Cora Stump, Misc.


Top Row:

  • Cora Stump, left, abt. 1930. Picture taken at the side yard of her home, along the Little Kanawha River, above Grantsville, Calhoun County. The girl on the right is not identified.

  • 1928 - Spring at Grandma's house. Lucy Haverty, Sarah Greathouse, Kenneth Yost, Cora Stump, Maurice Yost, Irene Yost, and Harry Stump


  • About 1924 - Irene, Cora and Harry, et al. Taken at the Stump home, up the Little Kanawha River, about one mile from Grantsville, WV.

    On the ground, left to right: Alice Greathouse, Irene Stump, Leota Dobbins
    Standing: Willie Greathouse, Cora Stump, Fannie Law & Harry Stump.

    The picture also shows the waterwell and bailer in the background. This was before the back porch and the wash house were closed in.

    Bottom Row:

  • Cora Stump at home, 1963, leaning against the house on the west side.

  • The sisters, Cora Haverty Stump & Sarah Haverty Greathouse, at the Stump home.

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