The Family Of
Jacob and Nancy (Barnhouse) Wayne


Jacob & Nancy (Barnhouse) Wayne


Regarding the above photo, the author, Audra Wayne, writes: "No one else in the world has the picture that this picture was taken from other than me. I took the Picture and had all of the pictures made off of it and it has gone all over the U. S. and some people have said it was Tunis Wayne. They should know better; they did not have pictures when Tunis lived."


Written by Curtis Nelson Wayne

Grandfather Jacob was the youngest son of Tunis and Catherine (Propst) Muckelwaine. He was a strong disciplinarian but didn't employ the usual methods of punishment. Whenever his children misbehaved, he made them come to him and smell his old, dirty, stinking work hat. Dad said this was the worst of all punishment. He was born in 1810 in the Germany Valley of Pendleton County, Virginia, one of God's most beautious creations. He was too old to fight in the Civil War, but two of his sons fought for the North and one for the South. The life and times of these people, our ancestors, who wanted to live by their own laws without interference from remote governmental authority, is a fascinating story that cannot be told here. Grandmother Nancy was a woman of strong will and determined spirit, accomplished in the art of pioneer homemaking, and with a profound understanding of the foibles of the "younger set". Her father and his first wife, Mary McCune Bush, were the first persons married in what is now Calhoun County, West Virginia. She was born in Calhoun County in 1839 on Henry's Fork near Arnoldsburg.


HUSBANDJacob Wayne
Birth4 Apr 1810, Pendleton County, WV
Death29 Apr 1893, Calhoun Co., WV
BurialRush Cemetery, Calhoun County, WV
Marriage22 June 1860, Calhoun County, WV
FatherTunis McElwain
MotherCatherine Propst
Other wives1) Christina Parsons
2) 2 May 1856, Calhoun County, WV, Rebecca Nichols
WIFENancy Barnhouse
Birth7 May 1839, Gilmer County, WV
Death10 Dec 1910, Calhoun County, WV
BurialRush Cemetery, Calhoun County, WV
FatherThomas Barnhouse
MotherDrusella Burnside
Other husbands 

Tunis A.19 May 1861, Calhoun County, WV28 Dec 1936, Calhoun County, WV1) 17 Oct 1888, Mary Duncan
2) 26 Oct 1890, Millie Hall
3) Maggie Wagner
Barbara Ellen29 June 1863, Calhoun County, WV189-, Clay County, WV12 Mar 1881, Gerry Runion
Peter M.15 Mar 1865, Calhoun County, WV12 Oct 1937, Calhoun County, WV1) 23 Jan 1881, Almeda Cooper
2) Sarah Butler
3) Vista (White) Sharp
Polcer (Paulser)3 Mar 1868, Calhoun County, WVUnknown26 Apr 1891, Mary Stockwell
James P.10 May 1870, Calhoun County, WV14 Sept 1948, Clay County, WV1) 4 Aug 1892, Mary Davis
2) 25 May 1907, Vinita Hathaway, d. June 1968 Roane County, WV
Stephen Hix14 Aug 1872, Calhoun County, WV22 Dec 1926, Clay County, WV
1) Mary (Louverna) White
2) Sadie Goldsmith
3) 5 July 1900, Elizabeth Greathouse
Rosanna22 Mar 1875, Calhoun County, WV1) 10 Sept 1934, Clay County, WV8 Mar 1895, Francis Hardway
2) Harden Francis Carr
Pricy6 Oct 1877, Calhoun County, WV1 Sept 1960, Calhoun County, WV28 Apr 1898, Floyd Sampson
Mary C.24 July 1883, Calhoun County, WV11 Jan 1948, Racine, OH 4 Jan 1900, William Greathouse
Dolly17 Apr 1880, Calhoun County, WV29 May 1881, Calhoun County, WV 

Sources for the information on this Family Record:

  • United States Census Records and County Court Records for Calhoun, Gilmer, Nicholas and Pendleton Counties, West Virginia


    "Dosha", daughter of Tunis A. & Mary (Duncan) Wayne, Nancy (Barnhouse) Wayne
    Jacob Wayne, son of James P. & Mary (Davis) Wayne.

