Clay County 126th Militia


Just as the Moccasin Rangers was the South's attempt to provide a home guard unit, the Union's initial effort to provide a home guard in Clay County was the formation of the 126th Militia. Roger Vaughan writing in "The History of Clay County, WV Volume II" states that "Early response on the part of Unionists in Clay County was the formation of the 126th Militia. Enlisted dates shown in the Official Record for most members of this unit were 1861 and 1862. I am inclined to believe that this organization, in large part, existed only on pager. I know it contains the names of people, many Confederate sympathizers, whose descendants have no knowledge of their participation in such unit. It almost seems to be a list of able-bodied men who were not serving in either regular army at the time".

Mr. Vaughan states later that the 126th Militia was later reorganized into the Clay County Scouts and for information on that organization, please see that page.

Herschel Shamblin's note: Several of the men listed below, including my great great grandfather, and 3rd great uncle, signed a petition asking that the 126th Militia be disbanded or removed from the neighberhood, because of Cap. William King's dishonesty. These men later joined the WV Calvary. Please follow the link to view the actual petition. To return to this site hit your browers back button.

Listed below is the roster of the Clay County 126th Militia as contained in the aforementioned Clay County History. If you have additions to this list please send them in to us. Herschel Shamblin



King, William - Captain - Oath of office Oct. 22, 1861

Moore, Rice W. - Filled vacancy created by W. King's failure to qualify

Grose, Samuel J. - Adjutant (Mustering officer)

King, David - 1st Lt. - Promoted from sergeant, but failed to qualify

Moore, Jonathan L. - 1st Lt. - Filled vacancy created by removal of Perry O'brien

Simmons, Lemuel - 1st Lt. - Replaced Barnabas Cook during illness from wounds

Williams, Bazil L. - 1st Lt - Later volunteered 8th U.S. Infantry

Arbogast, Michael - 2nd Lt. - Volunteered U.S. Service

King, Charles W. - 2nd Lt.


Arbogast, George - Ashley, George - Ashley, John - Ashley, John R. - Ashley, Rice M. -

Baker, George - Bloundon, - Blounder, James - Bloundin, (Later volunteer Co. G, 3rd W.Va.) - Boggs, Benjamin - Boggs, David P. - Boggs, William - Bragg, Jacob - Bragg, Thomas - Brown, Andrew (Volunteer U.S. service) - Brown, George W. (Volunteer U.S. service) - Burdit, John C. - Burdit, Lewis A. - Burkhammer, George - Butler, Andrew - Butler, A.J. - Butler, Jeremiah - Butler, William F.

Carpenter, Jesse (Murdered by Rebel guerillas, date and place unknown) -Chapman, Jacob - Chapman, William - Cobb, John A. (Volunteer U.S. services) - Cobb, John M. (Volunteer U.S. service) - Cochran, Preston - Corley, Isaac - Cook, Timothy - Cooper, John - Cotreal, John (2nd Sgt.) - Cottrell, Smith - Cottrell, John - Cottrell, Marshal R. - Cunninghan, William P.

Dawson, John - Drake, Charles - Drake, Michael - Drake, Samuel (From Roane Co.)

Ellis, Lewis - Ellis, Samuel (Murdered by Rebels Aug. 5, 1863) - Ellis, T.J. - Ellison, James (From Roane Co.) - Ellison, Lewis - Ellison Samuel (Killed in action date & place unknown) - Elswick, Andrew

Figens, Edward - Figens, Thomas R. - Fox, L.D. - Fugat, William -

Garvis, Josiah - Gibson, Morgan - Given, William - Goldsmith, Robert - Gray, John D. - Griffith, Henry A. - Griffith, John P. - Griffith, Perry - Griffith, William P. (2nd Sgt.) - Griffith, William (from Kanawha)

Hanshaw, Henry - Hanshaw, William (Deserted to Confederates) -Hicks, Stephen - Hicks, Washington - Holcomb, Ethan A. - Holcomb, Ezekiel - Holcomb James - Holcomb, John - Howell, John F. - Hughes, George - Hughes George W. (Enlisted U.S. service)

Igo, Henry -

Jackson, A.P. - James, David - James, Silas - James, William - Jarrett, James W (Enlisted U.S.service) Jeffrey, Ezekiel - Johnson, John - Jones, John - Jones John T.

