Clay Queries- May, 97

Sandy Spradling: I am searching for information on my great grandmother, Sarah Cotrell. I believe her to be married to Henry A. Cotrell in 1899 or 1900. Mother of Bertha Blanche Cotrell, born 1903. I think Henry passed sometime between 1903 and 1910, when he no longer appears on the census. Sarah does not appear in the 1910 census. She later appears in the 1920 census as wife to Fleet Chapman of Clay Co. Bertha Blanche Cotrell appears in the 1910 census enumerated with James M. Keeten, of Kanawha Co. I would appreciate any information that you might have on these ancestors of mine. One of my greatest mysteries. Hope you can help.

William R. Salisbury: My father was born somewhere in Clay county on September 11, 1901, His name was William Gordon Salisbury.I have a lot of information about my family from the 1850 CENSUS in Wyoming County but I cant seem to get any farther back than that, The spelling for Salisbury at that time was Salesbury, Salesberry, and Solesbury as near as I can tell. I have plans in trying to come to West Virginia next month and I was planning on trying to visit Clay County to see if I could dig up any records.I know my father and his brothers came from that area and from Morris Creek and from Queen Shoals but I don't have a lot of information about anyone.If you have or can lead me in a direction I can take to find any information it would be appreciated.

Debby Consiglio: Looking for the families of YOUNG and THROCKMORTON/MORTON in Clay, WV. Amelia Young married Thomas Morton [name was Throckmorton] in 1822 in Nicholas, VA. Has a daughter, Mildred Virginia Morton who married William B. Kincaid. Thomas's parents were Julius Throckmorton and Rachel Cole of Halifax, VA. Need Amelia YOUNG's parents. Amelia born in 1805. Thank you. Looking for Meleady in Clay Co. Robert Meleady, born 1925?. His father was James Meleady, his mother Chloe Wright. James' father was Joseph and his mothers last name was Hamerick. The name at some time might have been spelled differently, Melady. Robert has brothers, don, richard, sisters Gwynn and Shirley. Any information would be appreciated

Alice Rogers: If anyone in Clay County, or the surrounding area, would contact Clay County High School they have an excellent series of books called Hickory and Lady Slippers which is compiled by their Art Dept. students. This series of books has a lot of original information from the older people of Clay County. Lots of genealogical information. The prices are very reasonable, I have most of the issues and really enjoy reading them...I was raised in Clendenin and my family left WVA for Florida in 1957 (when I was 12 years old). All my family is from the Kanawha, Roane, Clay, Mason Lewis, Harrison County area. I have just recently started with this computer so I am no where near ready to submit anything to anyone yet!! My husband and I have been working on our family lines since the early 70's so there is a lot of information to deal with. I have found so much info on the web, it is amazing! Well, just wanted to spread the word about the kids books, hope they can someday have a web page of their own and enter all the data they have available.

Ron Elliott: Does anyone have information on an Elliott Splint Coal Company which operated in Clay County sometime in the early 1900's? Who was the owner? I'll be very grateful for Any information anyone can provide.I am searching for any information on the Elliott, Bird, Morton, and/or Lyons families from the Adonijah Fork area of Clay County. Thank You.

Donald Pomeroy:Looking for information on Francis M. Jones and his wife Martha Ann Moore. My great-grandfather, Thomas Russell Smith Jr., married their daughter Emily Elizabeth Jones. If anyone knows the whereabouts of Francis and Martha's graves, I will be greatful for the information. Thomas and Emily are buried at Elliott's Cemetery in Lizemores, W.Va. Thank you for your help.

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