The First Two Marriages Of Jacob Wayne

Notes About The Wayne Family
Obtained From Joseph Wayne, Grandson of Tunis

(Note from EDNA (WAYNE) ROTH, c1930: I took the information down in shorthand as Uncle Joe talked and can't make out Rebecca's last name. Her maiden name was obviously Nicholas (Nichols), and Grandpa was her second husband. Uncle Joe made no reference to the marriage of his brother Henry mentioned in the first paragraph, so I don't know whether he was killed in the war or not.)

"My name is Joseph Wayne. I am the son of Jacob Wayne. Jacob Wayne was the son of Tunis Anthony Wayne. Tunis Anthony Wayne was the son George Wayne, who was a brother to Mad Anthony Wayne. My grandfather and great-grandfather both served in the battle of Point Pleasant under the generalship of Mad Anthony. My oldest brother, Leroy, in 1861 joined the Union army. My brother Henry joined the Rebel army. Jacob, my younger brother, joined the army about 1862. Another brother, Thomas, was a cripple and he always stayed home.

My oldest sister , Margaret, married John Tanner. The next sister, Nancy, married John Corley. My youngest sister, Elizabeth, married James Kevan.

My father's first wife's name was Christina (Tina) Parsons. His second wife was Rebecca Nicholas___ . His third wife was Nancy Barnhouse.

In addition to the girls mentioned above in the first "bunch" of children (Grandpa Wayne's and Christina's) there were:

Leroy who married Mary Ann Hardway
Jacob who married Mary Haverty. Jacob served in Co. C 11th W. Va. Infantry, Civil War - [See PHOTO]
Thomas who married Martha Nicholas
Joseph who married Elizabeth Truman

The last "bunch" of children (Grandpa's and Nancy's) were:

Tunis Anthony who married Mary Duncan, Millie Hall and Maggie Wagner
Barbara Ellen who married Jerry Runnion
Peter who married Almeda Cooper
Paulser who married Mary Stockwell
James Preston who married Mary Davis and Vinita Hathaway
Roseanna who married Frank Hardway and "Bud" Carr
Stephen Hicks who married Elizabeth Greathouse
Pricy who married Floyd Sampson
Mary who married Will Greathouse
Dolly who died when she was a baby"

The Family of
Jacob and Christina (Parsons) Wayne


HUSBANDJacob Wayne
Birth4 April 1810, Pendleton County, VA/WV
Death29 April 1893 Calhoun County, WV
BurialRush Cemetery, Calhoun County, WV
FatherTunis Wayne (Mucklewaine)
MotherCatherine Propst
Other wives2) 2 May 1856, Calhoun County, WV, Rebecca Nichols
3) 22 June 1860, Nancy Barnhouse
WIFEChristina Parsons
Birth20 July 1812, WV
Death11 April 1854, Calhoun County, WV
BurialWayne Cemetery, Calhoun County, WV
FatherJoseph Parsons, b. Randolph County, WV
MotherElizabeth Bush, b. Harrison County, WV
Other husbands 

Margaret1832, Kanawha County, WV15 Nov 1887, Clay County, WV1) John Tanner
2) 23 Feb 1871, J. W. Lyons
Leroy1833 Kanawha County, WV3 Jan 1900, Wood County, WV1) 7 Sept 1854, Mary Ann Hardway
2) 6 Sept 1898, Rhoda Wright
Thomas1835, Kanawha County, WV7 Feb 1896, Calhoun County, WV25 Feb 1857, Martha Nichols
NancyNov 1838, Kanawha County, WVCalhoun County, WV1) 6 Dec 1858, John Conley
2) Hiram Corbet
Henry1840, Kanawha County, WV16 Aug 1864, Columbus, OH 
Elizabeth24 Aug 1841, Kanawha County, WV5 Jan 1929, Calhoun County, WV2 July 1863, James Kevan
JacobMar 1847, Gilmer County, WV2 Oct 1912, Braxton County, WV8 Dec 1866, Mary Haverty
Joseph9 Jan 1850, Gilmer County, WV18 Aug 1939, Calhoun County, WV1 Sept 1870, Elizabeth Truman

Sources for the information on this Family Record:

  • United States Census Records and County Court Records for Braxton, Webster, Nicholas, Pendleton, Roane, Gilmer, Monongalia, Jackson, Kanawha, Lewis, Randolph and Wood Counties, West Virginia and Meigs County, Ohio

