Clay Co. WW1 Burial Sites


The original listing of Clay County World War 1 burial sites was taken from "The History of Clay County, WV 1989". This listing, of course, is incomplete and if you have a relative who served in WW1 and you wish to add them to this list please send it to us and we will be glad to put it on our Clay County pages for you. Herschel Shamblin



Adkins, Thomas F.---Lilly Fork

Arbogast, George W.---Lizemores

Baker, Lewis F.---Lizemores

Barber, Nathan,---Queen Shoals

Brown, Jonathan---Lizemores

Brown, William W.---Bickmore

Butcher, Samuel Jennings---Maysel

Cart, Fred O.---Groves

Carter, John M.---Bomont

Dickey, Benjamin A.---Groves

Downey, Jerry Preston---Clay

Duffield, Corbett W.---Duck

Ellison, George C.---Elkhurst

Friend, Levy D.---Ivydale

Friend, Marion R.---Ivydale

Gibson, John Virgil---Clay

Gill, Grover C.---Clay

Gray, Okey---Harrison

Greathouse, Herbert---Kidtown

Grose, Raymond P.---Maysel

Hannah, Edd---Groves

Johnson, Richard---Maysel

Jones, Clate---Bomont

Jones, David---Procious

Landis, Isaac L.---Enoch

Legg, Frank S.---Fola

Legg, Winfield J.---Lizemores

Lyons, Mones G.---Rush

Markle, Albert T.---Maysel

Markle, Edward B.---

Markle, Millard---Maysel

Moore, Emry---Enoch

Mullins, Howard---Glen

Nicholas, Albert---Lilly Fork

Nicholas, Edward---Maysel

Nicholas, Henry S.---Spread

Paxton, Cecil W.---Procious

Phillips, William---Ovapa

Ramsey, James Walter---Lizemores

Reed, James Elliott---Procious

Samples, Mark W.---Bomont

Sanders, Robert C.---Bickmore

Sears, Frank---Clay

Summers, Samuel D.---Groves

Thompson, James Franklin---Queen Shoals

Truman, Joseph S.---Maysel

West, William McKinley---Ivydale

White, Preston B.---Groves