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PROLOGUE- This report was compiled by Arthur R. Friend in September of 2001. My wife is Merida Holcomb Friend formerly of Widen, W.Va. Her parents were Herbert S. and Gertrude Hamric Holcomb. The purpose of this paper is to document the genealogy of my wife's branch of the Hamrick Family. Please note that all the ancestors in this line spelled the family name Hamrick except Allen Corley Hamric (my wife's grandfather) who dropped the "k" for some unknown reason. A large part of the following came from the Don Norman files that present extensive data on many Central West Virginia families. The remainder came from the Internet, public records and personal contacts.

INTRODUCTION - The Hamrick name has many variations - Hamrick, Hambrick, Hemrick, Hamric, Hambrugg and Amory, Emery, Amery, Ammmory, Emmery and others.

The only consistency seems to be the "M" and "R". The M can be AM, EM, HAM, which all sound similar. The R can be ORY, ERY, BR and the final sound depended on how the individual clipped the ends of his words or the brogue he used may be ICK, E, Y, UGG, OK and others.

English surname researchers say that the Vikings may have brought the name to Northern Scotland in 870 AD. Later these Scots and their King Thorofin Rollo invaded France in 960 AD and lay siege to Paris. The French King, Charles the Simple, conceded defeat and awarded the victors Northern France or Normandy. Later Rollo married the King's daughter.

The first written record of the Hamrick name was at Tours in Normandy in 1027 by William D'Amore and his son Gilbert D'Amore in b. 1058. After the Norman Conquest, Gilbert D'Amore b. 1084 is found in England. (LDS Ancestral File)

One of the descendants of Rollo was the Duke of Normandy who conquered England in 1066. The Amore name is found in the Doomsday Book and other documents of that time. The family held positions at four Courts and were given vast land holdings for their part in the invasion.

Later, the descendants moved throughout England, Scotland and County Claire in Ireland where they occupied Bunratty Castle.

This introductory information was taken from the Hamrick/Hambrick Web Site maintained by Mr. J. R. McKinney on the Braxton County, W.Va., Genealogical Pages under the West Virginia Genealogical Web Site. The Web address for Mr. McKinney's Web Site is http://homepage.rootsweb.com/~hamrick/

PATRICK HAMRICK -The oldest ancestor in my wife's Hamrick line is Patrick Hamrick. He was born in March of 1684 in Ireland, and died in Manassas located in Prince George County, Va., in 1764. He is buried in the Clover Farm Cemetery in Manassas. The emigrant Patrick Hamrick was listed as Patrick Anminer, age 16, and his brother as Henry Hambrok, age 12, in 1699/1700 when they arrived in Virginia. Later in Court of February 29, they were listed as Hambrugg. Patrick next was later listed as Hamrick and had some sons who used Hambrick. Henry's descendants may have used Hambrook. Patrick married Margaret Ingles in Richmond County, Va., in 1710, after he had served a four- year indenture in the service of Lem Cox.

Patrick married Margaret Igles, a daughter of Robert and Sarah (Coxe) Ingles around 1711 in Saint Mary's Parish in Richmond, Va. Margaret was born in 1691 and died in King George County, Va., in 1745. Margaret may have been an out of wedlock child. One source lists Patrick's marriage to "Margaret Coxe".

Patrick witnessed a Deed of Gift in king George County, Va., February 4, 1725, (Deed Book l, p. 330). He was indentured in King George County, January 6, 1726, (Deed Book l, pp.411-413). He and his wife Margaret were indentured for the farm where they lived in King George County (Deed Book 1-A, pp. 303-305). Patrick Hamrick obtained a 118 acre land grant from Thomas Lord Fairfax in Prince William County, Va., on December 10, 1740. He had applied for this grant on January 10, 1739, as heir of Roger Day. In a September 3, 1739, entry in King George County Deed Book 2, p. 300, Patrick and Roger Day are identified as shipmates and cousins.

It is not clear where Patrick and Roger Day were shipmates. They may have traveled together from Europe or they may have been part of the crew on any of several ships sailing out of Virginia in that time.

Patrick is enlisted in the 1741 Poll of Burgesses of Prince William County. This gives indication that he was a land owner and more than 21 years of age.

In a 1747 poll of residents of Western Dettingham Parish in Prince William County, Patrick Sr., Benjamin, Patrick Jr., Robert, and James Hamrick are reported living side by side.

Patrick and Margaret Ingles Hamrick had nine reported children:

1. Benjamin, b.c. 1729, m. Mary Sias

2. Patrick Jr., b.c. 1730, d. 1839, 1st wife? 2nd wife, Sarah Haley Foster

3. Jeremiah

4. Jilson, m. Sally Thomas Nov. 9, 1785

5. Robert

6. James, m. Priscilla

7. Charles

8. John, d. Nov., 28, 1756, m. Sarah

9. Thomas

Of interest to my wife's family line is Benjamin who probably was the oldest child. As noted above, Benjamin was born around 1729.

BENJAMIN HAMRICK 1st - Benjamin is listed here as the 1st to distinguish him from his son listed below as Benjamin Hamrick 2nd. Benjamin Hamrick 1st, a son of Patrick and Margaret Ingles Hamrick, was born about 1729 in King George County, Va., and died about 1787. He married Mary Sias about 1750. The will of John Sias dated September 6, 1773,lists his daughter "Mary Hamrick". John Sias' will was returned September 23, 1779, indicating that he died that year.