    The Descendants of
    Jacob and Christina (Parsons) Wayne


    Leroy, Henry and Jacob were soldiers of the Civil War. Henry joined Company "A", 19th Regiment, Virginia Cavalry, Confederate Army. He was captured in Calhoun County, West Virginia on November 1, 1863 and was sent to Wheeling, West Virginia, then to Camp Chase, Columbus, Ohio. There he died August 16, 1864 of typhoid fever. He is buried in grave #207 in the cemetery at Camp Chase. Leroy was in Company "F", 9th Regiment, West Virginia Volunteers. Jacob was in Company "F", 11th Regiment, West Virginia Volunteers. Jacob was a fifer like his great uncle, Thomas, who fought in the Revolutionary War. Leroy and Jacob both fought for the union cause. They both lived most of their lives in the state of West Virginia, living in Meigs County, Ohio for a few years after the war.

    Thomas and Joseph lived their entire lives in Calhoun County, West Virginia. Joseph was an individualist, carving his and Aunt Betty's tombstones, making the caskets and checking them for fit long before either of their demise. He was a man of historical vision and vigor, always ready for whatever Providence decreed for him and his.

    The daughters of Jacob were also individualists, Margaret making a marriage contract with her second husband, John W. Lyons, giving her her widow's rights. Nancy was divorced from her first husband, John Conley. Elizabeth and her family left Meigs County, Ohio for Iowa, making their way across the country trapping and selling furs. Then they went on to California where her husband died. Elizabeth always returned home every two years hoping that her death would come while she was in the place of her birth. She died at Uncle Joe's place at Beech, West Virginia and was buried in the Wayne Cemetery.

    The second family of Jacob all lived in Calhoun and Clay Counties, West Virginia, except Mary who crossed the Ohio River to Meigs County, Ohio. Tunis and Stephen were carpenters and stone masons. James operated the store and post office at Valley Fork, Clay County, West Virginia.


    HUSBANDJohn Tanner
    Birth1828, Virginia
    MarriageUnknown; divorced 13 Sept 1860, Calhoun County, WV
    FatherJames Tanner
    Other wivesLoretty Jane
    WIFEMargaret Wayne
    Birth1832, Kanawha County, WV
    Death15 Nov 1887, Clay County, WV
    FatherJacob Wayne
    MotherChristina Parsons
    Other husbands23 Feb 1871 Calhoun County, WV, John W. Lyons, b. 1847
    Jackson County, WV, son of John & Sarah Lyons

    James (Tanner)1848, WV1 July 1857, Braxton County, WV 
    Nancy (Tanner)Sept 1854, Calhoun County, WVUnknown16 Aug 1873, Ranson Samples
    Louisa (Tanner)23 Aug 1857, Calhoun County, WVUnknown2 Oct 1873, Samuel Samples
    Alice V. (Miller)Dec 1860, Calhoun County, WVUnknown15 July 1884, Anderson Carpenter
    Bashaba (Lyons)1868, Calhoun County, WVUnknownUnknown
    Perry (Lyons)1871, Clay County, WVUnknownUnknown
    Martha (Lyons)May 1875, Clay County, WVUnknown19 Feb 1894, Clarkson Cadel
    Hester (Lyons)1878, Clay County, WVUnknownUnknown

    Sources for the information on this Family Record:

  • United States Census Records and County Court Records for Braxton, Calhoun, Gilmer and Clay Counties, West Virginia

    The Grandchildren of
    Margaret (Wayne) Tanner Lyons

    (I) Nancy Tanner married in Clay County, WV, Ranson Samples, b. Jan 1854 Nicholas County, WV.

    1.) William (Benton), b. 1874.

    2.) James Curtis, b. 1876.

    3.) John C., b. 1879.

    (II) Louisa Tanner married in Clay County, WV, Samuel Samples, b. Nov 1852 Nicholas County, WV.

    1.) Jesse A., b. Oct 1876, married Effie James 7 Sept 1902.

    (III) Alice Miller married in Clay County, WV, Anderson Carpenter, b. July 1860 Clay County, WV.

    1.) John, b. Mar 1882.

    2.) Edmond, b. 8 Feb 1885 Braxton County, WV.

    3.) Lousia, b. Mar 1887 Clay County, WV.

    4.) William J., b. 4 June 1892 Clay County, WV.

    5.) Joseph P., b. 4 June 1892, Clay County, WV, d. 18 Aug 1892.

    6.) Curtis, b. Mar 1895, Clay County, WV.

    7.) Maggie, b. May 1897 Clay County, WV.

    8.) Arlo, b. 10 June 1889, d. 26 Nov 1899 Clay County, WV.

