Clay County Scouts


The Clay County 126th Militia was the Union's first effort to organize a Clay County Home Guard. While that effort may have been rather ineffective, Roger Vaughan writing in "The History of Clay County, WV Volume II" states that "This militia unit seems to have been reorganized in 1863, and was commonly known as the Clay County Scouts. It was called into service of the State (West Virginia) by the governor on December 31, 1864, when last mustered. Final discharges were issued May 30, 1865".

Listed below is the roster of the Clay County Scouts as contained in the aforementioned Clay County History. If anyone wishes to make an addition to this list please send it in and I'll put it on the roster for you. Herschel Shamblin



Stephenson, Benjamin L. - Captain

Mullins, James - 1st Lt. (Resigned August 30, 1864, because of bad health)

Forsythe, James M. 1st Lt. (Mounted Scout)

Young, Samuel E. - 2nd Lt. (Discharged May 2, 1864, for conduct prejudicial to good order and military discipline)


Adkins, Benton (Discharged for disability, Jan. 1, 1865) - Arbogast, George W. (Enlisted U.S. service) - Armstead, Jerimiah H. (Deserted) - Ashley, Rice M. (Mounted Scout discharged May 1, 1864 by finding substitute)

Baker, Moses - Baxter. Felix J. (Enlisted U.S. service) - Blankenship, Dewitt C. - Blankenship, Hiram B. (1st Cpl.) -Boggs, William F. - Brown, Anthony R. (Volunteered U.S. service) - Brown, George W. (On leave Mar. 10, 1864, not heard of since) - Burdette, John C. (Died Jan. 1, 1864)

Chapman, Andrew J.

Davis, Cowen R. - Davis, Edwin R. (Promoted to 2nd Sgt. Nov. 1, 1864) - Dorsey, Milton - Drake, Harry - Drake, Lindsay

Elliot, Charles H. (Volunteered U.S. service

Fitzwater, Elisha (2nd Cpl.) - Forsythe, Samuel

Good, Alexander W. - Griffith, Perry - Grose, James K. - Grose, Strother B (Mounted Scout)

Hamrick, Jasper H. - Hamric, Alexander - Hamrick, Randolph D. (1st Sgt. from Jan. 1, 1865) - Hamrick, Samuel B. - Hart, John D. (3rd Cpl.) - Hart, Lewis A. (Discharged for illness) - Hill, John - Hinkle, Philip (Enlisted 7th Cavalry - Substitute for draftee) - Holcomb, Alexander - Holcomb, Ethen - Hyer, Samuel E. (Discharged for disability - Apr. 1, 1864) - Hull, Morgan (Volunteered U.S. service)

Jarrett, Anderson (Volunteered U.S. service) -

Keith, Guy (Mounted Scout - Captured Jan. 15, 1864 - Never heard from) - King, David - King, Henry A. - King, Uria - Kyle, William

Lewis, Charles

McMillon, John - Miller, Zachariah (Volunteered U.S. service) - Moore, Rice W. (Mounted Scout - Prisoner, paroled Apr. 20, 1864) - McGheny, John - McClung, John (Killed by accidental gunshot Oct. 18, 1863) - McHenry, James F. - Mullins, Thomas (Cpl. Mounted Scout) - Mullins, William, Sr. - Mullins, William B. (Mounted Scout) -Mullins, William H.H.

Nicholas, Charles (Discharged, bad health, May 1, 1864 - Nicholas, George W. - Nicholas, William M. (Volunteered U.S. service) - Nutter, David - Nutter, Thomas W.

Osborne, Wilburn

Perkins, James R. - Perry, Henry E. (4th Cpl.) -Pierson, Harrison - Pierson, William

Rader, Benjamin L. - Radar, David (Substitute for John McMillon) - Rader, Michael - Rader, Robinson (1st Sgt. Mounted Scout) - Rader, William - Reed, Solomon (Volunteered U.S. service) - Rhodes, Thomas (Volunteered U.S. service)

Sample, Perry - Sands, John (1st Sgt.) - Aslisbury, Andrew J. - Siers, Mathias - Shamblin, Lewis D. (Exempt form service - sickness June 1, 1863) Spencer, Washington - Spinks, Allen - Stephenson, Andrew J. - Stephenson, Cortes - Stephenson, Logan - Stephenson, Madison (Unable for duty since July 1, 1863) - Stephenson, Martin V. (sgt.) - Stephhenson, Thomas B. - Summers, David - Summers, John M. - Summers, Paul - Suratt, Wiley

Tawney, Christopher - Tawney, George W.

Williams John J. (Co M 4th WV Cavalry) - Woods, Campbell - Woods, James

Young, Jacob L. (Mounted Scout) - Young, James. Last update 10/10/05