Calhoun County
In World War I

314th Field Artillery Book

Veterans Buried in Calhoun County, W.Va.

Charles E. Johnson was born in May 1895, according to the 1900 census of Calhoun County, West Virginia. He was the 5th child of Granville and Mary (Knotts) Johnson. Charles served in Europe during World War I and wrote a letter to his sister, Nelle (Johnson) Holt.

"I have been writing pretty regularly for the last few weeks. It's about time some of my letters were reaching you.

I am still at the front and we are still driving the Germans towards the Fatherland. If bad wather doesn't set in too soon, I believe we will put them across the border. Peace, I think, is lable to come any time now, but it may be six months off.

We see a good many prisoners pass by. The day we started our first advance one of our men looked in a dugout and found a couple of Germans. They had been passed over by our Infantry. They made no trouble but surrendered and seemed glad to do so. A sergeant from headquarters company of our regiment pulled out four from a dugout the same day and he did not even have a gun. I saw him come marching them in. From the looks of the German dugouts, they had been living pretty soft for some time--stoves, good beds, chairs, tables, books, and the like. They say some have found them with pianos, easy chairs, electric lights and all sorts of comfort in them.

Some of the boys are carrying German pistols, wearing German boots and shoes, and sleeping under German blankets.

I can't help but be glad that this war is being fought here instead of in the United States. The way some of the towns we pass throught are shot up is terrible. Not a house standing and not a civilian inhabitant left. Some of the German papers we get hold of talk of German victories but where they can see any victories on any front is more than I can see. I have yet to see my first German with a gun in his hand.

I am alway glad t hear of the exploits of 'Buster the Great.' I suppose you starve him as usual. Does he still howl when you blow the horn or ring the bell?

I am enclosing blanks for Christmas package. Don't send much--a dozen handkerchiefs (things hard to get), a flashlight, small, with a couple of extra batteries, or some such trinkets will come in handy. Well, I hope this reaches you all right and finds you well."

Corporal C. E. Johnson

Submitted by David D. Ryan, Jr.

Colvin W. Haddox, Sr. was in France in WW I, American Expeditionary Forces.

Submitted by Janice Farren.

Willie Laughlin served in the U.S. Cavalry in WWI. He was born in Calhoun County, WV 6 Feb 1892, the son of Thomas & Katherine Mace Laughlin. He died 28 April 1978 at the age of 96 and is buried at Road Run Cemetery in Spencer, West Virgina.

Submitted by Patrick William Laughlin, grandson.

Lester Booher - Pvt. U.S. Army. Born July 19, 1894; died Nov 17, 1983; buried UM Church Cemetery, Mt. Zion, Calhoun County.

Charles Stout - Lee District WV. 2nd LT CO L 23 INF 2 DIV World War I. PH
Born Dec 12, 1895; died Dec 31, 1959; buried East Liberty Cemetery Green TWP. Akron, Oh.

Charles Stout is the brother of Earl Stout, also listed.

James Uldrich - West Virginia - PFC Btty D 315 Field Atrillery
Born Sept 23, 1891; died Feb 19, 1966; buried: UM Church Cemetery, Mt Zion Calhoun County.

Submitted by Delores Stout-Yost.

FEB 11 1892 - OCT 12 1963

Submitted by Jim McCracken, grandson.

Co. A. 162nd Infantry Regiment, 41st Infantry Division, AEF
Born 1895. Died 1927. Buried Bethlehem Cemetery (new), Calhoun County.

Submitted by B. Michael Stout (grandson)

FRED STURM - WV Pvt Co. A 306 Inf., WWI - 1 Jan 1895 - 3 Jul 1970 - Buried Mount Zion Cemetery.

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