    Nancy, oldest daughter of Thomas and Drusella Barnhouse, married Jacob Wayne, a widower, who had been married twice before and had fathered eight children by his first wife. His two older sons were older than she. Nancy had ten children. Like most of the grandmothers of her day she raised and helped raise many of her grandchildren. Her grandchildren loved her and enjoyed going to her log cabin home to see her where she always had home made bread with jam and jellies for them. When she was in her seventies she was seen in a cherry tree, which she had climbed by herself, picking cherries. She did not interfere with her children and their responsibilities but always helped when they were in need of her. She felt that everyone. should be responsible for their commitments as she was for hers. She named her first son for her father-in-law, Tunis, and James and Stephen Hicks were named for her brothers-in-law. Nancy lived seventeen years after her husband's death and was buried on the Wayne farm with her husband, Jacob, and a grandchild, May, in a spot where her husband requested to be buried. Jacob's first wives were buried at the Beech Cemetery where other members of the Wayne family are buried.

    The Descendants of
    Jacob and Nancy (Barnhouse) Wayne


    TUNIS A.


    The Tunis & Millie (Hall) Wayne Family

    Tunis was a carpenter and stone mason. With his brother, Steve, he built a number of houses in around Calhoun County, including the Starcher home on Rush Run.

    From the Calhoun Chronicle 8 April 1911, "We have actually an Eli Whitney in our community in the person of T. M. Wayne. He has made one of the finest fiddles we have ever seen."

    HUSBANDTunis A. Wayne
    Birth19 May 1861, Calhoun County, WV
    Death28 Dec 1936, Calhoun County, WV
    BurialValley Fork, Clay County, WV
    Marriage26 Oct 1890, Roane County, WV
    FatherJacob Wayne
    MotherNancy Barnhouse
    Other wives1) 17 October 1888, Calhoun County, WV, Mary Duncan,
    daughter of John & Christabelle Duncan
    3) Sept 1931, Calhoun County, WV Maggie (Wagner) Hughes
    WIFEMillie Hall
    BirthAug 1864
    DeathSept 1918
    Other husbands 

    Rusia Alice ("Dosha"), child of Tunis & 1st wife, Mary Duncan4 Sept 1889, Calhoun County, WV 28 Feb 1972Hoadley Hall
    Rosa BelleAug 1893, Calhoun County, WVFeb 1949Johnie Lane
    Mary JaneJune 1895, Clay County, WVUnknown26 Oct 1917, M. E. Chaplin
    Mae FloridaFeb 1897, Clay County, WVUnknownHenry Rogars
    MaggieNov 1899, Calhoun County, WVUnknownFred Johnson
    NancyCalhoun County, WVUnknown31 Mar 1921, Dye Nichols

    Sources for the information on this Family Record:

  • United States Census Records and County Court Records for Clay, Calhoun, and Roane Counties, West Virginia

    The Grandchildren of
    Tunis A. Wayne

    (I) Dosha married Hoadley Hall.

    1.) Velma, b. June 1911, d. 8 Nov 1934 Calhoun County, WV.

    2.) Elmer, d. May 1976, OH.

    3.) Clarence, d. 1972.

    4.) Clifford

    5.) Dorothy, b. Dec 1922, married ____ Redway.

    (II) Belle married Johnie Lane, b. 1890, d. 1924 Calhoun County, WV.

    1.) Cora, b. 19 June 1917 Calhoun County, WV, married Ray S. Jarvis, d. OH.

    2.) Lillie Bernice, b. 10 Feb 1922 Calhoun County, WV, married John W. Miller, d. PA.

    3.) Opal, b. 9 Jan 1924 Calhoun County, WV, married Frank Umble, moved to FL.

    4.) Maysel, b. 25 Sept 1918 Calhoun County, WV, married Bliss A. Boggs, lived in WV.

    5.) Sylvia

    6.) Ray

    (III) Mary Jane married M. E. Chaplin.

    1.) Avis married Robert Toothman.

    2.) Charles marrried Helen ___.

    (IV) Mae Florida married Henry Rogars.

    1.) Arthur

    2.) Bonnie

    (V) Maggie married Fred Johnson.

    1.) Hazel

    (VI) Nancy married Dye Nichols.

