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County Coordinator: Linda Cunningham Fluharty.

This site contains an abundance of information pertaining to the genealogy and history of Calhoun County, West Virginia. The contents of the site are FREE for you to use in compiling your family histories.

Contributions to this site are always welcome. If you want to write a family history or a biography of a family member, I will be happy to make a nice page for it. Anything you care to share, including photos, will be greatly appreciated. - If you have something to share, please write.

I hope you will find some useful information in the many files presented here. However, please be respectful of the volunteers who have made this wealth of information possible. Although many of the files contain records, etc. in the public domain and are not protected by copyright, it is appropriate to consider the time, effort, and money required to make the information available on the Internet.

"Taking" files that were created by others is often justified by saying it is "legal" because there is no copyright. However, sometimes what is legal is not as important as what is right and fair.

Many examples of "taking" files could be cited here. However, suffice to say, it is always "the right thing" to be kind, considerate, fair and respectful....

Please note that the information on this site may not be published, copied, sold or used in any commercial venture (including by sites that offer nothing but links to other people's work), without the knowledge & permission of Linda Cunningham Fluharty and/or the person who contributed the information. Please do not download files and post them on another website, or present them as your own work. A link, with permission, and giving proper credit, is acceptable. - Also, the files, or significant portions, may not be donated to or posted, in any format, on the Ancestry.com site, or other such sites.

  • There is no guarantee of complete accuracy of this information.
  • Corrections and additions are welcome.
  • Please report broken links.
  • Thanks to LOUELLA GREATHOUSE & CLAUDIA VICKERY for photos used on the main pages.

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