Submitted by Kenneth C. Yost


Maurice & Irene (Stump) Yost
Parents of Kenneth C. Yost

     Kenneth C. Yost resided in Clarksburg, W. Va. until he retired from CNG Transmission Corporation, formerly Hope Gas Company. He moved to New Mexico about 10 years ago and has been working on the family history.

     Ken's Stump ancestry:

  • Kenneth C. Yost, son of Irene Stump & Maurice Yost
    b. 12/8/1927

  • Irene Stump, dau. of French & Cora (Haverty) Stump
    b. 11/19/1897; d. 6/7/1982
    m. 11/7/1925, Maurice Yost, son of Harvey & Lulu (Taylor) Yost
    b. 8 Dec 1900; d. 20 Oct 1986

  • French Stump, son of Alfred & Lucetta (Robinson) Stump
    b. 10/31/1869; d. 3/26/1923
    m. 3/1/1895, Cora Haverty, dau. of William & Samantha (Bell) Haverty
    b. 8/10/1874; d. 11/10/1956

  • Alfred Stump, son of Michael IV & Elizabeth (Bush) Stump
    b. 2/14/1833; d. 2/19/1905
    m. 1853, Lucetta Robinson, dau. of William & Katherine (Weaver) Robinson
    b. c 1833; d. 9/29/1896

  • Michael Stump IV, son of Michael III & Magdalene (Richards) Stump
    b. 5/4/1787; d. 3/17/1883
    m. 2/6/1810, Elizabeth Bush, dau. of Jacob (Rev. War) & Margaret (Swan) Bush

  • Michael Stump III, son of Michael II and Sarah (Hughes) Stump
    b. 2/4/1766; d. 3/27/1837
    m. 2/10/1786, Magdalene Richards, dau. of John and Sara (Ellsworth) Richards
    b. 10/7/1768; d. 6/11/1832 (1837?)

  • Cora Haverty Stump's Parents
    Cora Haverty Stump
    Alfred & Lucetta Stump
    Cousins of Irene Stump
    French & Cora Stump and Haverty Relatives
    French Stump Home
    French Stump
    Graves of French & Cora Stump
    Grave Marker Harry W. Stump
    Graves of Michael & Magdalene Stump
    Graves of Salathiel & Permelia Stump
    Harry Stump
    Irene & Brother Harry Stump
    Irene Stump, Misc.
    Irene Stump
    Stump Farm Timbering, circa 1898
    Grave of Lucetta Stump, wife of Alfred
    Cora Stump, Misc.
    Lucy & Sarah Haverty
    Siblings of French Stump
    First Hope Gas Trucks in Calhoun District, 1924