Elijah Siers
c 1840, Virginia
BurialSiers Cemetery, Minnora, Calhoun Co., WV
FatherJohn Siers
MotherRuth Meadows
Other wives 
Missoura (Missouri) Arnold
Birthc. 1841
BurialSiers Cemetery, Minnora, Calhoun Co., WV
FatherJames W. Arnold
MotherAnna Nichols
Other husbandsThomas Jarvis; died in Civil War
John Allen28 Aug 1866, Calhoun County, WV6 Oct 1963, Parkersburg, WV(1) Sabina Ester Kyer, 20 Feb 1890
(2) 7 Nov 1909, Mary J. Schoolcraft
Sarah A.c. 1868  
Peter M.June 1870 9/10/1892, Flora B. Jarvis
Amy C.July 1872 3 Dec 1892, Perry Green Jarvis
George P.c. 1875  
Sophronia E.Sep 1879  

Sources for the information on this Family Record:
Don Norman's West Virginia Family Histories
William D. Porter

Back row: Peter, John, Ocie or Sarah, Albert, Amy, Charles and George. All are children of Elijah and Missouri Siers.

In the front row is Flora, the wife of Peter. Next, Ned Parsons and Eliza Jarvis Parsons. (Would like more information on them!)

Elijah and Missouri Arnold Siers are the last two in the front row.

Peter and Flora, Ocie and Sarah, and Elijah and Missouri are all buried in the Siers Cemetery at Sears Run in Minnora on the old Peter Siers Farm. It is 1 1/2 miles out Sears Run on a hill behind a new log house.

Sitting: Cassie Kyer (Sabina's mother), Wilbert Siers on her lap (John Allen's & Sabina's son); John Allen Siers; Sabina Esther Kyer Siers (John Allen's wife), Holly Siers (John Allen and Sabina's son) on her lap.
Standing: Thurman, Nora, Preston, and Emery, (all children of John Allen and Sabina).

Some children of John Allen Siers: Holly, Wilbert, Ezra Lee & Nora.

John Allen Siers with granddaughter, Esther and grandson, Richard.

Holly and Gladys Mildred Bridges Siers.


Emery Siers
Holly Siers
Ocie Siers
Preston & Thurman Siers
Preston Siers
Thurman Siers



Calhoun County Lines & Links-March 1979, Pages 19-20,
Grantsville, WV Library.

Mr. Elijah M. Siers was born in Monroe County, Virginia, (now WV) a son of John and Rutha Siers, on March 25, 1841. In 1847 the family moved to Braxton County on the headwaters of the Left Hand Ford of the West Fork, where Mr. Siers spent his boyhood and early young manhood. On November 2, 1862 he joined the Confederate army and under the leadership of Capt. Absalom Knotts, a powerful leader in that day and age, served with honor as corporal in Company E., 14th Virginia Calvary, of Gen. Albert Jenkins’ Brigade. Mr. Siers was captured by the northern enemy, and sentenced to Camp Chase for thirteen months, being released at the close of the war.

During the war, Siers saw action at Brandy Station, Droop Mountain and other important engagements, but added his comment: “I was lucky. And if I ever hit one of the enemy I never knew it,” even on the occasion of having to drag his wounded friend, Thomas Butler, from the field of battle while bullets rained on every side.

After his release from Camp Chase, Mr. Siers returned home on April 7, 1865. Shortly after he married Missouri Arnold, a daughter of one of the prominent pioneer families of Calhoun County. To this union were born nine children, seven of whom survive as follows: George P. Siers, Peter M. Siers, John A. Siers, ----------________, and Charley Siers, all of Washington district, Albert Siers of Wirt County; Mrs. Amy Radabough of Wirt County; and Mrs. Saphronia Bailey of Beech.

Elijah and Missouri Siers had been long term residents of Minnora, WV, where they enjoyed gardening, keeping house, and community living for at least 60 years of their marriage. Both were well known for their hospitable home, and strong interest in community affairs. Both having lived for past the 85 year mark, have enjoyed raising a fine family, and have given the impression of having been contented and happy with the long life and memories of the many years past.

Editor’s Note: The reason some of the tenses are mixed up in this is my fault, being unsure how old this information about Mr. And Mrs. Elijah Siers really is. We are delighted to have received this information on one of Absalom Knotts’ company men during the Civil war, and the Siers family is as much a prominent family in the county as the Arnolds.

Submitted by William D. Porter. His wife's line is: Elijah -> John Allen ->Holly Siers ->Betty Siers Porter.