JAMES TANNER - Civil War (Navy) Pension Abstract.


Submitted by Kathy Petras.


August 21, 1880 From the Navy Department, Bureau of Medicine and Surgery -

Ouachita journal shows admitted September 18, 1864. "Febris Intermittent" origin not stated.

Discharged October 14, 1864.

Admitted November 8, 1864. Diarrhea. Origin not stated.

Discharged November 13, 1864.

Admitted April 25, 1865. Parotitis. Origin not stated.

Discharged May 8, 1865


June 1, 1888 (from the Treasury Department)

Enlisted as a Landsman July 26, 1864 and served on the Grampus from that date to July 31, 1864

Served on the Great Western from August 1 to August 6, 1864

Served on the Ouachita from August 7 1864 to July 18, 1865

Served on the Peosta from July 19 to August 3, 1865


July 21, 1890 lived in Delphi, Nicholas County, W. Va. (aged 44)

That after discharge on August 3, 1865 he lived in Jeffersonville and New Albany, Indiana, Louisville Kentucky, Shenandoah Valley, Virginia, Jackson County, W.Va., Athens Co, Ohio, Meigs County, Ohio, Portsmouth, Ohio,

Lexington Kentucky and worked on steamboats when health permitted till marriage in 1874. Since then lived in Meigs County, Ohio 1 years, Minora Calhoun Co. W.Va. 3 years Roane Co. 9 mon. Braxton 2-6 mon., Boughmans, Webster Co. W.Va. 2 years, Lanes Bottoms, W.Va. 4 mon., Welch Glades 1 years and since then at Beaver Mills and Delphi Nicholas Co. W. Va. Worked as day laborer, boat hand and farmer. Disability claimed for disease of breast and liver and kidney from exposure during service in the Navy


August 18, 1890 resided at Delphi, Nicholas County, W.Va. (age 44)

Served on gunboat "Osheto"

Suffered from breast, liver and kidney disease


October 21, 1890 Affidavit of John E. Jones, resident of Welch Glades, Webster County, W.Va.

"This certifies that I am acquainted with James Tanner. And have been for some ten years I suppose and during said time he has lived a neighbor to me. And I have seen him various kinds of labor. And have observed him riding on horseback. And Sitting. And walking and have heard him complain of his breast and he represents to me a man that was afflicted in the breast and also a trouble in the back. Given under my hand this 20th day of October, 1890


December 17, 1890 Affidavit of John W. Lowers, age 52 of Minora, Calhoun County, W.Va.

"By being reasonably acquainted with the said James Tanner from childhood as we were raised on the same farm together. I have worked with the said James Tanner before and since the war. Before he went into the service he was a sound and able bodied man to all aperinces. I never heard him complain of his breast or back. But since he came out of the service, I have often heard him complain of his breast and back. I have known him to be layed up from one (1) to as high as four (4) weeks that he could not do any thing at all and when he could work he could not do more than a fourth or a third 1/3 of a man's labor in my judgement. This affidavit covers up to 1886 since that time up to now I have noticed that he has failed a great deal and is beant over a great deal more than he was then and his breast seams to be sunck in more that it was."


June 4, 1898 lived at Patrick W. Va.

Married Evaline Lowers May 20, 1873 by Rev. Williams of M.E. Church in Jackson County, W.Va.


Laurane Tanner born April 10, 1886

Wm. Harrison Tanner born July 30, 1888

Elizabeth J. Tanner born March 9, 1891

George B. Tanner born April 26, 1893

Ida Tanner born May 12, 1893


July 29, 1904 lived at Fry, Kanawha County, West Virginia

Birth given as Oct 12, 1841 at Calhoun County, W. Va.

Enlisted July 26, 1864 at Cincinnati, Ohio

Discharged August 5, 1865 at Cairo Illinois

5 feet 6 inches, 130 pounds, gray eyes, light complexion, scar on outside of left foot

October 31, 1907


Enlisted July 26, 1864 at Cincinnati for 3 years as a landsman

Born Virginia

18 years old at time of enlistment

Occupation farmer

No previous naval experience


December 4, 1907 lived at Fry, Kanawha County, W. Va. (age 62)

Served in the Navy during the Civil War as a common seaman on the steamers "Oshito" and "Peosta"

Born September 12, 1853 in Calhoun County, Va.

After service lived in Meigs Co., Ohio, Floyd Co., Indiana, Meigs County, Ohio, in W. Va for the last 30 years.

Occupation farmer

Sworn to by D.M. Blumburg, resident of Charleston, W.Va. and acquaintance of 13 years and by E.R. Rust, resident of Charleston, W.Va. and acquaintance of 11 years.

May 9, 1911 resided at 1216 Garfield, Parkersburg, W.Va.

Served as a Lds. on U.S.S Grampus, Great Western and Ouachita


June 4, 1912 resided at Charleston, Kanawha County, W.Va. (age 73)

Served as LDSM on Steamer U.S. Peasto

Born October 12, 1839 at Calhoun County W.Va.

Lived principally in Kanawha County since the close of the War Occupation farmer


March 2, 1926 resided in Grove City, Ohio

Since leaving the service has lived in Delphi W. Va. Charleston, W. Va., Columbus, Ohio, Grove City, Ohio

Occupation has been farmer

Needs regular aid and attendance sine November 15, 1925 and suffers from dizzie spells and falls when not supported.


Died June 21, 1932 in Charleston, Kanawha County, W. Va.

Aged about 89


Informant for Death Certificate, Louise Tanner of 2343 Hiwatha Ave. Columbus, Ohio

Father Samuel Tanner, Mother Bertha Helmic

Died of Hypertrophy of the Heart

Interred at Spring Hill Cemetery June 22, 1932

P.A. Simpson of Charleston, W.Va. undertaker Dr. F. S. Casto in attendance


June 21, 1932 Affidavit Supporting Burial Claim filed by Louise Tanner, daughter.

His legal residence was Charleston, W.Va.

Died June 21, 1932 Charleston, W.Va.

Buried June 22, 1932 Charleston, W.Va.

Buried Spring Hill Cemetery


No money

No money collectible

No personal property

No real property

No debt

No burial benefits paid by state, county, beneficial society, lodge, union, fraternal organization or national home for disabled soldiers.