Stump Farm Timbering, circa 1898


Aunt Georgie Stump tells me that the farm was timbered and the logs were saved into lumber for the home place, which makes me think that this picture is of the logging operation. - The date is selected because that is the year Irene was born and two years after French and Cora were married, March 1, 1896. Paul Hardman related in his account: "Several years later, French bought land above Grantsville, opposite Bull River, erected a nice home...." There is no documentation with this original picture. I see no reason for us to have this picture, other than that the lady is my grandmother, Cora Stump. - I know that my mother, Irene, had a yoke of oxen and was, as a young lady, involved in running the farm. The oxen are definitely in yoke and the double team of horses are hitched for logging. - I am guessing that the Kanawha River is behind the camera man and the logs are in the bottom above the bank, ready to be pushed into the river for transport. - Notice the standard rig in the background; this could be the well that was located on the hill, slightly above the barn.