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For Audra Rickey Wayne (1928-1999)


The Family of Wayne

By Audra (Rickey) Wayne


This book, written in 1970 and revised in 1980, is a biographical, historical and genealogical account of six generations of the McELWAIN - WAYNE family, as well as many associated families, including those of PROPST and BARNHOUSE.

The material included in this book represents more than a quarter century of time, miles of travel and many hours of meticulous work. That it has been a hobby and a labor of love for one person detracts not at all from its interest and value to the descendants of its subjects, nor to all who will appreciate history in the future.

Naturally, such a record cannot be complete. In spite of long and often disappointing search, many of the wanted details are not available.

To make this Family History as easy as possible to understand, each family is grouped together when possible.

   Table of Contents   

Part I    The Family of George and Nancy McElwain:
Effie, Nellie (Eleanor), Mary (Polly), Thomas, Tunis, Catherine, Sarah (Sally)

Part II    The Family of Tunis and Catherine (Propst) Wayne:
Catherine, George, Barbara, Mary, Thomas, Dortha, Jacob, Elizabeth, Nancy, Catherine

Part III    The First Two Marriages of Jacob Wayne:
(1) The Family of Jacob and Christina (Parsons) Wayne: Margaret, Leroy, Thomas, Nancy, Henry, Elizabeth, Jacob, Joseph
(2) Jacob and Rebecca (Nichols) McCune

Part IIIa    The Third Marriage of Jacob Wayne:
The Family of Jacob and Nancy (Barnhouse) Wayne: Tunis A., Barbara Ellen, Peter M., Polcer (Paulser), James P., Stephen Hix, Rosanna, Pricy, Mary C., Dolly

Part IV    The Family of Michael and Catherine Propst:
Philip, Michael, Leonard, Henry, Daniel, Elizabeth, Mary, Frederick (George), Catherine

Part V    The Family of Frederick and Barbara (Swadley) Propst:
Catherine, Sophia, Jacob, John, Henry, Christina, William, George, Michael, Daniel, Mary

Part VI    The Family of John and Mary Barnhouse: Solomon, George, John Jr., Barbara, Philip.
The Family of Philip and Keziah Barnhouse: Philip, Jr., Solomon, Thomas

Part VII    The Families of Thomas Barnhouse:
(1) The Family of Thomas and Mary (McCune) Barnhouse: Kiziah, Mary, Christina, Willis
(2) The Family of Thomas and Drusella (Burnside) Barnhouse: Frederick, Nancy, John, Caroline, Rosanna, Henry, George, Thomas Walter

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