    (IV) Martha Lyons married Clarkson Cadel, b. April 1847 Mercer County, WV.

    1.) Archibald D., b. 23 Mar 1894 Clay County, WV.

    2.) Avner, b. Dec 1898 Clay County, WV.


    HUSBANDLeroy Wayne
    Birth1833, Kanawha County, WV
    Death3 Jan 1900, Wood County,WV
    BurialBailey Cemetery, Kanawha Station, Wood County, WV
    Marriage7 Sept 1854, Gilmer County, WV
    FatherJacob Wayne
    MotherChristina Parsons
    Other wives6 Sept 1898, Wood County, WV, Rhoda Wright
    WIFEMary Ann Hardway
    BirthSept 1832, Wood County, WV
    Death4 Jan 1893, Wood County, WV
    BurialBailey Cemetery, Kanawha Station, Wood County, WV
    FatherDaniel Hardway
    MotherHannah Helmick (They married 1816 Randolph County, WV)
    Other husbands 

    Jacob18 Oct 1856, Calhoun County, WVUnknown29 May 1877, Rosa Cobb
    Joseph5 Apr 1866, Meigs County, OH 6 May 194617 Apr 1888, Lucinda Eddy
    Rosea28 May 1868, Meigs County, WVUnknown25 Oct 1887, David Eddy
    James7 Dec 1870, Meigs County, OHUnknownLaura
    Rebecca1860, Meigs County, OHDied young 
    Not named1 May 1862, Meigs County, OH  

    Sources for the information on this Family Record:

  • United States Census Records and County Court Records of Kanawha, Gilmer, Wood, Wirt, Randolph and Calhoun Counties, West Virginia

    The Grandchildren of
    Leroy and Mary Ann (Hardway) Wayne

    (I) Jacob married Rosa Virginia Cobb, b. Aug 1862 in WV. Family moved to Columbiana County, OH in 1900.

    1.) Martha, b. 7 Aug 1878 Meigs County, OH, married (1) 30 Apr 1895 Wood County, WV, M. E. Higgens, b. 1871 Allen County, OH, (2) Charles Bock.

    2.) Norah, b. June 1881, Putnam County, WV, d. Oct 1962, married Fred Woodbury 1903.

    3.) Isa, b. July 1884 Jackson County, WV, d. 9 Dec 1969, married Chester Elliott 8 Nov 1904.

    4.) Ochel, b. Dec 1886 Jackson County, WV, d. 8 Sept 1936 Cleveland, OH, married Lily.

    5.) Bessie, b. 23 April 1889 Wood County, WV, d. 30 Oct 1965, married Otto Thayer 1936.

    6.) Andrew, b. 14 April 1891, Wood County, WV, d. Oct 1965, married Ada Hillier 1924.

    7.) Eugene, b. Mar 1898 Wood County, WV, d. Aug 1963, married Agnes 1920-21.

    8.) August, married (1) 1900 Wellsville, OH, Helen Blanchard, (2) 30 July 1932, Evelyn M. Schmidt.

    (II) Joseph married Lucinda Bell Eddy, b. 16 Jan 1863 Monroe County, OH, d. 9 Nov 1924 Wood County, WV, buried Mt. Olivet Cemetery, Parkersburg, WV, daughter of Henry and Nancy Eddy.

    1.) Marietta, b. Apr 1887 Wirt County, WV, d. 1954 Wood County, WV, married Charles Humphery.

    2.) Nellie, b. Apr 1886 Wirt County, WV, married Thomas Fuller 1 July 1904 Wood County, WV.

    3.) Effie, b. Dec 1889 Wirt County, WV, married Benjamin Standley 21 Dec 1906 Wood County, WV.

    4.) Alice, b. Dec 1894 Wirt County, WV, married Fred Smith 20 Sept 1913 Wood County, WV.

    5.) Rosa, b. 8 April 1893 Wirt County, WV.

    6.) George

    7.) Clem

    8.) Fruda, b. 2 July 1898 Wood County, WV, d. 17 Sept 1898 Wood County, WV.

    (III) Rosea married David Eddy 25 Oct 1887 Wirt County, WV, b. 1867 Monroe County, OH, son of Henry and Nancy Eddy, d. 10 July 1933.

    1.) James, b. June 1888 Wirt County, WV, d. 14 Nov 1934 Wood County, WV, married 7 Sept 1909, Lucy Creel, b. 1888 Wirt County, WV.

    2.) Caroline, b. 20 Mar 1889 Wirt County, WV.

