Calhoun County
In World War II


Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient

Rank and organization: Technical Sergeant, U.S. Army, Company I, 142d Infantry, 36th Infantry Division.
Place and date: Mittelwihr, France, 18 December 1944.
Entered service at: New York, N. Y.
Birth: Grantsville, W. Va., 29 December 1911.
Died: 11 January 1971; buried in Section 25, Arlington National Cemetery
G.O. No.: 73, 30 August 1945.
Citation: For fighting gallantly at Mittelwihr, France.


On the morning of 18 December 1944, he led a squad against a schoolhouse held by enemy troops. While his men covered him, he dashed toward the building, surprised 2 guards at the door and took them prisoner without firing a shot. He found that other Germans were in the cellar. These he threatened with hand grenades, forcing 26 in all to emerge and surrender. His squad then occupied the building and prepared to defend it against powerful enemy action. The next day, the enemy poured artillery and mortar barrages into the position, disrupting communications which T/Sgt. Bell repeatedly repaired under heavy small-arms fire as he crossed dangerous terrain to keep his company commander informed of the squad's situation. During the day, several prisoners were taken and other Germans killed when hostile forces were attracted to the schoolhouse by the sound of captured German weapons fired by the Americans. At dawn the next day the enemy prepared to assault the building. A German tank fired round after round into the structure, partially demolishing the upper stories. Despite this heavy fire, T/Sgt. Bell climbed to the second floor and directed artillery fire which forced the hostile tank to withdraw. He then adjusted mortar fire on large forces of enemy foot soldiers attempting to reach the American position and, when this force broke and attempted to retire, he directed deadly machinegun and rifle fire into their disorganized ranks. Calling for armored support to blast out the German troops hidden behind a wall, he unhesitatingly exposed himself to heavy small-arms fire to stand beside a friendly tank and tell its occupants where to rip holes in walls protecting approaches to the school building. He then trained machineguns on the gaps and mowed down all hostile troops attempting to cross the openings to get closer to the school building. By his intrepidity and bold, aggressive leadership, T/Sgt. Bell enabled his 80-man squad to drive back approximately 150 of the enemy, killing at least 87 and capturing 42. Personally, he killed more than 20 and captured 33 prisoners.

This information from The Grantsville News was provided by James L. Burrows of Pleasant Hill, WV and was submitted to this page by Norma Knotts Shaffer.


Donovan (Dink) Jarrett Bailey, born in Calhoun county, served as a medical corpsman in World War II. He joined the famous 180th Infantry Regiment on September 6th outside Palermo, Sicily and remained attached until after the close of the war. The following two incidents are detailed in "The Story of the 180th Infantry Regiment," by George A. Fisher (Newsfoot Publishing Co., San Angelo, TX).

On December 30, 1943 near Mount Molino, Italy -- near Anzio -- the following incident took place.

"Outstanding were the deeds of Private First Class Donovan J. Bailey, Huntington, W. Va..... - Bailey was knocked unconscious by the concussion of a mortar shell. When he regained his senses, he found that all the other aid men had become casualties. Although he was still suffering from the effects of the German chell fire, he went about under mortar and shell fire, treating all wounded men in the company. Although suffering greatly, he assured himself that all wounded men had been treated and evacuated before he left the scene of action. - Bailey ... received the Silver Star...."

He later also received the Bronze Star for similar deeds. Another interesting story, recorded in Starts and Stripes, relates how Donovan captured a number of German soldiers. Unarmed, he came across a number of soldiers. He convinced the hungry soldiers to surrender and marched them back to friendly troops.

Submitted by Samuel Fink, nephew.


Obit - See "B" in Collection I.

Submitted by Samuel Fink.

U. S. Army

James L. Burrows, Pfc. 35750038, USA, Hq. Co. 289th Inf. Regt. DOB 6 Sept. 1923, Grantsville, WV. Ind. 3 Mar. 1943, Clarksburg, WV. Truck Driver Light. FS 1y 2m 25d. England, Ardennes, Rhineland, Central Europe. Good Conduct Medal, Bronze Star Medal, Combat Infantry Badge, American Theater Ribbon, World War II Victory Ribbon, European-African -Middle Eastern Theater Ribbon. DOS 21 Jan. 1946.