    1.) Bernice

    2.) Dolly D.



    Barbara Ellen (Wayne) Runion

    HUSBANDGerry Runion
    BirthAug 1859
    Death16 Mar 1939, Monongalia County, WV
    BurialMcCurdeysville, WV
    Marriage12 Mar 1881, Calhoun County, WV
    FatherSolomon Runion
    MotherChariot Wilson
    Other wives 
    WIFEBarbara Ellen Wayne
    Birth20 June 1863, Calhoun County, WV
    Death189-, Clay County, WV
    BurialWayne Cemetery, Calhoun County, WV
    FatherJacob Wayne
    MotherNancy Barnhouse
    Other husbands 

    Clara16 May 1883, WV4 Mar 1961, Monongalia County, WV1) Elizie Varner
    2) James White
    3) John Currance
    Solomon4 Aug 1888, Clay County, WV13 Apr 1974, Monongalia County, WV18 Nov 1921, Florence Snyder
    Nancy2 April 1892, Clay County, WV28 Apr 1972, Peterstown, WVWilliam Prosser
    EverettClay County, WV1930 Williamstown, WVNellie Hatfield
    IdaMay 1886, Clay County, WV Died young 
    Mandville (living with Henderson Brannon in 1900 census)Feb 1897, Clay County, WVDied young 
    GrendvillFeb 1897, Clay County, WVDied young 

    Sources for the information on this Family Record:

  • United States Census Records and County Court Records for Calhoun, Clay and Monongalia Counties, West Virginia

    The Grandchildren of
    Gerry and Barbara Ellen (Wayne) Runion

    (I) Clara married James White, John Currance and Elizie Varner.

    1.) Cecil White married Eula Grady.

    2.) Bertha White

    3.) Daniel White married Mary Louise Michael.

    4.) Herbert White married Margaret Wildman

    5.) Ida Currance married James Williams.

    6.) Edna Currance married George LeBlond.

    7.) Nellie Currance married Otis Geho.

    8.) Edward Currance married Anna Bell Six.

    9.) Albert Currance married Georgia.

    (II) Solomon married Florence Snyder.

    1.) Goldie married John Honaker.

    2.) Wilma May married ____ Mars.

    3.) Roscoe

    (III) Nancy married William Prosser.

    1.) Janet married Curtis Taylor.

    2.) Elisie

    3.) William

    (IV) Everett married Nellie Hatfield.

    1.) Jim

    2.) Edgar

    3.) Junior

    4.) Willia May

    PETER M.

    HUSBANDPeter M. Wayne
    Birth15 Mar 1865, Calhoun County, WV
    Death12 Oct 1937, Calhoun County, WV
    BurialRush Run Cemetery, Orma, Calhoun County, WV
    Marriages1) 23 Jan 1883, Calhoun County, WV, Almeda Cooper
    2) 9 Nov 1918 Calhoun County , WV, Vista (White) Sharp
    3) Sarah Butler
    FatherJacob Wayne
    MotherNancy Barnhouse
    WIFE #1Almeda Cooper
    BirthMay 1865, WV
    FatherJohn Cooper
    Other husbands 
    WIFE #2Vista (White) Sharp
    Birth12 Mar 1901, Calhoun County, WV
    Death15 July 1954, Zanesville, OH
    BurialStoverton, OH
    Father____ Sharp
    MotherSattie White
    Other husbands1.) John Spricer
    2) William Rush
    WIFE #3Sarah Butler
    Other husbandsUnknown

