1) Oliver Marion BUTLER - Lived in what is known as the Big Otter section of Clay County, West Virginia. He fought for the South, was captured in 1862, and was confined in Camp Chase Prison in Ohio. Oliver was born in 1828 and died in 1911. Little is yet known of the war record of Oliver. Both he and his wife, Mary Brock Butler, are buried in the Chapman Cemetery located on Moore's Fork of Big Otter Creek.---Jeremiah BUTLER - Oliver's father - Also fought for the South, was captured and confined either in Johnson's Island or Camp Chase Prison in Ohio where he apparently died. Jeremiah Butler was born abt. 1795 but the date of his death is not known, nor is his place of burial. He married Margaret Chapman. Nothing is known at this time about her birth or death date or her place of burial, although it may have been the Chapman Cemetery.

Apparently the Union soldiers in the area knew of the service of Oliver Marion and Jeremiah for the Confederacy because my grandmother Rosanna Butler Friend told one of her grandchildren about "The Yankees coming through and how they would scatter the cattle and chickens. The women and children would hide the valuables and then hide themselves".

2) Ezekiel HOLCOMB - He was born in 1812 and served as a Union soldier while over 50 years of age. When returning home on furlough in 1863, accompanied by his son Ethan Allen Holcomb, his nephew Tyrance Rodgers, and Guy Keith, they were ambushed by Confederate Soldiers near Gauley Bridge, Fayette County, W.Va., or Bell's Creek, Nicholas County, W.Va. Ethan was shot and left for dead and the others taken prisoner. Ezekiel was confined in prison, possibly at Libby Prison in Richmond, Va., where he died. Ethan recovered from his wounds and later served in the Home Guard. Ezekiel and Ethan are listed in the 1860 Census for Clay County, Va., (now W.Va.). Art Friend

Pvt. John Marco ELLIOTT - Born September 27, 1837, Clay County, West Virginia - died February 28, 1896 at Adonijah (Donijer) Creek near Lizemores, Clay County, West Virginia. Pvt. Elliott was a veteran of the American Civil War and served with the U.S. Army (Union) forces in Battalion A, First West Virginia Light Artillery from September 26, 1864 to July 21, 1865.

He and his wife Sarah Francis (born December 1840 - died 1924) are buried in the Elliott Cemetery on Adonijah (Donijer) Creek, Clay County, West Virginia.----Ronald W. Elliott

1) Levi James REED - Served in the Union Army as a Private in Company B of the 9th West Virginia Infantry from August 16, 1861 until October 5, 1864. Muster rolls show that Levi Reed was listed as Missing in Action from September 13, 1862, until March/April 1863. There is no indication as to the reason for Missing in Action. He contracted rheumatism from cold and exposure during what is known as the Lynchburg Raid in June 1864. His Civil War record states that he stood 5 feet 5 1/2 inches, had dark complexion, brown hair and blue eyes.

Levi James Reed was born July 15, 1823, in Pendleton County, Va., (now W.Va.). He married Jane Conley in Gilmer County, Va., (now W.Va.) on February 4, 1844. He and Jane raised a large family. Jane Conley Reed died on August 22, 1902, and later that year on November 7, 1902, Levi married Mary Crowder. He lived his latter years in Procious, Clay County, W.Va., and died on April 30, 1915, when he was hit by a train at age 92. He is buried in the Levi Reed Cemetery in Procious, W.Va.

2) John B. GRAY - Volunteered for the 6th Regiment of the WV Infantry on February 13, 1865, at the age of 43 in Wheeling, WV, and served until June 10, 1865. His enlistment papers state that he was born in Marshall County, VA, and stood 5 feet 6 inches and had black hair, black eyes and a dark complexion.

John b. Gray was married to Rosanna------ and they lived in Clay County, WV., where they raised their seven children, from at least 1860 until their deaths sometime after 1880.Linda Paton

Warwick BUTCHER - Enlisted in the Confederate Army at Frankfort, Va., (now W.Va.) on March 13, 1863, as a private in Company C, 19th Virginia Cavalry, CSA. He was captured in Nicholas County, Va., (now W.Va.) on July 29, 1863, and was taken to Atheneum Prison as a POW where he arrived on September 13, 1863. Upon arrival he was described as age 44, 5' 10" tall, with dark hair and whiskers and blue eyes. His occupation was listed as blacksmith and his residence as Nicholas County. On September 17, 1863 he was transferred to Camp Chase at Columbus, Ohio. On January 14, 1864, he was again transferred to Rock Island Prison, Rock Island, Illinois, where he died of tuberculosis on December 3, 1864. He was buried in grave #1637 in the Rock Island Prison Cemetery. Although Warwick's residence is reported as Nicholas County, his family is reported as living in the Dille, Clay County area from 1865 to the 1890's. Lola B. Given

Isaiah SHAMBLIN - Isaiah was born in 1827 and married Miram Cunningham on May 15, 1848. He joined the 126th Militia (Clay County Scouts) on September 2, 1861. He joined the WV Calvary Company G 3rd Reg. on July 27, 1863 at Charleston, W.Va. He died on December 15, 1864 at Harpers Ferry and is buried in the Winchester National Cemetery, Winchester, Va.. Isaiah and Miram's children were Albert born September 23, 1849, (married Celia Kinser), David McGinnis born on October 29, 1851 (married Sarah Bishop), James Dolliver born January 24, 1854 (married Pricey Bishop), Eliza Jane born June 26, 1856 and died on December 3, 1868, Joel C. born March 16, 1859 (married 1st Louisa F. Price and 2nd Sarah M. Tolley), George Wesley born on September 14, 1861,and Sarah Elizabeth born in November of 1863 and died December 14, 1868. Isaiah and family were living at Dorfee on a 650 acre tract of land owned by his father George Shamblin when he enlisted Herschel Shamblin

Lawson SHAMBLIN - Lawson was a brother to Isiah Shamblin and was born in 1829. He married Charlotte Pierson. Lawson served in the 126th Milita (Clay County Scouts). He joined the WV Calvary Company G 3rd Reg. on July 26, 1863. He died June 30, 1865 at Slough General Hospital in Alexandria, Virginia. Lawson is buried in the Alexandria National Cemetery. Herschel Shamblin

Thadeus SHAMBLIN - Thadeus was a brother to Isiah and Lawson Shamblin. He was born on April 5, 1845. He married Julia Parsons on April 5, 1866. Thad joined the service on March 25, 1864 and served in Company F, 7th Reg. of the WV Calvary. Thadeus died on November 26, 1924 and is buried in the Shamblin Cemetery, Dorfee, West Virginia Herschel Shamblin

Henry A. KING - Henry enlisted in 1864 on or near where the Clay Court House is located as a Private in the Independent Scouts. He was discharged on June 11, 1865, by Certificate No. 578473. The official documents list his service as February 16, 1865, in the Company of State Guards for Clay County, W.Va. commanded by Capt. Benj. F. Stephenson and honorably discharged on May 30, 1865. On or about March 16, 1865, Henry was disabled by a gunshot wound through left (right crossed off) joint badly disabling said joint.Bill Pursel

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