    3.) Mollice, b. Apr 1895 Wirt County, WV, married 6 July 1910, Chester Riffle, b. Jackson County, WV.

    4.) Mildrad, b. 8 Mar 1907 Wood County, WV, d. 3 June 1953 Wood County, WV, married Earl McElfrash 3 Aug 1923 Wood County, WV.

    5.) Henry

    6.) William McClelland, b. 12 Aug 1910 Wood County, WV, d. 16 Nov 1968, married Nellie.

    (IV) James married Laura, b. Oct 1873 WV.

    1.) Gladdus, b. May 1895 Wirt County, WV.

    2.) Ronald L., b. May 1897 Wirt County, WV.

    3.) Winnie, b. Feb 1900 Wirt County, WV.


    HUSBANDThomas Wayne
    Birth1835, Kanawha County, WV
    Death7 Feb 1896, Calhoun County, WV
    BurialMcKown Cemetery, Calhoun County, WV
    Marriage25 Feb 1857, Calhoun County, WV
    FatherJacob Wayne
    MotherChristina Parsons
    Other wives 
    WIFEMartha Nichols
    Birth20 June 1837, Calhoun County, WV
    Death16 July 1897, Calhoun County, WV
    BurialMcKown Cemetery, Calhoun County, WV
    FatherSolomon Nichols
    MotherPermilia (Schoolcraft) Hall, daughter of Jacob & Rebecca (Parsons) Schoolcraft. Marriage record dated 25 Feb 1857 lists Martha child of Solomon and Permilia Nichols. Marriage record dated 28 Dec 1856 between Solomon Nichols, age 55 and Permilia Hall, age 51. Her first husband was Elijah Hall, Sr. and Solomon's first wife was Dorothy McElwain.
    Other husbands 

    Alice (Jerucha)27 Sept 1858, Calhoun County, WVUnknown29 Dec 1875, Henderson Branan
    Almarinda11 Aug 1860, Calhoun County, WV10 Mar 1927, Webster County, WV2 Mar 1880, Jacob Moore

    Sources for the information on this Family Record:

  • United States Census Records and County Court Records for Gilmer and Calhoun Counties, West Virginia

    The Grandchildren of
    Thomas and Martha (Nichols) Wayne

    (I) Alice married Henderson Branan son of William A. Branan.

    1.) Adopted daughter: Nora, Apr 1885.

    (II) Almarinda married Jacob Moore, b. Aug 1858, son of Jonathan and Mary (Branon) Moore, d. 11 June 1928.

    1.) Ollie, b. May 1886, Calhoun County, WV, married James McKown.

    2.) Effie, b. 29 May 1891 Calhoun County, WV, d. 26 Aug 1959, married Wade Arbogast 14 Feb 1913, son of Elisa and Laura (Ware) Arbogast.

    3.) Paris, b. Mar 1896 Calhoun County, WV, married Virgie Arbogast 8 Aug 1913.

    4.) Martha, b. June 1897 Calhoun County, WV, married 15 Feb 1913, Norma Butcher, son of Noah Butcher.

    5.) Anis

    6. & 7.) Twins, Thomas and Jonathan


    HUSBANDJohn Conley
    Birth1836, Kanawha County, WV
    Marriage6 Dec 1858, Calhoun County, WV
    FatherPatrick Conley
    Other wives26 July 1866, Susan Goff, daughter of Henry & Mary (George) Goff
    WIFENancy Wayne
    BirthNov 1838, Kanawha County, WV
    DeathCalhoun County, WV
    BurialMcKown Cemetery, Calhoun County, WV
    FatherJacob Wayne
    MotherChristina Parsons
    Other husbandsHiram Corbitt, b. 8 Sept 1826, d. 18 Oct 1899, buried McKown Cemetery, Calhoun County, WV. Hiram, son of James, b. Wood County, married Rosetta Langfitt 1 Aug 1849, Jackson County, WV, married Nancy Conley 26 Nov 1879 Roane Co., WV. Hiram had a family with Rosetta.

