Will Book II, page 26

Typed by Larry Heffner.
(Hard copy provided by Linda Fluharty.)

Hiram Douglas TO Will

Ripley Landing, West Virginia

Being fully aware of the shortness of life and the certainty of Death, I, Hiram Douglass do make this my last will and testament after all my honest debts be paid first I will to my wife, Mary Douglass all of my house hold and kitchen furniture, except what is in my daughter Fannie room, to have as her own to dispose of as she desires & I will the front of my home farm back as for as Lick run as long as she remains my widow the rents and profits, to have as her own, except I desire she should pay to the trustee of the grave yard deeded by us to the such trustees for the benefit for burrial purposes 10.00 ten dollars a year as long as she holds it or her natural life, the residue or all of my home farm laying east of Lick run, I will to my daughter, Fannie, may the rents & profits as long as she lives, unless it becomes necessary to sell a portion for her immediate support & then such portion as may be necessary for her support & to her children if any forever & if she should die without any children, then and I desire that her mothers dowery should at the death of Mary Douglass, her mother, should go to my daughter, Fannie during her life also home and her children forever, if no children, to be equally divided between her brothers & sisters or their heirs, the residue of all my personalty & realty to be equally divided between my other four children, Lula Lee Holliday, Lorena E. Merrill, H. A. Douglass & F. B. Douglass. I desire to charge to Lula Lee Holliday 8000.00 Eight Thousand Dollars, Lorena E. Merrill 1600 Sixteen hundred dollars, H. A. Douglass 4000. Four Thousand Dollars & F. B. Douglass 4000. Four Thousand dollars as advanced to them. I also appoint my two sons, H. A. Douglass and F. B. Douglass, my administrators. I have written this with my own hand, this the 7th day of March, 1902.

Hiram Douglass.

In vacation of said Court. This day came H. A. Douglass and F. B. Douglass and presented a paper writing, purporting to be the last will and testament of Hiram Douglass, decr., and moved that the same be probated and admitted to record as and for his last will. Then came Warren Miller and D. W. Rhodes and upon their respective oaths proved that they were and are well acquainted with the handwriting of said Hiram Douglass, deceased, that they and each of them had frequently seen him write, and that said paper writing and the signature thereto are wholly in the handwriting of said Hiram Douglass. Whereupon said writing is ordered to be recorded as and for the last will and testament of said Hiram Douglass, deceased.

Teste: g. B. Crow, Clk.

A copy from the record.
Teste: G. B. Crow, Clk.

In vacation of the County Court of Calhoun County, in the Clerk’s office of said Court at the Court House thereof on 24 day of October, 1907.

Lula L. Holliday, on this day produced to me the undersigned Clerk of the said Court, a paper writing, bearing date on the 7th day of March, 1902, purporting to be an authentic copy with the certificates of probate thereto annexed, of the last will and testament of Hiram Douglass, of Jackson County, in the State of West Virginia, and who died in said State. The said probate having been made before G. B. Crow, Clerk of the County Court, in and for the County of Jackson, in the State of West Virginia, on the 27 day of June, 1902, and it appearing said will so proved, was duly executed and admited to probate as a will of both personalty and realty. It is ordered that said copy of said will be, and the same is admitted to probate as a will of real and personal estate in this county.

A Copy Teste: S. W. McClung, Clerk.
A Copy Teste: (signed) S. W. McClung, Clerk