Will Book I, page 36

Submitted by Linda Fluharty.

     I Micah Louzader being in delicate health but of sound mind do make this my last will and testament;

     I will and bequeath to my two sons Granville Marcellis Louzader & James Welling Louzader all of the tract of land on which I now live reserving to my wife Martha a one third interest during her lifetime, this being in consideration of services rendered to me during my long illness. I further will that all my personal property be disposed of and after first paying all my jsut debts the resiue to be disposed of as follows (viz) one dollar to each of my children Pery(?) Louzader, Edgar Louzader, Emily M. Campbell, Christena (illegible) Campbell, Phebe Thomas, William H. Louzader, John W. Louzader, Thomas (middle initial illegible) Louzader, Anetta Drummond and the remainder to my two sons Granville Marsellis Louzader and James Welling Louzader and Martha my wife equally and if the said Granville Marsellis Louzader, James Welling Louzader and Martha my wife can settle all my debts and pay to each of my other children the sum of one dollar as heretofore mentioned then it is my will that they shall keep the said personal property on the farm, and that Samuel Munroe Ward have all my shop tools. Witness my hand and seal this 19th day of July 1871.

Micah Luzader (Seal)

George Lynch
Joseph K. Lynch
Thomas (X his mark) Heater

     N. B. The sheep on the farm is the property of my wife Martha as she payed for them herself and she is to have them in her own rite.

Micah (X his mark) Luzader
March the 16th 1872

     In the County Court of Calhoun County October 25(?) 1872(?)
The last will and testament of Micah Luzader, who had a known place of residence in the county of Calhoun wherein he died, was this day produced in open court and George Lynch and Joseph K. Lynch, two of the subscribing witnesses thereto being sworn states that the testator signed the said will in their presence and at his request they the said George Lynch and Joseph K. Lynch in his presence & in the presence of each other signed their names thereto as witnesses and further that the said Micah Luzader at the time of the execution of said will was to the best of their knowledge of sound mind and memory. It is further ordered that said will be probated in due form.

A copy Teste: Alfred Stump, Clerk