    Thomas1859, Calhoun County, WV  
    John1862, Calhoun County, WV  

    Sources for the information on this Family Record:

  • United States Census Records and County Court Records for Gilmer and Calhoun Counties, West Virginia



    James and Elizabeth (Wayne) Kevan

    HUSBANDJames Kevan
    Birth16 May 1828, New York City, NY
    Death27 Oct 1912, 816 Arleen St., Oakland, Alameda County, CA
    Burial Mt. View Cemetery, Oakland, CA
    Marriage2 July 1863, Racine, Meigs County, OH
    Father William Kevan, b. Scotland
    MotherElizabeth Murray, b. Scotland
    Other wivesEliza Jane Smith, d. 12 Sept 1862
    WIFEElizabeth Wayne
    Birth24 Aug 1841, Kanawha County, WV (Obit says 25 Aug 1840)
    Death5 Jan 1929, Calhoun County, WV
    BurialWayne Cemetery, Calhoun County, WV
    FatherJacob Wayne
    MotherChristina Parsons
    Other husbands 

    James Lee10 Sept 1864, Meigs County, OhioSan Jose, CAKathleen DeFore
    Sarah Kathleen30 Aug 1866, Meigs County, OHSan Jose, CAAlbert Pierson
    William Jacob24 Dec 1868, Meigs County, OHSan Jose, CAMarie Maze
    Luella2 July 1871, Meigs County, OHSan Jose, CAThomas Dowling
    Peter Mark6 April 1876, Meigs County, OHSeattle, WAMaud Clark
    Martha Josephine11 Jan 1879, Pottawattamie, IAOshalosse, KSHenry Hofman
    Mary Elfreda (Effie)14 Oct 1880, Pottawattamie, IA Ralph Maze
    Charles Franklin29 Oct 1883, Pottawattamie, IAOakland, CAHelen Pauley
    Bertha14 Nov 1873, Meigs Co., OHDied young 
    Maggie J., daughter by James' first wife, Eliza Jane Smith 20 June 1855  
    George M., son by James' first wife, Eliza Jane Smith18 Aug 1858  

    Sources for the information on this Family Record:

  • United States Census Records and County Court Records for Calhoun County, WV, Meigs County, OH, Pottawattamie County, IA and Alameda County, CA.

    The Grandchildren of
    James and Elizabeth (Wayne) Kevan

    (I) Luella maried Thomas Dowling.

    1.) William Edward, d. before 1966.

    2.) Elizabeth lived in San Jose, CA.

    3.) Major John K., killed in World War II in France.

    (II) Peter Mark married Maud Clark.

    1.) Elizabeth died before 1966.

    (III) Martha Josephine married Henry Hofman.

    1.) Rev. Father James, died before 1966.

    2.) Bernice Seamon lived in IL.

    3.) Henry lived in Kansas City, KS.

    (IV) Mary Elfreda married Ralph Maze.

    1.) Naomi Gosline lived in San Pablo, CA.

    2.) La Von Donovau lives in Napa, CA. (Daughter Barbara in Napa, CA.)


    Obituary of Elizabeth (Wayne) Kevan

    Sat. Jan. 5, 1929

    The Angel of death visited the home of an aged and respected citizen of Beech, Joseph Wayne, and laid its icy hand on the only living whole sister of "Uncle Joe", Mrs. Elizabeth Wayne Kevin, who had been a house guest of Uncle Joe and Aunt Betty for the past few months, having made the trip from her home in California unaccompanied for her visit with her brother Joe, and family.

    This writer thinks Aunt Betty Kevin as she was lovingly known made a record for a lady of her age by her frequent trips from and to her home in California. But this time her departure was to a greater home to the Great Beyond where there is no sorrow or sighing, no sickness and dying but where all is Happiness, Peace and Love and whence no traveler has ever returned.

    Mrs. Elizabeth Wayne Kevin was born Aug 25, 1840 and departed this life Jan. 5, 1929 being 88 years, 4 months and 10 days of age at the time of her death.

    She was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Wayne and Granddaughter of Tunis Anthony Wayne, also Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Parsons and the Great Granddaughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Wayne and Mr. and Mrs. Charles Parsons. Her Great Grandfather, George Wayne and his brother were together in the Battle of Point Pleasant when it was said "Mad" Anthony hollowed so loud they could hear him seven miles. "Not to let the Red Devils come any closer". Her Great Grandfather, Charles Parsons was killed by the Indians while moving down the Shade River.

    Elizabeth Wayne left this state in 1860 and was united in marriage to James Kevin in 1861. To this union nine children were born. Her husband and three children preceded her to the Great Beyond but she leaves to mourn there loss. Six children as follows, four in California, one in Missouri and one in Oregon, one whole brother, Joseph Wayne and three half brothers, Jim, Tunis and Peter Wayne. Three half sisters, Mrs Floyd Sampson, Mrs. Budd Carr, Mrs. W.D. Greathouse and a multitude of other relatives and friends.

