Will Book II, page 12

Submitted by Linda Fluharty.

     I, Mary C. Jones hereby make this my last will in the name of God Amen.

     I hereby bequeath all my real estate to my husband, James E. Jones, to be used and controlled as he may see fit during his natural life and at his death the said property of which I may die seized shall go to my son, Theophiles Jones, which real estate consists of a tract of one hundred and nineteen acres of land on Annamoriah creek, and known as the home farm of Jas. E. Jones.

     It is further provided in this will that my son, Theophilis Jones, pay to my son Frank Jones the sum of Fifty Dollars to be paid at my death, the said reservation made in the deed from Jas. E. Jones to Mary C. Jones relating to the oil, gas and mineral privileges as shown in the deed dated April 2nd, 1903, shall fall to the said Theophiles Jones at the death of said Jas. E. Jones. As to my personal estate at the death of my husband Jas. E. Jones, I bequeath to my grand daughter, Ethel Jones, all my bedclothing, which shall be turned over to my son Frank Jones, to be kept for the said Ethel Jones, untill she shall marry or attains the age of twenty one years. The residue of my personal property to be divided equally between my sons Frank Jones and Theophiles Jones, witness my hand this July 31, 1906.

M. C. Jones

Witness to signature,
G. W. McKeldowney,
J. P. Knight

West Virginia, to-wit:
In vacation of the County Court of Calhoun County, in the Clerks office of said Court, at the Court House thereof on January 31, 1907, A paper writing, bearing date the 31st. day of July 1906, purporting to be the last will and testament of Mary C. Jones, deceased, who had a known place of residence in said County, wherein she died, was this day presented for probate, to the undersigned Clerk of said Court, in vacation of said Court, and thereupon came G. W. McKeldowney and J. P. Knight, the subscribing witnesses to the said paper writing, and who after being duly sworn, proved at the time of the execution of said will, the said Mary C. Jones, was of sound mind and disposing memory, and over the age of 21 years, that she signed the said will in their presence and published and declared the same as and for her last will and testament, and that they at the time at her request and in her presence and in the presence of each other, subscribed their names to the said will as witnesses, Whereupon the said will is hereby duly admitted to probate, as the true last will and testament of the said Mary C. Jones, deceased.

Teste: S. W. McClung, Clerk

A Copy Teste: S. W. McClung, Clerk