    Children with Almeda Cooper
    Sarah4 Jan 1884, CalhounUnknown28 Aug 1901, William Wilson
    Adella5 Nov 1886, Calhoun County, WV17 Mar 1965, Zanesville, OH19 July 1917, T. J. McCune
    LewisSept 1888, Calhoun County, WVOct 1952, Zanesville, OHMay Settles
    NancyMar 1894, Calhoun County, WVUnknown25 Feb 1913, Lee Webb
    MargarettaCalhoun County, WVUnknown16 Nov 1919, Fred Johnson
    Mack20 April 1900, Calhoun County, WVUnknown 
    RobertCalhoun County, WVUnknownFlorence Budan
    Children with Vista (White) Sharp
    Ruby4 Feb 1918, Calhoun County, WVUnknown1) 22 Aug 1935, Clarence Cottrell
    2) Rosco Bradley
    Jake18 Aug 1924, Calhoun County, WV11 Mar 1955, Zanesville, OHNever married
    Stella18 May 1927, Calhoun County, WVUnknown18 Mar 1946, William Jett
    Earnest HomerCalhoun County, WVUnknownNever married
    Thelma20 Dec 1929, Calhoun County, WVUnknown1.) Less Dusenberry
    2) C. Dennis
    Peter Jr.12 Oct 1933, Calhoun County, WVUnknownElaine
    Unknown29 Nov 1935, Calhoun County, WV29 Nov 1935, Calhoun County, WV 

    Sources for the information on this Family Record:

  • United States Census Records for Roane, Calhoun, and Clay Counties, West Virginia (From Stella Jett)

    The Grandchildren of
    Peter M. and Almeda (Cooper)Wayne

    (I) Sarah married William Wilson.

    1.) Golda May , b. 5 June 1910 Calhoun County, WV.

    (II) Adella married T. J. McCune.

    1.) Minnie, b. 28 June 1909, Calhoun County, WV.

    (III) Lewis married May Settles.

    1.) Lenona(?)

    2.) Goldie

    3.) Hellen

    4.) Freda

    (IV) Robert married Florence Budan. (Note: The author has Robert listed separately from the two families, but on the same page with wife Almeda. No explanation.)

    1.) Daniel

    2.) Michael

    3.) Rido

    4. James

    5. Agnes

    6. Donald Lee

    The Grandchildren of
    Peter M. and Vista (Sharp) Wayne

    (I) Ruby married (1) Clarence Cottrell and (2) Rosco Bradley. Children with Cottrell.

    1.) Dorothy, b. 2 May 1935.

    2.) Nora

    3.) Nelma Jane, b. 31 Jan 1939 Calhoun County, WV.

    4.) Donald Ray, b. 8 June 1941, Calhoun County, WV.

    5.) Alice Ruth, b. 10 Aug 1942 Calhoun County, WV.

    6.) Clarence Jr.

    (II) Stella married William Jett.

    1.) Hazel Marie

    2.) Kenneth Ray (adopted)

    (III) Thelma married (1) Less Dusenberry and (2) C. Dennis

    1.) Nelma Jane Dusenberry

    2.) Charles Vernon Dennis, b. 5 Oct 1962, d. 17 Jan 1969, Calhoun County, WV.

    (IV) Peter Jr. married Elaine.

    1.) Charlene, b. 21 Mar 1956, married James Meridrath.

    2.) Connie, b. 3 July 1958, married Rodney Smith.

    3.) Steve, b. 12 June 1960, married Birend Newton.

    4.) Wonda, b. 20 Mar 1962, married Rustie Galigter.



    Peter M. and Sarah (Butler) Wayne

    Peter lived in the area of Calhoun and Clay Counties. He was the village blacksmith at Minnora, WV and an expert barrel-maker. People came from throughout the countryside to purchase barrels from him.

    JAMES P.

    HUSBANDJames P. Wayne
    Birth10 May 1870, Calhoun County, WV
    Death15 Sept 1948, Clay County, WV
    BurialWayne Cemetery, Clay County, WV
    Marriage4 Aug 1892, Clay County, WV
    FatherJacob Wayne
    MotherNancy Barnhouse
    Other wives 25 May 1907, Vinita Hathaway (d. June 1968 Roane County, WV)
    WIFEMary Davis
    Birth1876, WV
    DeathClay County, WV
    BurialClay County, WV
    FatherStephen Davis
    Other husbands 

    Jacob10 June 1893, Clay County, WV5 May 1922, Clay County, WV28 Sept 1915, Elizabeth Jane Brady

    Sources for the information on this Family Record:

  • United States Census Records and County Court Records for Braxton, Clay, Calhoun and Roane Counties, West Virginia.

    The Grandchildren of
    James P. and Mary (Davis) Wayne

    (I) Jacob married Elizabeth Jane Brady, Braxton County, WV, b. c1897, d. 30 June 1950, daughter of Willis and Cassa Ann Matilda (Phillips) Brady.

