Prosperity Baptist Church was built in the 1890's and is located on Leading Creek Road off Route 16 about half way between Big Springs and Smithville. Leading Creek Road intersects Rt. 16 at the base of Fluharty Hill. Some of the charter members of the church included W. S. Fluharty, Secretas Fluharty, Artemecia Fluharty, Armetha Fluharty, Armina Fluharty, Margaret Fluharty, Robert Means, Sarah Saunders, E. W. Snider, H. D. Lough, A. Snider, Cal Fox, Sarah Means, Sarah Lough, Pierce Lough, George Nelson, Elmira Snider, G. W. Saunders and Belle Robinson.

The first Sabbath services were held on 31 Mar 1889. No one knows for certain how the church got it's name but it has been called Prosperity from the beginning. The church building was completed on or about July 1892 with the bell tower being added in 1916. The original location of the church sat within 10 feet of Leading Creek Road so in 1950 it was decided to move the church building. The church was turned 180 degrees and moved 100 feet to where it stands today.

Submitted by Larry Heffner.