U. S. Army

Served in WWII in Co. B, 7th Medical Batallion, Phillipines and Aleutian Islands. Born in Calhoun County 6 Jan 1913. Father, Oliver Butler (b.(?);d. 23 Apr 1928). Mother, Ida Rebecca (Burge) Butler (b. Feb 1892 in Webster Springs W.Va.; d. 3 Apr 1963; buried in Oregon). J. C. (James Clark) married Nettie Safrona Wilson 8 Aug 1937. CHILDREN: 1.) Doris Jean (Cross; from Nettie's first marriage), b. 4 Oct 1934, m. Charles Hawkins 30 May 1954. 2.) Peggy Dorlela, b. 5 Sept 1937 m Rudy Paul Mellor. 3.) Margie Ellen, 23 Nov 1939 (stillborn). 4.) Mary Sandra, b. 28 Mar 1947 m Carl Douglas Jones 6 Jan 1986. 5.) Karen Kathleen, b. 22 May 1948 m James Troxel Grogg 11 May 1968.

Submitted by Sandra (Butler) Jones.


Inducted 23 Mar 1944 at Fort Thomas, KY and received his basic training at Camp Walters in Texas. Served in the Rhineland in Central Europe and fought in France and Belgium and was wounded 12 Dec 1944 in Germany. Then he went back to Germany as a pump operator. Received the Purple Heart GO #85 Hq. 6th Gen Hospital 44, Good Conduct medal, June 1945, and the European African Middle Eastern Service Ribbon. Left either Germany or England 10 Aug 1945 and was told that they were going to Japan. While on the ship, the war ended and they landed in Boston 18 Aug 1945, where they learned that the war had ended. He had served in the 1st Army under General Patton. He was discharged 1 Oct 1945. (Jeptha Dunn Morrison and Loura Cooper were not very far apart in Europe, but never managed to get together.)

Submitted by Janice Farren.

CHARLES A. DAVIS was also a WW 2 veteran. He was born November 19, 1921, in Calhoun County to Alonzo and Minnie Shimer Davis. He died on May 8, 1990 in Parkersburg and is buried in Calhoun County in the cemetery on Kadies Run Road.

From The Calhoun Chronicle (date unknown):

S. Sgt. JOHN DUSKEY, 23 years old, was killed in Germany Nov. 10. Sgt. Duskey was inducted into the Army Jan. 9, 1943. He received his training at Ft. McClelland, Ala., Camp McCoy, Wisc., and Fort Meade, Md. He was sent overseas last April and had been in combat since July, serving in the 90th Infantry Division with Gen. Patton's Army.

He is survived by his widow, Mary Reece Duskey, and small son, Kenneth, of Winston-Salem, N.C.; his parents Mr. and Mrs. Charles Duskey of Mt. Zion; four brothers, Charles Duskey, Jr, who has been honorably discharged from the Armed Forces and is now at home at Mt. Zion after losing a leg in combat last March 22 on the Anzio Beachhead in Italy; Harold Ray, Donald Gray, and Ronald Dean Duskey, all at home.

Both S/Sgt. Duskey and Charles Jr. graduated from Calhoun High School in the Class of 1940 and were both employed with the Hercules Power at Radford, Va.before being called into the service of their country.

Submitted by Ken Duskey, son.


Was Boatswain's Mate 1C, USNR, USN. Enlisted 12 Dec. 1942, Charleston, WV. Foreign Service (FS) USS Calvert, USS Shadwell. Bronze Star Medal, Asiatic-Pacific with 5 Stars, Philippine Liberation with 2 Stars, Good Conduct Medal, American Theater Victory Medal, Purple Heart, Wounded in action. Date of Separation (DOS) 30 May 1946

Submitted by Janice Farren.


PVT, USA. Date of Birth: 2 Nov 1925, Freed, WV. Served in Germany. Entered service 23 Mar 1944. Date of Separation: 30 May 1946. Died: 7 Apr 1984.

Submitted by Janice Farren.


DOB/PLACE: 17 May 1913/Chloe, WV
DOD/PLACE: 27 Jun 1988/Spencer WV
RANK/SRV/SER #: Cpl/USA/35134066
INDUCTED (Date/Place): 12 Mar 1942/Fort Thomas, KY
ORGANIZATION/POSITION: 633rd Tank Destroyer Btln, Camp Hood, TX
FOREIGN SERVICE (Date/Place): 29 Mar 1945 - 30 Oct 1945 (France and Sudatenland)
DOS/PLACE/DISCHARGE: 30 Oct 1945/Fort Bragg, NC/Honorable

AWARDS & DECS: European-African-Middle Eastern Campaign Medal (w/1 Bronze Service Star), Good Conduct Medal, and M-1 Sharpshooter Medal

MISC: E. C. Jarvis was a resident of Roane County at the time of induction into the Army. Additional information may be available in the Roane County Courthouse in Spencer.