    1.) Wilford Kenneth, b. 1920, married Mary Butler 28 Mar 1942 Clay County, WV. Children: James Patrick, David Anthony, Nancy and Faith.

    2.) Naomi Elizabeth married Kenneth Cruikshanks 21 June 1939 Clay County, WV. Child: Barbara Jane, b. 30 Oct 1954.



    James P. and Vinita (Hathaway) Wayne


    HUSBANDStephen Hix Wayne
    Birth14 Aug 1872, Calhoun County, WV
    Death22 Dec 1926, Clay County, WV
    BurialMoore Fork, Clay County, WV
    FatherJacob Wayne
    MotherNancy Barnhouse
    Other wives2) Kansadia (Sadie) Goldsmith
    3) Sarah Elizabeth Greathouse
    WIFE #1Mary (Louverna) White
    FatherRalph White
    Other husbands 
    Calvin Curtis29 Sept 1895, Calhoun County, WVMar 1972, Wood County, WV1) Sadie Phillips
    2) 20 Aug 1960, Katherine Stoner

    WIFE #2Kansadia "Sadie" Goldsmith
    Birth1875 Calhoun County, WV
    FatherGranville Goldsmith, son of Robert Goldsmith
    MotherLouisa Truman, daughter of William and Juliann Truman
    Other husbands 
    Alma12 Dec 1898, Clay County, WV8 Aug 1976, Monongalia County, WV1) 25 Feb 1918 Roane County, WV, Alexander Ball
    2) George Crummitt

    WIFE #3Sarah Elizabeth Greathouse
    Birth19 May 1881 Jackson County, WV
    Death23 Nov 1959, Roane County, WV
    BurialSwank Cemetery, Speed, Roane County, WV
    FatherHenry Greathouse
    MotherKatherine Davis
    Other husbands 
    May11 May 1901, Calhoun County, WV7 Nov 1901, Calhoun County, WV 
    Delphia21 Dec 1902, Calhoun County, WVUnknown1) 23 Feb 1924, Walter Duffield
    2) 1959, Jacob Tedrow
    Oleta (Lee)30 Nov 1905, Calhoun County, WV 21 Oct 1933, Wayne Batteiger
    Ethel Bell (Pauline)5 Oct 1908, Calhoun County, WVApr 1931, Clay Smith 
    Edna11 July 1911, Calhoun County, WV 2 July 1932, Charles Roth
    Horace Greely17 Mar 1914, Calhoun County, WV 1) 8 Dec 1945, Irene Metz
    1) Marie Thompson
    Henry Joseph20 Oct 1918, Clay County, WV 24 Dec 1941, Mary Roth
    Stephen Clarence16 May 1921, Clay County, WV11 Jan 1947, Cleveland, OH2 Dec 1943, Velda Westfall
    Curtis Nelson1 Feb 1924, Clay County, WV 5 July 1950, Audra Rickey

    Sources for the information on this Family Record:

  • United States Census Records and County Court Records for Calhoun, Roane, Clay and Jackson Counties, West Virginia


    Delphia, Stephen, Alma, Edna, Pauline, Elizabeth and Lee Wayne


    Greel, Stephen, Lee, Henry, Elizabeth, Delphia, Pauline and Edna Wayne

    The Grandchildren of
    Stephen Hix and Sarah Elizabeth (Greathouse) Wayne

    (I) Delphia married Walter Duffield, b. 27 May 1905, Clay County, WV, d. 6 Nov 1955 Belpre, OH, buried Swank Cemetery, Roane County, WV, son of Samuel and Mary (Cunningham) Duffield.

    1.) Violet, b. 2 Mar 1922 Clay County, WV, married 11 Oct 1941 Man, WV, Dexter Gale Cottrell, b. 25 Sept 1920 Roane County, WV, son of Charles and Delsie (Lowe) Cottrell. Child: David Anthony

    2.) Richard, b. 2 May 1926 Clay County, WV, (1) married Betty J. Rodgers, b. 18 June 1925 Dayton , OH, daughter of Loran and Lora (Richards) Rodgers, (2) Lois (Prince) Dean. Children: Carolyn & Delores

    3.) Robert, b. 14 May 1945 Wood County, WV, married Gudrun Luise Henrich, b. Germany, daughter of Karl Wilhelm and Johanna Henrich.

