Cart Cemetery
Cart Cemetery, Clay County, WV

This cemetery is close to the Braxton Co. line. It is off the Villa Nova
Ridge and Laurel Fork Road on what is called Plum Fork. The easiest way
to find it is to look for Fred Patterson's house and ask for directions.
The Cemetery is across from Mr. Patterson's house and up the hill. As of
1996 when I was there, a family named Miller had recently bought the
property and had cleaned the cemetery. The old fence has been taken down
and it is said that the Miller family planned to replace it.  I hope that
I made no mistakes but I apologize if any mistakes were made.  This data
was provided by Linda L. (Friesel) Carpenter.  Any questions should be
directed to her.

Earnest C. Cart
Jan. 14, 1918
Oct. 6, 1934

Floyd E. Cart
Sept. 11, 1911
Feb. 8, 1918

Roxie May Cart
Oct. 6, 1892
Feb. 1, 1918
Mable Cart
Aug. 5, 1918
Feb. 1, 1918

Rachel Cart
July 28, 1852
Dec. 21, 1914

Thomas Cart

W. M. Cart

These are the only "marked" graves in this cemetery. There are several
others with fieldstones as markers. The indication of sunken spots where
there are several unmarked graves.
My family has always said Mike Cart is buried in this cemetery also. He
died in the mid-1930's of a gun shot. He was a teenager at the time.

Linda L. Carpenter
Rt. 3 Box 64
Washington, WV 26181