Will Book II, page 3

Submitted by Linda Fluharty.

     I, Martha Scott, of Grantsville, Calhoun County, West Virginia, make this my last will.

I give, devise and bequeath my estate and property, real and personal, as follows.

Unto my only three surviving children, Mrs. Sarah M. Scott Ball, now the wife of A. J. Ball, Mrs. Ida M. Scott McCoy, now the wife of Everet McCoy, and my son Charles T. Scott respectively each an equal one third part. My property which I propose to dispose of by this will conists of an estate of inheritance composed of both personal and real estate which I inherited from my father, Peter Tenant and my mother, Margaret Ann Tenant, and the real estate part thereof is for the most part situate in and about the vicinity of Duncard Creek, in Monongalia County, West Virginia, and the personal estate part thereof, as I am informed and believe has been appraised and is now in the hands of John Tenant and P. A. Eddy for administration.

I appoint P. A. Eddy and Charles T. Scott executors of this my will, said P. A. Eddy resides at Grantsville, in Calhoun County, West Virginia. In witness thereof, I have signed and sealed this instrument and published and declared the same as and for my last will, at Grantsville, Calhoun County, West Virginia.

Martha Scott, (seal)

The said Martha Scott at said Grantsville, Calhoun County, West Virginia, on said 13th day of February, 1905, signed and sealed this instrument and published and declared the same as and for her last will. And we at her request and in her presence and int he presence of each other have hereunto written our names as subscribing witnesses. Witnesses
S. C. Barr
C. L. Chenoweth

     In vacation of the county court of Calhoun County, in the clerk's office of said court, at the court house thereof, on Monday, Sept. 25th 1905.
     A paper writing, bearing the date the 13th day of Feby., 1905, purporting to be the last will and testament of Martha Scott, deceased, who had a known place of residence in said County, wherein she died, was this day presented for probate to the undersigned Clerk of said court, in vacation of said court, by Bruce Ferrell, whose custody the said will was left by the said decedent, and thereupon came S. C. Barr and C. L. Chenoweth, the subscribing witnesses to the said paper writing, and who after being duly sworn, proved at the time of the execution of said will, the said Martha Scott was of sound mind and disposing memory, and over the age of 21 years, that she signed the said will in their presence and published and declared the same as and for her last will and testament, and that they at the same time at her request and in her presence, and in the presence of each other, subscribed their names to the said will as witnesses. Whereupon the said will is hereby duly admitted to probate, as the true last will and testament of the said Martha Scott, deceased.

Teste: S. W. McClung, Clerk

A COPY Teste: S. W. McClung Clerk