Submitted by Dave Oles.


DOB/PLACE: 8 Jan 1921/Chloe, WV
DOD/PLACE: 21 Jan 1969/Albuquerque, NM/Buried at Prudence Chapel Cemetery (Minnora, WV)
RANK/SRV/SER#: TEC5/USA/35433372
INDUCTED (Date/Place): 19 Jun 1942/Huntington, WV ORGANIZATION/POSITION: 9766th Technical Service Unit, Camp Detrick, MD/Medical Supply Non-Commissioned Officer
DOS/PLACE/DISCHARGE: 23 Oct 1945/Fort George G. Meade, MD/Honorable

AWARDS & DECS: Good Conduct Medal, European-African-Middle Eastern Campaign Medal, Victory Medal

MISC: Re-enlisted on 26 Nov 1947 (National Guard) and went on active duty on 11 Sep 1950 (Camp Dawson, WV). Received0 Carbine Expert Badge on 30 Dec 1950. Received honorable discharge on 26 Nov 1951 as a Master Sergeant, NGUS, and was separated at Fort Meade, MD.

Submitted by Dave Oles.


Cpl. 35752549, USA, AAF, 483rd Bomb Gp. 840th Bomb Sq. DOB 6 Aug. 1923, Henrietta, WV. Ind. 6 April 1943, Clarksburg, WV. Airplane Armorer. FS 2y 15d. Africa, Air Offensive Europe, Naples-Toggia, Air Combat Balkans, Rome-Arno, Normandy, Rhineland, North Apennines, Po Valley, Anti-Submarine. Good Conduct Medal, European-African-Middle Eastern Service Ribbon. DOS 5 Oct. 1945.

Submitted by James Kendall.

KIGHT, DENVER C. - U. S. Army.
Birth April 30 , 1911
Death Sept. 24 , 1973
Tech Sergeant AC 13th AAF Emergency Resque Squad with 53rd Bombardment Squardron 5th ASC from 6/26/1941 - 10/16/1941. He was recalled 20 Jan 1942 as Construction Foreman and spent 6 months, 7 days in the Asiatic Pacific Theater receiving Asiatic Pacific Theater Ribbon with Bronze Star. American Theater , Good Conduct Ribbon and Victory Medal . Discharged 12/12/1945. Buried at Kight Cemetery in Calhoun County, West Virginia.

Submitted by Kathy Trayer, daughter of Denver C. Kight.

LOCKNEY, ROBERT B., Cpl., US Army. Buried in Sand Ridge, WV.

Submitted by Barbara Lockney.


Served in the European Theatre of operation in WWII. He and Loura Thurl Cooper weren’t very far apart in Europe but never managed to get together.

Submitted by Janice Farren.


DOB/PLACE: 7 Jan 1920/Grantsville, WV
RANK/SRV/SER#: HTCS/USNR, USN/5601083 (HTCS = Senior Chief Hull Maintenance Technician (E-8)
INDUCTED (Date/Place): 21 Aug 1942/Huntington, WV
FOREIGN SRV (Date/Place): (15y 3 m) Total Foreign/Sea Service.
DOS/PLACE/DISCHARGE: 12 Oct 1945/??/Honorable. Re-enlisted immediately in USN and remained until 8 Feb 1965 when he transferred to the Fleet Reserve. Retired from service on 1 Apr 1972.

AWARDS & DECS: Good Conduct Medal (7 Oak Leaf Clusters (OLC)), American Campaign Medal, European-African-Middle Eastern Campaign Medal, Occupational Medal (European Cluster), China Service Medal, National Defense Service Medal, Korean Service Medal, United Nations Medal (Korean Clasp).

Submitted by Dave Oles.


