Will Book I, page 46

Submitted by Linda Fluharty.

     I Jacob Klipstine of Sheridan Township Calhoun County West Virginia do make this my last will & testimony to wit

1st I hereby give & bequeath to my Beloved wife Mary E. Klipstine after paying all my just debts & funeral expence all my right title & interest that I now have to collect all Debts due me both legal & equatable & the same to be her own so long as she remanes my widow & I also bequeath all my personel property to have & engine as own own during her widowhood & at her death to be as follows the farm wher I now live to be divided between my three boys first to William J. Klipstine a lot of my hom farm Beginning at a rock in the Creek runing up the creek to cros line thence west with all the lines to the begining      2d James J. Klipstine a lot of the home farm commencing at the same rock running up the creek est with that line to a hickry corner then south crosing said creek to the south line then down said line to the Beginning      3d Sanford L. Klipstine a lot of my hom farm commencing at the south corner running up the creek to the upper line then crosing the creek to the outside line then down the creek to wher the line croses said creek from the hickory then to the Beginning each lot to contain fifty acres more or les the above named boys to pay to the Daughters of the said Jacob Klipstine Mary S. Klipstine and Adina E. Klipstine when tha marre a good cow to each of the girls.      In testimony whereof I have hereunto signed my name and affixed my seal pressence pf this 14th day of January 1868.

J. Klipstine (Seal)

Elizabeth Ferrel
F. F. Ferrel

At a county held for the county of Calhoun at the Courthouse thereof on Tuesday the 24 day of February 1879.
     A paper writing purporting to be the last will and testiment of Jacob Klipstine deceased, was, this day, produced in open court for probate by the heirs of the deceased through Robert G. Linn their attorney, and thereupon the said will was proved by the oaths of Elizabeth Ferrel and F. F. Ferrel the subscribing witnesses thereto, and ordered to be recorded according to law.

A copy teste George W. Silcott, Clerk