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Descendants of Oscar Kelley

Generation One

1Oscar1 Kelley was born in 1835.1 He married Nancy Sturm.2,3 He died in 1924.4

Children of Oscar1 Kelley and Nancy Sturm were as follows:

5. v. Garrett C., born 1880 at Calhoun, WV; married Annie Freed.

Generation Two

2Worth2 Kelley (Oscar1) was born in 1856.10 He married Helen Stemple, daughter of A. Jackson Stemple and Margaret (--?--), on 22 Nov 1876 at Calhoun, WV.11,12 He died in 1937.13

Children of Worth2 Kelley and Helen Stemple all born at Calhoun, WV, were as follows:

3Alpheus B.2 Kelley (Oscar1) was born on 3 Jun 1857 at Calhoun, VA.26,27 He married Nancy C. Digman, daughter of Samuel Digman, on 22 Feb 1877 at Calhoun, WV.28 He married Henrietta Goodnight, daughter of W.R. Goodnight and Joanna (--?--), on 24 Jan 1884 at Calhoun, WV.29 He died on 25 Feb 1910 at Calhoun, WV, at age 52.30,31

There were no children of Alpheus B.2 Kelley and Nancy C. Digman.

Children of Alpheus B.2 Kelley and Henrietta Goodnight were as follows:

4Lilly May2 Kelley (Oscar1) was born on 18 Apr 1867 at Calhoun, WV.41,42 She married John Woodford, son of Robinson Woodford and Mary (--?--), on 13 Sep 1883 at Calhoun, WV.43 She died on 4 Jan 1894 at Calhoun, WV, at age 26.44,45

Children of Lilly May2 Kelley and John Woodford were as follows:

5Garrett C.2 Kelley (Oscar1) was born in 1880 at Calhoun, WV.46,47 He married Annie Freed on 17 Feb 1903 at Calhoun, WV.48 He died on 21 Mar 1960 at Calhoun, WV.49,50

Children of Garrett C.2 Kelley and Annie Freed were:

Generation Three

6Lyman3 Kelley (Worth2, Oscar1) was born circa 1880 at Calhoun, WV.53 He married Maud Harshman, daughter of Oscar S. Harshman, on 17 Jul 1904 at Calhoun, WV.54

Children of Lyman3 Kelley and Maud Harshman were as follows:

7Rose G.3 Woodford (Lilly2Kelley, Oscar1) was born on 10 Apr 1885 at Calhoun, WV.55 She married Samuel Clyde Kelley, son of Abe Kelley.56,57 She died on 3 Oct 1952 at age 67.58

Children of Rose G.3 Woodford and Samuel Clyde Kelley were as follows:

Generation Four

8Kinder4 Kelley (Lyman3, Worth2, Oscar1) was born circa 1907 at Calhoun, WV.59 He married Bertha Conley, daughter of J.L. Conley and Mary S. (--?--), on 25 Jan 1925 at Calhoun, WV.60 He died on 17 Jun 1980.61

He was also known as Oscar Kinder Kelley.62

Children of Kinder4 Kelley and Bertha Conley were as follows:

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