    (II) Oleta Lee married Wayne Anthony Batteiger Cincinnati, OH, b. 30 June 1905, Mt. Sterling, PA, d. 25 Sept 1952 Beckley, WV, son of Gottfreed amd Bessie (Dayton) Batteiger.

    1.) Norris Wayne, b. 1 Oct 1935 Harrison County, WV, married (1) 18 May 1957 Beckley, WV, Carol Dean Gibbs, b. 27 Sept 1936 Stollings, WV, daughter of Howard Dean and Louise (Stalnaker) Gibbs, (2) Nora Martin. Children: Mark Wayne, Eric Dean, Anita and Brooke.

    (III) Pauline married Clay Smith, b. Roane County, WV, son of Benjamin and Lara (Ferell) Smith.

    1.) Barbara, b. 8 Mar 1932 Roane County, WV, married 10 Feb 1951 Roane County, WV, Hayden Pursley, b. Jan 1929, son of Dearing and Opal (Radchange) Pursley. Children: David and Stewart

    (IV) Edna married Roane County, WV, Charles Roth, b. 27 Sept 1907 Grant County, IN, son of William J. and Margaret Mae (Sapp) Roth.

    1.) Janet, b. 19 Feb 1934 Roane County, WV, married 10 June 1956, Donald Neff, b. 18 Aug 1934, Huntington County, IN, son of John and Mary (Clark) Neff. Children: Michael Wayne, David Anthony, Stephen Charles and Douglass Lee

    2.) Linda, b. 22 May 1936 Roane County, WV, married 23 Mar 1963, Fairmont, IN, Hayden Phelps Hayes, b. 16 Oct, 1920 Dearborn, MI, son of Charles Haven and Jennie June (Phelps) Hayes. Children: Ann Elizabeth and Scott

    3.) Nancy, b. 19 May 1942 Roane County, WV, married 22 Dec 1963 Fairmont, IN, Michael Davis, b. Aug 1942 Frant County, IN, son of Charles E. and Gladus Pearl (Vaughn) Davis. Children: Diana, Leslie and Derek

    (V) Horace married Irene Metz Roane County, WV, b. 17 Sept 1922, daughter of Martin and Maude (Boone) Metz.

    (VI) Henry married Mary Roth Grant County, IN, b. 5 Apr 1914, daughter of William J. and Margaret Mae (Sapp) Roth.

    1.) Stephen Anthony, b. 20 Aug 1942 Roane County, WV, married 14 Sept 1968 Ohio County, WV, Georgene Knauss, b. 22 Nov 1944 Ohio County, WV, daughter of Walter and Mary Ellen (Ebert) Knauss. Children: Scott and Heather

    (VII) Stephen married Velda Westfall Roane County, WV, daughter of William and Nora (Watson) Westfall, b. 3 Feb 1923.

    1.) Diana, b. 7 Sept 1946 Roane County, WV.

    2.) Anita, b. 8 Sept 1947 Roane County, WV.

    (VIII) Curtis married 5 July 1950 Wood County, WV, Audra Rickey, b. 26 Jan, 1928, Ritchie County, WV, daughter of Howard and Margaret (Jameson) Rickey.

    1.) Barbara, b. 19 June 1954, Washington, D. C., married 5 August 1979, Ralph Justice, b. 26 Dec 1944 Knoxville, TN, son of George Pershing and Annalee (Thomas) Justice. Annalee daughter of William Thomas.


    Roseanna was remembered as being very close to her mother, Nancy. Roseanna died of cancer in 1934.

