Burial Sites


The following is a listing of the known burial sites for identified Clay County Civil War Veterans. The original listing was taken from "The History of Clay County, West Virginia 1989". If you have relatives that you would like to add to this please contact us and we will add your names to the list -Herschel Shamblin


Arbogast, F. M.--- Big Sycamore

Argogast, George W.--- Spread

Arbogast, Nickdamas--- Elkhurst

Bailes, John N.--- Enoch

Barnes, John J.--- Maysel

Bragg, Milton--- Harrison

Brown, Andrew J.--- Bickmore

Brown, Anthony R.--- Clay

Brown, George W.--- Bickmore

Burdett, Lewis--- Procious

Butler, Oliver Marion--- Ossie

Cadle, Clark--- Duck

Cline, Mose C. --- Lizemore

Collison, Abner (Elmer) H.--- Groves

Collison, William Anderson--- Duck

Coulter, Perry M.--- Clay

Cutlip, Sam--- Duck

Davis, Percy L.--- Maysel

Dawson, John L.--- Clay

Dilley, Alfred H.--- Wattsville

Douglas, Martin V.--- Spread

Drake, Lorenzo D.--- Elkhurst

Duffield, John M.--- Duck

Durham, Jessie P.--- Duck

Elliott, John M.--- Lizemores

Elswick, Andrew W.--- Harrison

Facemyer, John --- Odessa

Gibson, Lewis--- Bickmore

Given, S. F.--- Wattsville

Goff, George--- Harrison

Griffith, Charles P.--- Bomont

Hamrick, Joseph H.--- Cressmont

Hamrick, R. D.--- Enoch

Harmon, James A.--- Lizemores

Hickman, George R.--- Wattsville

Hedrick, G. T.--- Big Sycamore

Hedrick, Moses --- Lizemores

Henderson, Shelton R. --- Wattsville

Holcomb, Ephram A.--- Bickmore

Hughes, G. W. --- Enoch

Jarrett, Anderson Marion--- Lizemores

Jeffery Shadrick--- Bickmore

Johnson, James W. --- Lizemores

Johnson, Joseph--- Lizemores

Jones, Andrew F. --- Bomont

Jones, William --- Bickmore

King, David P.--- Bomont

King, Henry H.--- Crosby

Kyle, William--- Enoch

Lambery, W. H. --- Clay

Lewis, Charles--- Ovapa

Long, William --- Bickmore

Lyons, John W. --- Duck

McCune, William H.--- Procious

Minner, George W. --- Bomont

Minner, Harper --- Bomont

Morris, William --- Lizemores

Morton, Charles T.--- Lizemores

Morton, John T.--- Lizemores

Morton, Phaschal --- Lizemores

Mullins, G. W. --- Odessa

Mullins, Henry H.--- Odessa

Mullins, Lewis L.--- Odessa

Murphy, Arley --- Clay

Murphy, Dick--- Dille

Nicholas, G. W. --- Lizemores

Nicholas, David A.--- Lizemores

Nichols, Elijah --- Lizemores

Nottingham, Jim --- Bickmore

Nutter, Bill --- Clay

O'Dell, Andrew W. --- Ovapa

Osbourne, Willburn --- Clay

Padden, David--- Elkhurst

Painter, Jim W.--- Duck

Price, John--- Lizemores

Pritt, George Washington --- Lizemores

Procious, Adam--- Procious

Ramsey, Abner H.--- Lizemores

Ramsey, Jack--- Lizemores

Reed, Levi --- Procious

Reed, Solomon--- Clay

Reedy, William H.--- Bickmore

Riffle, Jonathan--- Spread

Riffle, Martin V.--- Hallburg

Riffle, William--- Spread

Rodgers, J. C.--- Lizemores

Rogers, T. C.--- Lizemores

Rose, R. M.--- Harrison

Salisbury, A. J.--- Swandale

Samples, Andrew M. --- Procious

Samples, Harrison--- Bomont

Samples, Hiram--- Procious

Samples, John--- Procious

Samples, Perry --- Procious

Samples, Salathiel --- Procious

Samples, W. M. --- Procious

Sams, Alfred--- Procious

Sands, John --- Bomont

Schoonover, Daniel --- Big Sycamore

Schoonover, W. H.--- Maysel

Shamblin, Thad --- Dorfee

Sizemore, Amon --- Lizemores

Starcher, Daniel --- Nebo

Starcher, Umphury--- Nebo

Stephenson, Benjamin L.--- Enoch

Summers, A. J.--- Maysel

Suttels, James--- Bickmore

Teal, William H. --- Duck

Thomas, Jacob--- Elkhurst

Tucker, Thomas J.--- Duck

Turner, G. W.--- Groves

West, Tom--- Obrion

Westfall, Thomas--- Maysel

Wheeler, Edward B.--- Clay

White, James W.--- Maysel

Williams, B. L. --- Elkhurst

Williams S. P.--- Clay

Wilson, J. R. J.--- Wattsville

Woods, Campbell --- Clay

Young, Arthur--- Procious

Young, D. K.--- Procious

Young, J. A.--- Procious

Young, Jacob L. --- Wattsville

Young, Samuel E.--- Queen Shoals.