Cora Haverty Stump


Top Row:

  • Cora Stump, abt. 1892 - This old tintype image may have been taken when Cora was about 18.

  • Cora Stump, abt 1896 - Cora Stump was married March 1, 1896. This picture may have been taken at that time.

  • Cora Stump, abt. 1935 - Feeding the calves in the front yard of her home.

    Bottom Row:

  • Cora Stump, abt. 1929 - Lucy Haverty [guess], sister of Cora; Cora Stump; Harry Stump; unknown kneeling with dog.

  • Cora Stump, June 1954 - Sitting in the old Willow Branch rocker, a favorite of the family, in the living room of her home. She is holding a present.