Will Book I, page 37

Submitted by Linda Fluharty.

Beech Fork December 4" 1873
William May's Last will and testament.
In the name of God Amen.
     First, I William bequeath my soal to god who gave it      second that my Just debts and funeral expenses be paid if any

Third that my Wife Mary Ann May and my Deef boy James B. May remain on my place and has usable possession of the farm all the house hold and kitchen furniture with the Farming tools and personable property whatever. Their natural life      Son Randolph L. May is to youse the property and tools on the farm for the support of my wife Mary Ann May and Deef boy James B. May.      Fourth John R. Mays heirs(?) to have Five Dollars

Fifth that Robert S. Mays heirs(?) is to have Five Dollars.      Six that Hannah(?) E. May is to have Five Dollars.      Seventh that William J. May is to have Five Dollars      eighth that George B. May is to have five Dollars      Ninth that Randolph L. May is to have Five Dollars and all the estate of William May except the household and kitchen furniture sd and sheep the widow is to dispose of it as she pleases at his (a word can't read) At the Death of Mary Ann May and sd Deef boy James B. May death and it is to be expressly understood that Randolph S. May out of his land notes is to pay every one of rest of the heirs five Dollars and the rest of the note to the widow      Tenth that Boid W May is to have five Dollars      Eleven that Mary Ann May is to have five Dollars     Twelfth that James B. May is to have five Dollars

Wm Mays last Will and testimony this December 4 - 1873

Signed and sealed in presence of the subscribing Witnesses

William May (Seal)

John H. Hunt
William (X his mark) Truman

State of West Virginia
     In the County Court of Calhoun County February Term 1874 the last Will and testament of William May who had a known place of reside in the County of Calhoun wherein he died was this day produced in open court and John H. Hunt and William Truman two of the subscribing witnesses thereto being Sworn States that the testator signed the said Will in their presence and at his request they the said John H. Hunt and William Truman in his presence and in the presence of each other signed their Names as Witnesses and further that the Said William May at the time of the execution of said will was to the best of their knowlegde of Sound Mind and Memory. It is therefore ordered that said Will be probated in due form

A copy Teste: Alfred Stump, Clerk.