Jacob Coger were absent at times from the neighborhood where they resided in Rockingham Co., Va., during the Revolutionary War and upon their return he was informed by them they had been in the army. It was the general understanding of the neighborhood they had been on the expedition to the Illinois Country commanded by Gen. George Rogers Clark. Peter Coger served in the militia on several occasions, once under Capt. George Cresman in Rockingham Co., Va. McWane was born and reaised in Rockingham County. He believes he was at the siege of York in 1781.

    8 April 1837. Lewis Co., Va. Isaac Mace declares he has been acquainted with Peter Coger from his youth and believes he served a number of tours as private in the militia. He often heard Peter Coger talk of having been in the army under Col. George Rogers Clark and Mace served a tour of six months with him in 1777. They both volunteered in Augusta County. Peter Coger went under Capt. Ragen and he under Capt. Hopkins. They commenced their march from Augusta County in July or August to Staunton and from Staunton to the Warm Springs and to the Sevanah Fort, now called Lewisburg, and then to the Big Kanawha and to Point Pleasant, at which shortly after their arrival Cornstalk was killed.

    29 May 1837. Lewis Co., Va. Peter Coger, aged upwards of 80, makes a similar statement of his service under Capt. Ragan. In April 1778 he again entered service in company with his brother Jacob under Capt. Abraham Bowman. Both he and his brother Jacob volunteered for one year, expressly to join the expedition undertaken by Col. George Rogers Clark against the British and Indians in the Illinois Country. By arrangement with Capt. Bowman he and his brother joined the regiment at Wheeling. At the time he volunteered he was a citizen of Rockingham Co., Va. They embarked on board the keel boats at Wheeling and descended to the falls of the Ohio and landed at the falls and built cabins on the island. They left a number of families and some soldiers for their protection.

    The Grandchildren of
    Peter & Mary (McElwain) Cogar

    (I) Jacob married Margaret Mollohon b. 1788, d. 1876 Braxton County, WV, daughter of James & Nancy (Jones) Mollohon.

    1.) Roseanna, b. 1832, married Klijah Gibson 24 May 1849.

    2.) Mary (Polly), b. 1820, married Simon Davis in Braxton County, WV 16 Feb 1854, son of Jess & Pemilia Davis.

    3.) James, b. 2 July 1826 Webster County, WV, married 1844 Webster County, WV, Elizabeth Hamrick, b. 1825, d. 28 Feb 1898.

    4.) John R., b. 25 Sept 1821, married Mary Gregory, b. 1824, , daughter of Adam & Rebecca (Doddrill) Gregory.

    5.) Francis

    (II) Peter married Mary Marks, b. 1795-1800.

    1.) Mary, b. 1832, married Andrew McKissie 16 Feb 1854, Braxton County, WV, son of Andrew and Susan McKissie.

    2.) Thomas, b. 1838, married Margaret L. Wine 14 Feb 1860, Braxton County, WV, daughter of James & Mary Wine.

    3.) Margaret, b. 1840

    4.) Eliza, b. 1839

    (III) Phoebe married Adam Starcher, b. 25 Dec 1802, son of Philip and Mary (Bush) Starcher, d. 8 Feb 1881, buried Gibson Cemetery, Calhoun County, WV.

    1.) Thomas, b. 1832 Kanawha County, WV, d. 1866; never married.

    2.) Sally, b. 1830 Kanawha County, WV, married Asa Hamrick.

    3.) Jacob, b. 1834 Kanawha County, WV.

    4.) William, b. 1836, d. 1866, buried Gibson Cemetery, Calhoun County, WV.

    5.) Henry, b. 25 Feb 1839, d. 1 Oct 1919, buried Gibson Cemetery, Calhoun County, WV. Married: (1) 20 Oct 1859 Sarah Elizabeth Snyder, b. Tyler County, WV, daughter of Jacob & Nancy Snyder. (2) 29 June, 1867, Metilda Greathouse. (3) 12 Aug 1886, Nora Jane Lanham, b. 1 Mar 1863 Union, OH.

    6.) Peter, b. 1840, d. 12 Sept 1896 Webster County, WV, married Sarah Wilson 9 Oct 1866, daughter of John & Catherine Wilson.