    Francis & Roseanna (Wayne) Hardway

    Harden & Roseanna (Wayne) Carr

    WIFERoseanna Wayne
    Birth22 Mar 1876, Calhoun County, WV
    Death10 Sept 1934, Clay County, WV
    BurialWayne Cemetery, Clay County, WV
    FatherJacob Wayne
    MotherNancy Barnhouse

    HUSBAND #1Francis Hardway
    BirthDec 1875, Calhoun County, WV
    BurialClay County, WV
    Marriage8 Mar 1895, Calhoun County, WV
    FatherSamuel Hardway, son of Abraham and Charlott Hardway
    MotherMartha Cooper, daughter of John and Sarah Cooper
    Other wives 
    HUSBAND #2Francis Harden Carr
    Birth27 Feb 1855, Braxton County, WV
    Death14 Dec 1941, Clay County, WV
    Burial15 Dec 1941, Wayne Cemetery, Calhoun County, WV
    FatherDennon Carr
    MotherMatilda Friend
    Other wives 

    Sources for the information on this Family Record:

  • County Court Records for Clay and Calhoun Counties, West Virginia



    Floyd, Homer and Pricy (Wayne) Sampson


    Floyd and Pricy (Wayne) Sampson

    HUSBANDFloyd Sampson
    Birth9 Nov 1875, Calhoun County, WV
    Death28 Apr 1964, Wood County, WV
    BurialWayne Cemetery, Calhoun County, WV
    Marriage28 Apr 1898, Calhoun County, WV
    FatherHarvey Sampson
    MotherDianna Cottrell
    Other wives 
    WIFEPricy Wayne
    Birth6 Oct 1877, Calhoun County, WV
    Death1 Sept 1960, Calhoun County, WV
    BurialWayne Cemetery, Calhoun County, WV
    FatherJacob Wayne
    MotherNancy Barnhouse
    Other husbands 

    Homer1902, Calhoun County, WV1 Sept 1968, Calhoun County, WV1) 9 July 1922, Addie Runion
    2) Mary Buskart
    3) Maie Tanner
    John Riley26 Apr 1907, Calhoun County, WV11 May 1949, FL1) Effie Gray
    2) Roxie M. McDonald
    Lizzie22 May 1904, Calhoun County, WV1972, Roane County, WV1) Romie Butler
    2) Charles Tanner
    Verbal4 Dec 1915, Calhoun County, WV6 Mar 1974, Roane County, WV1) Boyd Duncan
    2)Hollie Nicholas
    3) Glenn McKown
    Vinnie23 Aug 1913, Calhoun County, WV1920, Calhoun County, WV 
    Josie E.30 Oct 1909, Calhoun County, WVAkron, OHHoward Sampson

    Sources for the information on this Family Record:

  • County Court Records for Calhoun, Wood and Clay Counties, West Virginia

  • Note: The Bailey Cemetery where the Sampson Family is buried is also known as the Bailey Cemetery.

    The Grandchildren of
    Floyd and Pricy (Wayne) Sampson

    (I) Homer married Addie Runion, Mary Buskart and Maie Tanner. Homer buried at Orma, WV.

    Children with Addie Runion:
    1.) Maxine (Ethel), b. 19 Apr 1923 Clay County, WV.

    2.) Wavaline, b. 1926 Clay County, WV.

    3.) Sammy (Cecil Galey), b. 20 June 1929.

    Children with Mary Buskart (They adopted the name of WAYNE.):
    1.) Clayton Wayne

    2.) Valley Virginia Wayne (Duke)

    (II) John Riley married (1) Effie Gray, daughter of Andy Mack and Sarah (Perkins) Gray, (2) Roxie M. McDonald. John buried at Wayne Cemetery, Beech, Calhoun County, WV.

    1.) Evelyn, b. 10 May 1928 Clay County, WV, married (1) John Carr, (2) Lloyd Holt.

    2. Richard, b. 11 June 1929 Calhoun County, WV, married Julia Estrada and Lelia Hoke.

    3. Lora, b. 14 Oct 1930, Calhoun County, WV, married E. R. Blakenship.

    4. Ora, b. 14 Oct 1930, Calhoun County, WV, married Paul E. Boggs.

    5.) Male Child, b. 18 Feb 1932, Clay County, WV, died at birth.

    6.) Betty Lou, b. 29 Oct 1933, Clay County, WV, died young.

    7.) Male Child, no date, died at birth.

    8.) Male Child, b. 2 Sept 1934, Clay County, WV, died at birth.

    9.) Doris Jane, b. Sept 1935, Clay County, WV, married Charles N. Blankenship.

