Friend Family Burial Sites


Listed below are the various cemeteries in Clay County that contain graves for members of the Friend family. This data was supplied by Mrs. Ina Hicks of the Friend Family Association in Friendsville, Maryland. It is suspected that this information is neither complete nor up to date. Art Friend

Friend Cemetery Ivydale, W.Va.

Andrew S. Friend born 1815, d. ? - Founder of Ivydale, son of Andrew P. Friend

Malinda Williams Friend born 1820, died October 31, 1873 wife of Andrew S. Friend

Elizabeth Friend Beasley daughter of Andrew S. Friend, wife of Crockett Beasley

Lucie Friend born May 3, 1888, died January 7, 1894 daughter of William Willis Friend

Floyd Friend born July 27, 1877, died February 22, 1904 son of William Willis Friend

Marion Ada Friend born July 16, 1937, died August 26, 1949

Marion F. Friend born September 5, 1863, died July 29, 1942 brother of William Willis Friend

Mary C. Delaney Friend born 1870, died 1956 daughter of Joseph & Louisa Delaney

Paul Friend no dates, son of Joseph & Anna Friend

Baby daughter Friend, no dates, daughter of Joseph & Anna Friend

Edna Friend, no dates, daughter of Joseph & Anna Friend

Wanda Friend, no dates, daughter of Joseph & Anna Friend

Levy D. Friend born July 27, 1895, died January 5, 1965 WVa. Pvt Battery "C" 21st Field Artillery, wounded in action in France, son of William Willis and Rosanna Butler Friend

Clemmie Rogers Friend born April 2, 1904, died October 4, 1984, wife of Levy D. Friend

Kenneth Olen Friend born January 4, 1924, died January 3, 1940 son of Levy D. and Clemmie Rogers Friend

William Willis Friend born October 5, 1857, died May 9, 1932 father of Levy D. Friend

Rosanna Butler Friend born October 4, 1855, died February, 1946 wife of William Willis Friend and father of Levy D. Friend

J. B. Friend born July 5, 1892, died November 20, 1955 son of William Willis and Rosanna Butler Friend

Ellis M. Friend born April 24, 1883, died February 26, 1967 son of William Willis and Rosanna Butler Friend

Maggie Friend born April 15, 1894, died January 21, 1923 wife of Ellis M. Friend

Richard R. Friend born September 26, 1921, died October 5, 1921 son of M. R. Friend

Marion R. Friend born March 28, 1890, died May 29, 1936 son of William Willis and Rosanna Butler Friend

Laura B. Friend born December 12, 1900, died February 18, 1969 wife of Marion R. Friend

Robert L. Friend born 1885, died 1955 son of William Willis and Rosanna Butler Friend

Josie B. Friend born 1911 wife of Robert L. Friend

Miller Cemetery Mountain Home Ridge

Louise Friend Walker born October 10, 1840, died January 21, 1911 daughter of Andrew S. & Malinda Williams Friend and wife of Joel Walker

Robert Friend born 1897, died 1959

Eva L. Frame Friend born 1904, died 1969

Ona Lou Friend born September 12, 1942, died December 5, 1942

Roger Steven Friend born September 5, 1947, died September 8, 1947

Daubenspeck Cemetery off Rt. 36, six miles from Wallback, W.Va.

J. J. Friend born January 30, 1893, died April 3, 1943

Virgil Harvey Friend born May 22, 1925, died January 1, 1926

Hallsburg Cemetery, Hallsburg, W.Va.

Ida Friend born 1869, died September 2, 1951 at age 82

Moore Cemetery on a ridge off Horse Fork of Big Sandy Creek

Jefferson P. Arthur born March 6, 1852, died September 2, 1890 husband of Barbara Murphy. Barbara Murphy's brother, Francis Murphy, married Mary Friend on December 27, 1871 in Clay County. Mary's parents were Andrew S. and Malinda Williams Friend. P. H. Murphy's parents were Francis & Mary Friend Murphy. P. H. Murphy was raised by his mother's sister Elizabeth Friend Beasley.

Glenna Ester Friend Hanshaw born 1893, died 1975

G. A. Friend born May 1, 1870, died February 14, 1937 wife of Marshall C. Friend

Marshall C. Friend born November 23, 1864, died February 28, 1944 son of James M. & Sabrina Friend

Newton B. Friend born 1904, died 1977

Clarence Friend born March 13, 1902, died June 25, 1940

Arbutus J. McLaughlin Friend died June 2, 1984, 50 years old

Douglas Cemetery near Ivydale, W.Va.

Bessie Florence Friend born 1890, died 1972

John Marion Friend born August 15, 1936, died July 14, 1969 A3, CU, U.S. Air Force

Sarah Nelson Friend born 1882, died 1969

Jim Friend Cemetery near Ivydale, W.Va.

Vida Friend born 1915, died 1930

Andrew D. Friend born 1874, died 1930 son of James M. & Sabina Frame Friend

Daniel H. Friend born 1876, died 1948 son of James M. & Sabina Frame Friend

Gertrude Friend born 1879, died 1939

Uriah Walker born 1865, died 1937 son of Joel & Louisa Friend Walker and grandson of Andrew S. Friend

John Friend born 1866, died 1904 son of James M. & Sabina Frame Friend

Harry Friend born 1860, died 1903 son of James M. & Sabina Frame Friend

James M. Friend born 1836, died 1894 husband of Sabina Frame Friend and son of Andrew S. Friend

Sabina Frame Friend born 1841, died 1920 wife of James M. Friend