1st Ohio Light Artillery

Submitted by Marilyn (Davis) Craft

     There were apparently two John Davises, of about the same age, living in Calhoun County after the Civil War. This information about one of them may help to set the record straight.
     John Davis, born Feb 1845 in Pleasants County, was the son of Lewis T. & Sarah ) Davis. He served in Battery K., 1st Ohio Light Artillery throughout the war. None of his papers indicate that he ever served with any other unit.
     His unit was stationed in Alabama at the close of the war and was transferred back to Ohio for discharge. He was honorably discharged and drew a pension until his death, 14 Apr 1909. His wife, Rhuie, drew a widow's pension until her death in 1934.

1890 Special Census, Calhoun County, W.Va.

Sheridan District:
DAVIS, John, Illegible. Enlisted 1861; discharged 1864. Address: Big Bend, WV.

Washington District:
DAVIS, John, Private, Company "H", 17(?) Ohio Infantry. Enlisted 1862; discharged 1865. Address: Rilla, WV. Disability Incurred: Not known. Remarks: He was not at home.


Declaration for Invalid Pension
"Act of June 27, 1890"
29 May 1891
An affidavit to correct an error in a previous pension application.
That he was in battery K, not battery B of 1st Ohio Lt. Arty.
Witnessed by S. A. Pell and B. S. Whirns ( ?); Notarized by G.(or C.) J. Wetzel (?)

11 July 1895
Affidavit of Hiram Campbell & Henry Bennington, as to poor physical condition of John Davis.
Notarized by John Pell (?)

28 Feb 1898
Bureau of Pensions questionaire
Wifes maiden name - Zeruiah McGloflin (McGlothlin)
Married 15 Jan 1868 by Preacher Warston (?)
Marriage recorded in Wirt Co., W.Va.
Children: Sarah Larefa b. 11 Feb 1869; Bradford b. 8 Jul 1877; Minnie Blanche b. 28 Jul 1887; Alonzo b. 27 Aug 1891

Witnesses: J. Pell and H. Sayre

22 Mar 1899
Notification of Disallowance
Sir, Your claim for pay and bounty as private of Batty. K 1" Ohio L. Arty
"You were enrolled for 3 years Sept.1, 1861, re-enlisted Jan 20, 1864 and was discharged July 18,1865."

19 July 1890
Declaration for Invalid Pension
"John Davis, who was enrolled Aug 1861 in Battery K.,1st. Ohio Artillery. Private. And enlisted as a veteran in 1864 in the War of the Rebellion, and served at least ninety days, and was Honorably Discharged at Camp Dennison, Ohio July 1865."

H. H. Hopkins, Deputy Clerk of the Circuit Court
Witnesses: W.H. Armstrong and S. N. Robey (?)

8 Sep 1892 and 31 Oct 1896
Two Declarations for Invalid Pension with same information as above with two minor exceptions; full dates of enrollment and discharge - 20 Aug 1861 - 20 July 1865.

27 Nov 1900
Notice of Issue
Dept. of the Interior, Bureau of Pensions
"Herewith is transmitted a certificate, No.971,862, issued this day in your favor".

18 May 1909
Drop Order and Report
Dept. of the Interior, Bureau of Pensions
Pensioner John Davis, cert.# 971,862, Invalid Class, K 1 Ohio L. Art.
U.S.Pension Agent
Sir: You are hereby directed to drop from the roll the name of the above described pensioner who died Apr.14, 1909

Signed - V. Warner, Commissioner

27 May 1909
Declaration for Widow's Pension

"That she is the widow of John Davis, who was enrolled under the name of John Davis,as a private in Battery K, 1st Regiment Ohio Volunteer Light Artillery. That she was married under the name of Rhuie McGlauchlin to said soldier at Burning Springs on the 15th day of Jan 1868 by Rev.Wasson".

Attest: Martha E.Maze and Sarah Maze
Witnesses: J. A. Maze and H. J. Maze
Notary: S.G. Rogers

( Note: Sarah was d/o John & Rhuie, J. A. Maze was Sarah's husband Joseph A. Maze & Martha was their daughter. ID of H. J. Maze not known.)

17 July 1909
Affidavit of Charles W.Corbitt and Bradford D.Corbitt

They were present at the marriage of the late John Davis and Rhiue McGlaughlin. Had been acquainted with said Davis for two years before the marriage and that to their knowledge he had never been married before. They had known Mrs. Rhuie Davis all her life and that she had never been married before, that she had not married since the death of Davis, and they had lived together from time of marriage until his death.

Witness: Marcellus Clark
Notary: Hunter F. Pell

(Note: Bradford D.Corbitt was married to Rhuie's sister Lydia Jane. ID of Charles not known.)

21 July 1909
Certified copy of marriage license and minister's return

10 Aug 1909
Affidavit of Rhuie Davis

That her maiden name was Zeruie McGlaughlin and having been given (for short) the name of Rhuie have always signed papers in this way and that she was the lawful wife of the late John Davis.

Witnesses: J. A. Maze and Sarah Maze
Notary: S. G. Rogers

24 Aug 1909
Bureau of Pensions, No.687,679

It is hereby certified that in conformity with the laws of the United States Rhuie Davis, widow of John Davis, who was a Private Battery K,1st. Regiment Ohio Vol. Lgt. Arty., is entitled to a pension at the rate of twelve dollars per month, to commence on the 17th day of June 1909 and to continue during her widowhood.

Signed by Vincent Pierce (?) ,Secretary of Interior
(Note: Obviously her use of the nickname caused some problems with her application but once that was cleared up the pension was approved.)


John Davis was b. Feb 1845, Pleasants County, WV, the s/o Lewis T. & Sarah (unk) Davis. Lewis T. was b.1815, Pendleton County, WV, the s/o Thomas & Priscilla (Pennington) Davis. Thomas & Priscilla married 19 Jan 1792 in Pendleton County. Thomas may have been the s/o Thomas & Nancy (Baker) Davis. Priscilla was d/o Richard & Eleanor (Pritchard) Pennington.

Rhuie McGlothlin was b. 3 Sep 1850, Wirt County, WV; d. 4 Nov 1934, Calhoun County, WV. She was the d/o David & Susan P. (Boggs) McGlothlin. David was b. c.1816, Washington County, PA; d. unk, s/o Thomas & Hannah (Hawkins) McGlothlin. Susan, b. Apr 1821, Greenbrier County, WV; d. 28 Jul 1891, Wirt or Roane County, WV. She was d/o James R. & Harriet (Walkup) Boggs.

John and Rhuie are buried in the Maze Cemetery, Calhoun County, along with both daughters, one son, one son-in-law, and several other descendants.

Note: Marilyn Davis Craft is a descendant of John & Rhuie Davis' son, Alonzo, who married Minnie Gay Shimer.