Clay Queries - Sept/Dec 1997


K Myers -My grandfather, Edward Davis, was born about 1875. His parents were Martha Triplett Davis and James Davis. I can't find any mention of the Davis family in the 1860 Clay County Census. Can anyone tell me where James Davis lived at that time. His father may have been Enoch Davis, I'm not sure. Any help will be appreciated.

Barbara Stevenson-I am looking for the families of Dever Beau Jarrett (born C1760) - Known children are Jane, Henry, and Clark. I am also looking for the families of Alexander Barnet Dawson (born C1806) - Known children are Richardson, Henry, John, Wyatt, Josiah, Louis, Margaret, and Melinda. Thanks.

Renee Brisendine-I am looking for information regarding the Truman Family. Burl Truman died in 46, 47 (automobile accident). Would appreciate any information on this. I am also looking for information on the Brown Family. My grandmother was Margaret Brown. She married Charles Cottrell then Charles Woods. I have detail and information on the Brisendines if any anyone is interested. God speed to us all.

Linda Elliott-I'm searching for any information on the Elliott, Bird, Morton, Sizemore, Ward and/or Lyons families from the Adonijah (Doniger) Fork area of Clay County, West Virginia. Also, does anyone have information on the Elliott Splint Coal Company which operated in the Leatherwood, Pisgah area of Clay County sometime in the early 1900's? Who were the owners? Any information would be very much appreciated.

Vanessa Dumrauf-I am looking for the following siblings and their families: Riley Sherman Coulter, Isaac Coulter, George Coulter, Chesley Kinney Coulter and Cornelia Coulter Perry. They were born to George J. Coulter and Flora Jane Cole Coulter between 1850 and 1860 in Pocahontas Co. They may have settled in Clay County. Any information would be appreciated.

Jerry EdensI am looking for any information on Arminta C. (Carolyn?) Harris daughter of Joseph & ? (Matheny) Harris. Arminta married Ervin Thomas Butler on January 12, 1886 in Clay County. Arminta's daughter, Effie May Martin, was 5 years old at the time of this marriage. Additional information about Arminta C. Harris can be found on my "most wanted" web site at Any information would be very much appreciated.

Ron Elliott-I am researching the family line of Samuel Lyons, born February, 1803. He married Elzina O'brien, supposedly a Mohawk Indian on January 15, 1859. Their children were: Martha, Erma, Susanna, Delbert, James, Rebecca, Sarah, Caroline, Jonathan and William Perry Lyons who was my great grandfather. William was born March 20, 1861, and died on March 18, 1936, at Adonijah (Donijer) Creek, Clay County, West Virginia. William was married first to Sarah J. Sands. They had a son named Bill. His second wife was Martha Holcomb, my great grandmother. She was the daughter of Zachary Holcomb and Eunice Neil.

The children of William and Martha were Adda, Bell Lyons (Reed), Ida Gertrude Lyons (Reed), Samuel, Rosette, Clara, Margret, Hester Anna, Sarah Lyons (Shamblin) and Maggie Jane Lyons (Elliott) my paternal grandmother. Maggie was born August 2, 1901, and died on November 25, 1982. She married Herbert R. Elliott of Adonijah (Donijer) Creek, Clay County. Any information concerning any of the individuals listed here would be greatly appreciated.

Sharon Fain-I am interested in obtaining death certificates for several of my ancestors but have no idea what years to search. All of these relatives died in Clay County and if you have any information on their specific death dates I would appreciate it very much if you would contact me. My relatives are: Cyrus Rodgers (sometimes spelled Rogers) born about 1805 and died after 1880, James Jeffers (sometimes spelled Jeffrey) born about 1815 and died after 1870, William H. Jeffers born about 1844 and died after 1920, Martin Douglas born about 1836 and died about 1924 and Mahala M. (or Margaret) Arbogast born about 1848 and died after 1880. Margaret was married to Nicodemus Arbogast. Thanks for any help.

Dave McGrawI am looking for family information on the John McGraw family of Bell Creek, (Dixie - Scottsford or Bentree), W.Va., Nicholas or Clay County, West Virginia area.

John McGraw, Sr's., parents are unknown to me at this time. He lived, married and died on Bell Creek near what is now Dixie, Nicholas County, West Virginia. He was born November 3, 1809, in Virginia, married about 1838 to Ann Nichols, who was born January 17, 1817, to James Nichols and Anna Bails. They had four known children - James who was born May 15, 1839, and was single without issue, William Pleasant who was born February 20, 1841, on Bell Creek, married Martha Jane Hill about 1858 and died February 24, 1929, at Bentree, Nicholas - Clay County line, Jane who was born about 1845 on Bell Creek at Dixie, W.Va., married January 3, 1866 to John E. or F. Hypes, and John Jr., who was born on October 31, 1846, married Mary Clementine Hupes about 1865 and died July 15, 1907, at Dixie, Nicholas County, W.Va.

John E. or F. Hypes and Jane McGraw had children who are unknown to me and they lived in Clay County, West Virginia. John was born about 1842 and was from Craig County, Virginia. He was blind most or all of his life. I need all the family information I can get on this couple.

I will share family information and I very much need to know more about the above family - dates, names and places. Thank you.

Bev CleavesI am looking for information on parents/siblings of Benson Fletcher Rollins, born August 4, 1838, in Clay County, Va. (now W.Va.). He married Florence M. Jones in December of 1860. There is a George Rollins listed in the 1860 Clay County Census with a "Fletcher" listed as a child, age 21. George Rollins is listed as age 40, wife Mary as age 30. This could not be Fletcher's mother as she would have been 9 years old when he was born. Therefore either George was married before or he is Fletcher's brother.

Does anyone have any information that could help me? I have been searching for Benson's siblings or parents for nearly 22 years.

Edward Neff-I am looking for any information on a Frank Baldwin that died in Clay County, West Virginia, in about 1931 to 1938. He is buried in Clay County. Also any information on the Neff family that lived in Clay County. Any help you can provide will be greatly appreciated.

Barbara Pritt-I am searching for the whereabouts of Janice Dawson who lived in Clay County in 1960 -1970's. She was a social worker for the "welfare" office. Her son's name was Glen. If anyone would have an address/phone number I would really appreciate it. By the way, does anyone remember Jack, Fred, Ernie and Barbara (Bobby) Deusenberry from the 1960 - 1970's. Thank you for your help.