    10.) Pauline, b 26 Apr 1937, Clay County, WV, married Virgil Eagle.

    11.) Paul, b. 29 Mar 1939, Clay County, WV, d. 1 May 1962, married Shirley Leadbetter.

    12.) Shirley died three months old.

    13.) Mary Jane, b. 18 June 1942 Clay County, WV, married James Blankenship

    (III) Lizzie married Romie Butler and Charles Tanner. Lizzie buried at Orma, WV.

    1.) Garnet White, adopted.

    (IV) Josie married Howard Sampson.

    1.) Roscoe Dallas, b. 25 Dec 1926 Calhoun County, WV.

    2.) Edith

    (V) Verbal married Boyd Duncan, Hollie Nicholas and Glenn McKown. Verbal buried Wayne Cemetery, Calhoun County, WV.

    MARY C.


    William and Mary (Wayne) Greathouse


    Mary (Wayne) Greathouse

    HUSBANDWilliam Greathouse
    Birth23 Mar 1875
    Death14 Oct 1941, Racine, OH
    BurialGreat Bend, Meigs County, OH
    Marriage4 Jan 1900, Calhoun County, WV
    FatherGrandville Greathouse
    Mother(Sarah) Catherine Parsons
    Other wives 
    WIFEMary C. Wayne
    Birth24 July 1883, Calhoun County, WV
    Death11 Jan 1948, Racine, OH
    BurialGreat Bend, Meigs County, OH
    FatherJacob Wayne
    MotherNancy Barnhouse
    Other husbands 

    Albert Evert3 Sept 1900, Calhoun County, WV17 Sept 1958, Hocking, OH24 Apr 1920, Muriel Clouston
    Granville Lee6 Jan 1902, Calhoun County, WV4 May 1967, Beaver County, PA23 Aug 1923, Helen Funkhouser
    Edna Bell17 Apr 1904, Meigs County, OHMar 1967, Reedsville, OHMarion Hall

    Sources for the information on this Family Record:

  • Margaret Barnhart

    The Grandchildren of
    William and Mary (Wayne) Greathouse

    (I) Albert married Murial Clouston, b. 25 May 1903 Nelsonville, Athens County, OH, daughter of John and Grace (Smith) Clouston.

    1.) Kathleen Audery, b. 24 Aug 1921, Hocking County, OH, married (1) Clarence Powell, (2) 5 Dec 1941, Walter Swain.

    2.) Margaret Bell, b. 5 Mar 1924 Beaver County, PA, married Jess Barnhart 12 June 1941.

    3.) William Anthony, b. 23 Mar 1925, Beaver County, PA, unmarried, d. 13 Sept 1947.

    4.) Betty Jane, b. 14 June 1928, Beaver County,PA, married Robert LaFollette 8 April 1946.

    5.) Sarah Juanita, b. 25 Mar 1932, Meigs County, OH, married 28 June 1950, Paul Sizemore, d. 7 Aug 1978.

    6.) Winona Grace, b. 21 Dec 1938 Meigs County, OH, married (1) 5 June 1955, Paul Riser, (2) Samuel Duncan.

    (II) Granville married Helen Funkhouser, b. 23 Aug 1902, daughter of Samuel and Ann (Kennce) Fankhouser.

    1.) Robert Lee, b. 7 Dec 1924 Beaver County, PA, married Esther Barns 6 June 1946.

    2.) Harold Richard, b. 20 Nov 1925 Beaver County, PA, married Elizabeth Hoyt 23 Oct 1948.

    3.) Kenneth Wayne, b. 26 Dec 1926 Beaver County, PA, d. 4 April 1936.

    4.) Harvey Jane, b. 31 Jan 1930 Beaver County, PA, married Shirley Craft 19 Sept 1954.

    5.) Granville, b. 25 Aug 1928 Beaver County, PA, married Marilyn Grocott 5 Jan 1952.

    (III) Edna married Marion Hall, son of Edward and Anna (Mitchell) Hall.

    1.) Irene married (1) Teed, (2) Walker.

    2.) Charles married Ruth.

    3.) George married Betty Ours.

    4.) Randolph (adopted)