Keen, James - Keenan, John B. - Keenan, Willian - Keener, John - Keener, Samuel - King, David - King, David B. (From Roane Co.) - King, George S. - King, William H.

Lamb, Stephen A. - Lamb, Thomas - Lawrence, Philip A. - Lewis, Charles - Lewis, Hiram

McCoy, George (From Calhoun Co.) - McCoy, Jacob (From Calhoun Co.) - McCune, Hiram - McLaughlin, James - Martin, Samuel V. - Matheny, Daniel - May, Robert S. - May, William J. - Miller, Zacariah - Mollohan, Anson - Moore, Benjamin - Moore, Charles C. (Volunteer U.S. service) - Moore, Isaac (Volunteer U.S. service) - Moore, Joshua K. - Moore, Melchesadec (Volunteer U.S. service ) - Morton, Paschel (Volunteer U.S. service) - Mullins, George - Mullins, Henry (3rd Sgt.) - Mullins, Lewis G. - Murphy, Cornelius - Murphy, Peter - Murphy, Timothy (Cpl.)

Naylor, John Y. (Volunteer U.S. service) - Nelson, Solomon - Nicholas, Charles - Nicholas, George - Nicholas, John T. (Volunteer U.S. service) - Nicholas, William - Noe, Hiram (From Roane Co.) - Noe, William (From Roane Co.) - Norman, James N. - Nottingham, Jacob J. - Notthingham James B.

O'brien, John - Ogden, Robert

Paintruff, James - Parsons, George W. - Parson, Joseph - Paxton, Lyle G. - Paxton, William - Payne, James M. - Pierson, David (From Roane Co.) - Pierson, Harrison - Pierson, Joseph M. - Pierson, Joseph - Priam, Joseph

Ramsey, Lewis (Volunteer U.S. service 0 - Reed, George W. - Raleigh, John. - Rogers, Alfred - Rogers, James A. (Murdered by Rebel Guerillas Oct. 15, 1862) - Rollins, George - Rose, Isaac - Rose, Charles - Rosel, Chancy

Saliers - Sayers, Solomon (4th Sgt.) - Samples Andrew M. (Cpl.) - Samples, Andrew A. - Samples, Hiram J. (Volunteer U.S. service) - Samples Jesse A. (Volunteer U.S. service) - Samples, John H. - Samples, Philander (Cpl. Volunteer U.S. service ) - Samples, Salathiel (Volunteer U.S. service) - Samples, Thomas P. (Volunteer U.S. service) - Sands, John - Schoonover, Daniel - Schoonover, Elliott - Schoonover, Joseph - Schoonover, Marion (Cpl.) - Schoonover, William H. - Schoonover, Willian - Sabert, William - Shamblin, George ( Father of Isaiah and Lawson)- Shamblin, Isaiah (Volunteered U.S. service, 3rd WV Calvary, Co. G) - Shamblin, Lawson (Volunteered U.S. service, 3rd WV Calvary, Co. G) - Simmons, Lemuel - Simms, Newton G. - Sirk, Jacob - Sirk, John A. - Sizemore, Edward - Sizemore, George W. (Volunteer U.S. service) - Smith, James - Smith, Martin - Smith, Newton (From Roane Co.) - Smith, William R. - Smith, William Y. - Sowers, William H. - Stone, William (Volunteer U.S. service ) - Stalnaker, John C. - Summers, Harrison - Summers, John M.

Tawney, William H. (From Roane Co.) - Tawney, Alexander (From Roane Co.) - Tawney, Christopher (From Roane Co.) - Tawney, John H. (1st Cpl.) - Truman, Barnabus - Truman, Shadrack - Turner, Aaron A.

Upton, Alpheus H. - Upton, Alvin (Enlisted U.S. service) -Upton, Ulysses (Volunteered U.S. service)

Vaughan, Andrew M.

Walker, William P. - Wayne, Robert - Waught, Robert (Volunteered U.S. service) - Waybright, Cyrus - Weeks, Stephen - Weeks, Stephen T. - Wheeler, Edward P. - White, James W. - Woods, Isaac - Woods, James

Young, Robert J.

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