    Obsequies were held at the Wayne School house by Rev. Herbert Spencer and from there the funeral procession passed on to the Wayne cemetery where the body of Aunt Betty was interred near the graves of many of her relatives and where she had visited only about two weeks before.

    Life is real; Life is earnest;
    and the grave is not its goal;
    Dust thou art, to dust returneth
    Was not spoken of the Soul;

    (Note: Author unknown)



    The Jacob and Mary Magdaline (Haverty) Wayne Family

    HUSBANDJacob M. Wayne
    BirthMar 1847, Gilmer County, WV
    Death2 Oct 1912, Braxton County,WV
    BurialLower Rock Camp, Braxton County, WV
    Marriage8 Dec 1866, Calhoun County, WV
    FatherJacob Wayne
    MotherChristina Parsons
    Other wives 
    WIFEMary Magdaline Haverty
    Birth 24 May 1852, Gilmer County, WV
    Death22 May 1925, Braxton County, WV
    BurialLower Rock Camp, Braxton County, WV
    FatherWilliam H. Haverty
    MotherElsy E. (Alice) George
    Other husbands 

    Alicy ChristinaMay 1872, Calhoun County, WVAkron, OH 30 June 1892, Arislotte Simmons
    Henry Joseph11 Nov 1873, Calhoun County, WV8 July 1959, Nicholas County, WV5 Mar 1893, Arvilla Smith
    Thomas E.12 Feb 1876, Calhoun County, WV 19 Mar 1948, Calhoun County, WV20 Oct 1897, Anna Harris
    William Anthony5 Nov 1877, Calhoun County, WV3 Mar 1950, Braxton County, WV4 Feb 1900, Sabina Adkins
    Herbert1878, Calhoun County, WV  
    Elizabeth IreneNov 1879, Calhoun County, WV1918, Akron, OH18 July 1897, T. M. Houchin, Jr.
    James14 Dec 1882, Calhoun County, WV15 June 1956, Braxton County. WVLiby Neff
    David CarlJan 1884, Calhoun County, WV Hattie Brady
    Berth EllenDec 1885, Calhoun County, WVc19108 June 1907, Mat. Cook
    Benjamin Franklin30 Dec 1888, Calhoun County, WV27 Aug 1962, Calhoun County, WVElizabeth Parsons
    Prudie28 Mar 1893, Calhoun County, WV23 Mar 1978, Braxton County, WV2 Sept 1908, Willis B. Brady
    Ferris Manie31 Aug 1895, Calhoun County, WV24 Oct 193910 Dec 1912, Naoma Brady

    Sources for the information on this Family Record:

  • United States Census Records and County Court Records for Braxton, Calhoun, and Gilmer Counties, West Virginia

    The Grandchildren of
    Jacob M. and Mary Magdaline (Haverty) Wayne

    (I) Alicy Christina married Arislotte Simmons, b. Feb 1875, son of Scott and Lucretia (Webb) Simmons.

    1.) Milo, b. April 1893 Calhoun County, OH.

    2.) Orma L., b. Nov 1894 Calhoun County, WV, d. 2 June 1913.

    3.) Wenerford, b. May 1896 Calhoun County, WV.

    4.) Joseph G., b. Feb 1892 Calhoun County, WV.

    5.) Mary Odane, b. 8 Oct 1900 Calhoun County, WV.

    6.) Lona Leons, b. 20 May 1902 Calhoun County, WV.

    (II) Henry Joseph married Arvilla Smith, daughter of Isaac and Martha Smith, b. Ritchie County, WV.

    1.) Lula, b. Feb 1894, married Roy Elmer Smith.

    2.) Ora, b. Nov 1895, married (1) 29 July 1913 Clay County, WV O. L. Nottingham, (2) ____ Alkire.

    3.) Mary, b. April 1897, d. 22 June 1978.

    4.) Anitta, b. Nov 1899, married Oliver Green.

    5.) Thelma married ____ McCormack.

    6.) Wilson, a resident of Canyonville, Oregon.

    7.) Kelly

    (III) Thomas E. married Anna Harris, b. 12 Feb 1879, daughter of George and Louisa Harris, Roane County, WV.

    1.) Kenna, b. 29 Dec 1898, married Sylvia Boggs 19 April 1925 Roane County, WV.

    2.) Jacob A., b. 20 Oct 1900, married Dorothy Warner 2 July 1932.

    3.) Holly, b. 16 Sept 1904, d. 1975, buried Calhoun County, WV.

    4.) George, b. 24 Dec 1914 Calhoun County, WV.