    7.) Johue, b. 20 Sept 1845 Gilmer County, WV, d. 14 Aug 1874, married Susanna Kirby 15 June 1868, daughter of William & Harriet Kirby.

    8.) Polly, b. 1846 Gilmer County, WV, married John Bailey, b. 22 July 1850, d. 11 Jan 1914.

    9.) Elizabeth, b. 1848 Gilmer County, WV, married George Gibson 17 Aug 1865, son of David & Elizabeth Gibson.

    10.) Phoebe

    (IV) Thomas married Eve Spillman, b. 1796, daughter of John Spillman.

    1.) Peter, b. 16 May 1825, d. 26 Aug 1897 Webster County, WV, married Nancy Payne, daughter of John Payne.

    2.) Polly, b. 1828 Nicholas County, WV, married Jesse W. Payne.

    3.) Sarah, b. 1831, married John Jackson Gregory.

    4.) Ann, b. 1834, married James M. Gregory.

    5.) Jane, b. 1832

    6.) Thomas, b. 1839

    7.) Archibald, b. 1820, married Rebecca Miller, b. 1824, daughter of Thomas Miller and second wife, Julia Ann Brenegar.

    8.) George, b. 1824, married Sarah, b. 1834.

    9.) Margaret married Adam Gregory.

    10.) Hannah married 1.) Addison McHarmick 2.) ____ Bryan.

    11.) Abner

    (V) William married Elizabeth Kingery in Franklin County, VA. She died Dec 1853.

    1.) William Jr., b. 1821, married 13 Jan 1845, Mary Bender, b. 1829.

    2.) John, b. 1817, married 24 June 1846, Caroline Brooks, b. 1830. Went to Kansas in 1864.

    3.) Benjamin, b. 1813, married 5 April 1838, Mary McCourt.

    4.) Tunis, born 1812.

    5.) Mary, b. 1817, married 8 June 1846 Webster County, WV, Zachariah Howell.

    6.) Sarah married 3 Mar 1842, Yoso Cowger.

    7.) Catherine, b. 1814, married 17 Sept 1846, John Bender, b. 1815.

    8.) Tobias, b. 1802, married Fannie.

    (VI) Daniel married Hannah Starcher, daughter of Daniel & Nancy (Brannon) Starcher.


    HUSBANDThomas McElwain
    Death1798, Franklin Co., VA
    Marriage3 Sept 1781, Rockingham Co., VA
    FatherGeorge McElwain
    Other wives 
    WIFEFrancis Price
    Other husbands5 Nov 1798, John Kelly, Franklin Co., VA

    ThomasUnknownUnknown12 Oct 1799, Ruth Vinson
    NancyUnknownUnknown2 Feb 1799, John Vinson
    PhoebeUnknownUnknown30 Dec 1810, Thomas Highly
    CatherineUnknownUnknown3 July 1815, David James

    Sources for the information on this Family Record:

  • Court Records of Franklin & Rockingham Counties, Virginia

    The Revolutionary War Records of Thomas McElwain


    Thomas and brother Tunis, went to Franklin County with their mother, Nancy.

    In the Franklin County, VA Will Book: "An Inventory of the effects of Thomas McIlwain, deceased and Appraised by the Subscribers, February the 15th 1798". After his estate was settled, his wife, Francis, married John Kelly.


    Tunis, the patriarch of the Family of WAYNE, and his descendants are the subject of Part II of this publication.


    Catherine probably lived in Franklin County, Virginia or went to Kentucky.

    Catherine married Jeremiah Brooks in Franklin Co., VA. The marriage, recorded in Marriage Book 1, took place on 18 Aug 1794 and was witnessed by Thomas McIwane (McIlwane). Catherine signed her name Caty Macelwane, although it was spelled Catherine McIlwain in the body of the document.


    Sally (Sarah) probably lived in Franklin County, Virginia or went to Kentucky.

    Sally (Sarah)married Charles Vinson 22 April 1799 in Franklin Co., VA. The marriage, recorded in Marriage Book 1, took place 22 April 1799 and was witnessed by Toones McIlwain.

    Nancy McElwain gave her consent to the marriage of Sally(Sarah):
    "I Certifie that my Dauter Sarah is of full age and that I have Consented that shee may join in marriage with Charles Vinson given under my hand this 22nd of April 1799 Nancy McWain."

    In the body of the marriage record, Sarah is "Sally".