DOB/PLACE: 21 Apr 1918/Grantsville, WV
DOD/PLACE: 15 Nov 1987/Akron, OH
RANK/SRV/SER#: 1Lt/USA/01016858
INDUCTED (Date/Place): 9 Dec 1941/Ft Hayes, Ohio. Discharged 12 Mar 1943 to accept appointment as 2Lt and active duty on 13 Mar 1943.
ORGANIZATION/POSITION: Company D, 80th Tank Battalion, 8th Armored Division/Tank Unit Commander. FOREIGN SERVICE (Date/Place): (7 m 29 d) Ardennes, Central Europe. DOS/PLACE/DISCHARGE: 3 Jul 1946/?/Honorable

AWARDS & DECS: American Campaign Medal, World War II Victory Medal, European-Africa-Middle Eastern Campaign Medal.

Submitted by Dave Oles.


DOB/PLACE: 22 Dec 1923/Grantsville, WV
RANK/SRV/SER#: AMMP2/USNR, USN/8289553. (AMMP2 = Aviation Machinist Mate Propeller Specialist, 2nd Class).
INDUCTED (Date/Place): 6 Apr 1943/Grantsville, WV
ORGANIZATION/POSITION: Naval Air Technical Training Center (NATTC), 87th & Anthony, Chicago, IL., HEDRON FAW 8; HEDRON 5. (Propeller Specialist School).
FOREIGN SRV (Date/Place): None.
DOS/PLACE/DISCHARGE: 18 Apr 1945 (Point System)/Norfolk, VA./Honorable?

AWARDS & DECS: American Service Medal, World War II Victory Medal, Good Conduct Medal.

MISC: Boot Training--Great Lakes Naval Training Center, Green Bay, Wisconsin. Airplane Mechanic Training--NATTC, #000045 Pier, Chicago, IL.

Submitted by Dave Oles.

RITCHIE, DENVER DOIL, or "Jim" as he was known to his family and friends, served in WWII. He was born December 12, 1915 in Grantsville. He was inducted into the USN on April 27, 1944, and served on the USS Peter H. Burnette in the South Pacific. He was honorably discharged on January 3, 1946 and had been rated AS, S2c and S1c. Remarks listed on his discharge papers were: Pacific Theater Ribbon*, American Theater, Victory Medal, Phillippine Liberation. He died on January 23, 1996, is buried in the Broomstick Cemetery.

Submitted by Nicole Ritchie Hopkins, granddaughter.

P F C US Army
B: Jan 28, 1906--D: Oct 14, 1981
Buried St. Paul Cemetery: Pine Creek. Calhoun Co. WV

Submitted by Delores Stout-Yost.


Born 22 Mar 1919 Calhoun County, WV, d. Mar 1945 World War II on Iwo Jima, buried Sugar Creek. He was the son of David Carl and Hattie (Brady) Wayne, great-grandson of Jacob and Christina (Parsons) Wayne.


Served in WW II in the 42nd Inf. Div. (SVC BTRY 288th F.A. Bn.), S. Philippines and New Guinea. Born in Calhoun County on May 30, 1924. Father: Clark Wilson. Mother: Ora Olive Freshour Wilson. Troy Wilson married Mae Bell Selman on Jan. 2, 1947. Children: Mathilda L. Wilson Dull, b. Dec. 25, 1947; Roberta Wilson, b. June 5, 1949, d. June 5, 1949; Robert Wilson, b. June 5, 1949, d. June 5, 1949; Raymond Eddy Wilson, b. Apr. 26, 1953; Nancy J. Wilson, b. Aug. 27, 1957. Grandchildren: Brian Dull, Stephanie Dull, Belinda Dull, Jaclyn Wilson, Steven Wilson, Krystal Wilson, and Derrick Wilson.

During Troy Wilson's service, he received the Asiate-Pacific Theater Ribbon with 2 Bronze Stars, the Philippines Liberation Ribbon with 1 Bronze Star, the Good Conduct Medal, and the Victory Medal World War II.

Died in Geauga County, Ohio on June 23, 1982. Buried at the Broomstick Cemetery, Five Forks, W. Va.

Submitted by Mathilda Dull and Raymond Wilson (7/31/00).


Seaman 1C, USNR, USN. Dob 16 Oct 1908, Big Bend, WV. Inducted 27 Apr 1944, Grantsville, WV. Barber. FS (Foreign Service) USS Cohassett, USS LCI (G), COM LGI (G), FLOT 3, AD Com. Phib. Pac Marianas. USS LST 278, USS LST 129. Date of Separation: 26 Nov 1945.

Submitted by Janice Farren.

Veterans Buried in Calhoun County, W.Va.

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