    5.) Louisa, buried Road Run Cemetery, Arnoldsburg, WV.

    (IV) William Anthony married Sabina Adkins, b. 11 June 1879, d. 5 Feb 1957, daughter of James and Missoura (Truman) Adkins.

    1.) Icel, b. Dec 1911, married Dave McKown.

    2.) Herbert, b. 1900, married 3 Sept 1922, Rhoda Mclaughlin, b. 1902 Webster County, WV.

    3.) James French, b. 1903, married Roena Ethal Rogers Clay County, WV 24 Mar 1926.

    4.) Charles, b. 14 Sept 1905, married Mauza Cain.

    5.) Owen, b. 1914, married 22 June 1938, Mildra Bennett, daughter of Fred and Mary Bennett.

    6.) Okey, b. 1918, married 6 Sept 1938, Ilene Goff, daughter of Oliver and Lila Goff.

    7.) Bess married George Farley.

    8.) Inez married (1) Denver Fields, (2) Sam Springer.

    (V) Elizabeth Irene married T. M. Houchin Jr. 18 July 1897, son of T. A. and Sarah Houchin. Lived in Akron, OH.

    1.) Harley

    2.) Wilber, b. Oct 1897.

    3.) Willy

    4.) Melva married Bradford Brown.

    5.) Ethel

    6.) Mary, b. Jan 1899.

    (VI) David Carl married Hattie Brady, daughter of France and Mary (Small) Brady.

    1.) Burl, b. 21 May 1915 Calhoun County, WV, married (1) 10 July 1922, Avis Singleton, (2) Elyvin Carr, d. Dec 1944.

    2.) Lawrence, b. 22 Mar 1919 Calhoun County, WV, d. Mar 1945 World War II on Iwo Jima, buried Sugar Creek.

    3.) Meldy, b. 3 May 1922 Braxton County, WV, married Hernon Nicholes.

    (VII) Benjamin Franklin married Elizabeth Parsons, b. 24 Oct 1887 Braxton County, WV, d. 27 Apr 1947, daughter of Sennitt and Ruth (Siers) Parsons.

    1.) Mary married (1) Bill Truman, (2) Henry Roth, (3) Charles Frith. 3.) Earl, b. 1909, married 11 Jan 1937 Orva Falls, daughter of George and Bertha Falls.

    4.) Noah, b. 2 July 1913, married 19 Sept 1931, Ruth Mullens, b. 7 Apr 1915.

    5.) Ezra, b. 1 Aug 1915, married 1 Mar 1914, Bertha (Clere), d. 29 Oct 1975.

    6.) Iva Bell, b. 24 Feb 1920, d. 17 Nov 1949, married Robert Coleman.

    7.) Erchel, b. 9 Oct 1917, married Mary Hicks.

    8.) Joseph, b. 1 Sept 1925, married Dorothy Reed.

    9.) Wilford Henry, b. 14 Oct 1927, d. 17 June 1973, buried Arlington, VA, married Audrey Hein, b. 19 Jan 1930.

    (VIII) Prudie married (1) Willis B. Brady Braxton County, WV, b. Sept 1867, son of Edward and Naomi (Long) Brady, (2) 19 July 1943 Braxton County, WV, Russell Boone, son of William and Nancy Boone.

    1.) Mary Chloe, b. 5 Feb 1911 Braxton County, WV, married (1) Ernest Cook, (2) Phil Coffman.

    2.) Geneva, b. 9 Dec 1912 Braxton County, WV, d. 30 Apr 1939, married Clarence Boggs.

    3.) Daisy Bell, b. 9 Aug 1909 Braxton County, WV, married (1) Jay Rhodes, (2) Harly Hamrok.

    4.) Muriel Irene, b. 18 Nov 1914 Braxton County, WV, married Elmer Anderson.

    5.) Macel Vieva, b. 17 June 1916 Braxton County, WV, married Hurl Mullins.

    6.) Mildred Naomi, b. 7 May 1920 Braxton County, WV, d. 1 May 1939.

    7.) Amanda Marie, b. 25 Apr 1923 Braxton County, WV, married Gary Singleton.

    8.) Mabel Magdalene, b. 25 July 1921 Braxton County, WV, married (Ledia) Argabrite.

    9.) Marvel, b. 11 May 1927 Braxton County, WV, married ____ Boggs.

    10.) Marilea, b. 18 Dec 1929 Braxton County, WV, married Elliott Samples.

    (IX) Ferris Manie married 10 Dec 1912 Braxton County, WV, Naoma Brady, b. 6 Jan 1896 Braxton County, WV, buried Sugar Creek, Braxton County, WV, daughter of France and Mary (Small) Brady.

    1.) Charles, b. 2 June 1914 Braxton County, WV, d. 24 Oct 1975, married Hattie Mullins 12 Aug 1937.

    2.) Sylva, b. 31 Mar 1916 WV, married 9 Oct 1937, Argel Lemon.

    3.) Geneve, b. 3 June 1918 Braxton County, WV, married 7 Aug 1940 Earnest Boggs.

    4.) James, b. 23 Dec 1920 Braxton County, WV, d. 23 Aug 1965, married Doris Sears in 1946.

    5.) Robert, b. 5 Apr 1925 Braxton County, WV, d. 31 Dec 1978, married Agnes Smith 7 Apr 1977.

    6.) Anna Bell, b. 18 Feb 1923 Braxton County, WV, married Henry Duckworth 8 Sept 1945.

    7.) Ferris Dean, b. 31 Oct 1934 Kanawha County, WV, married Ruby Stout 1 Nov 1958.



    Joseph and Elizabeth (Truman) Wayne

    HUSBANDJoseph Wayne
    Birth9 Jan 1850, Gilmer County, WV
    Death18 Aug 1939, Calhoun County, WV
    BurialWayne Cemetery, Calhoun County, WV
    Marriage1 Sept 1870, Clay County, WV
    FatherJacob Wayne
    MotherChristina Parsons
    Other wives 
    WIFEElizabeth Truman
    Birth3 Nov 1849, Gilmer County, WV
    Death5 Feb 1936, Calhoun County, WV
    BurialWayne County Cemetery, Calhoun County, WV
    FatherShadrack Truman
    MotherMary Ann
    Other husbands 

    Seldon3 Oct 1875, Calhoun County, WV1957, Calhoun County, WV14 Oct 1897, Nevada Hathaway
    Basil Lee31 May 1871, Calhoun County, WV16 Oct 1893 Calhoun County, WV13 Aug 1891, Virginia Houchin
    Luvernie9 Feb 1879, Calhoun County, WV9 Feb 1879 Calhoun County, WV 
    Shadrack1 Jan 1873, Calhoun County, WV15 Oct 1877, Calhoun County, WV 

    Sources for the information on this Family Record:

  • United States Census Records and County Court Records for Gilmer, Calhoun and Clay Counties, West Virginia

    The Grandchildren of
    Joseph and Elizabeth (Truman) Wayne

    (I) Seldon married Nevada Hathaway, b. June 1881, d. 7 Nov 1927, daughter of James and Nannie (Craddock) Hathaway.

    1.) Orlando, d. Apr 1967 Roane County, married Nov 1928, Ruby Price, daughter of Bernard and Clarkee Price.

    2.) Shirley, b. 18 Apr 1898 Calhoun County, WV, d. 3 Apr 1966 Akron OH, married Mary Wagoner.

    3.) Lee, b. 29 Sept 1910 Calhoun County, WV, married Roxie.

    4.) Bruce, b. 10 June 1909 Calhoun County, WV, d. Feb 1979.

    5.) Lizzie, b. 20 Oct 1906 Calhoun County, WV, married Burla Roberts.

    6.) Evert, b. 6 Feb 1901 Calhoun County, WV, d. Sept 1918, buried Wayne Cemetery.

    7.) Vergie Ethel. b. 28 Dec 1902 Calhoun County, WV, d. 24 Jan 1907, buried Wayne Cemetery.

    8.) George, b. 9 July 1924 Calhoun County, WV, d. 9 Nov 1932, buried Wayne Cemetery.

    (II) Lee married 13 Aug 1891, Virginia Houchin, daughter of Frank M. and Sarah Houchin. Lee died and Virginia married 24 Oct 1895 Braxton County, WV, James Berkhouse. Lee buried in Wayne Cemetery.

    1.) Camden, b. 2 Sept 1892 Calhoun County, WV, d. 16 Sept 1892, buried in Wayne Cemetery.

    Rebecca Nichols, The Second Wife Of
    Jacob Wayne


    WIFERebecca Nichols
    Birth1805, Nicholas County, WV
    DeathJan 1860, Calhoun County, WV
    BurialWayne Cemetery, Calhoun County, WV
    Marriage2 May 1856, Calhoun County, WV
    FatherLeven Nichols
    MotherMargaret Mace
    Other husbandsDaniel McCune
    Rebecca had children with Daniel McCune but none with Jacob Wayne.