Benjamin witnessed the will of George Reeve in King George County, October 18, 1751, indicating that he had passed his 21st birthday by that date. Benjamin is listed in Daniel Paynes' store ledger in the period of 1755 - 1761 with the notation that he was an overseer for Thomas Blackburn.

Benjamin and Mary Sias Hamrick had eight known children:

1. Sias, b. April 4, 1753, d. October, 1835, m. Miriam McMillion

2. Benjamin, b.c. 1755, d. 1842, m. Nancy McMillion 1779

3. William, b. 1756, m. Elizabeth "Betsy" Fitzgerald

4. David, b. May 22, 1760, d. July 12, 1838, m. Lettice Wyatt, Feb., 9, 1788

5. Mary, b. 1761, m. Clayton Smith Jr., July 14, 1778

6. Samuel, b.c. 1765, m.?

7. Jilson, b. 1766, d. 1851, m. Sarah Thomas Nov., 5, 1785

8. Joel, b.c. 1770, m. Mary "Betsy"---

The second of the children was Benjamins' namesake Benjamin. This second Benjamin is the next ancestor in my wife's Hamrick line.

BENJAMIN HAMRICK 2nd- As stated above, this Benjamin Hamrick has been designated the 2nd to distinguish him from this father Benjamin above who has been listed as Benjamin the 1st. Benjamin Hamrick the 2nd, a son of Benjamin and Mary Sias Hamrick, was born in Faquier County, Va., in 1755, and served in the Continental Army during the American Revolution. He was at the capture of Trenton, NJ, at Brandywine Creek, September 11, 1777, and served under Captain John Blackwell at Valley Forge, Pa., in the Winter of 1777-1778. He married Nancy McMillion while on leave from the Army in the Fall of 1779. Nancy, a daughter of John and Martha Palmer McMillion, was born in Faquier County, Va., on November 4, 1762. Much more data is available on Benjamin Hamrick concerning his service during the Revolutionary War and his history after the War. Therefore, a separate Web page has been prepared that is dedicated to Benjamin Hamrick. The reader can access this Web page by clicking here on Benjamin Hamrick - Patriot.

After the Revolution, in 1782, the Hamrick family moved from Faquier County, Va., to the Cherry River in present day Greenbrier, W.Va., and the family is found on the Greenbrier tax rolls from 1783 through 1796. Benjamin is found in the 1800 and 1810 Kanawha County, Va., (now W.Va.) Census and in the Nicholas County, Va., (now W.Va.) Census from 1820 through 1830. Their final move was to Braxton County, Va., (now W.Va.), where Nancy died between 1829 and 1833 on Frame's Run, a branch of Strange Creek. Benjamin died in Webster County, Va., (now W.Va.) in 1842. He is buried in a cemetery on the family homestead in Bergoo, Webster County.

Benjamin and Nancy McMillion Hamrick had eleven reported children:

1. Benjamin, b. February 10, 1782, d. Jun., 12, 1863, m. Nancy Agnes Gregory Apr.,19, 1811

2. Nancy, b. February 13, 1795, d. July 10, 1857, m. Absolom Hutchinson

3. Mary, b. August 1, 1787, d. February 6, 1967, m. Samuel Dobbins Aug., 9, 1808

4. William F., b. 1789, d. 1850, m. Jeanette Gregory May 14, 1813

5. Peter, b. July, 5, 1791, d. Mar., 19, 1855, m. Rebecca Mollohan Feb., 1, 1825

6. Enoch, b. 1780, m. Jane McMillion Aug., 22, 1805 m. Mary Sisk

7. Joseph W. b. 1793, d. 1885, m. Frances Coger 1823, m. Margaret Burrows

8. David, b. Jan., 1796, d. Oct., 25, 1875, m. Elizabeth Miller

9. John, b.c. 1800, d.c. 1832, m. Nancy Perkins, Jan., 27, 1814

10. Sarah, b.c. 1802, d. 1863, m. John James

ll. Cyrus, b.c. 1806, m. Jane James

The youngest of Benjamin and Nancy's children was Cyrus and he is the child next in my wife's genealogical line.

CYRUS HAMRICK - Cyrus Hamrick, a son of Benjamin and Nancy McMillion Hamrick, was born in Virginia in 1806. He married Jane James. Jane, a daughter of Joseph and Abigail James, was born in Virginia about 1808. Little is known about Cyrus Hamrick except that he is listed with his family in the Braxton County, Va. (now W.Va.) 1850 Census with his family. He is listed as a farmer and his estate is valued at $300.00. Cyrus died in August of 1879 in Braxton County, W.Va.

Cyrus and Jane James Hamrick had eleven known children.

1. Sarah, b.c. 1829, m. Reuben Harold Fulks, July 9. 1865

2. Nancy, b.c. 1831

3. Elizabeth, b.c. 1832

4. Benjamin F., b.c. 1834, m. Lanna Wood, April 21, 1861

5. Margaret, b. 1835, m. Samuel T. Johnson, Jan., 1872

6. Mary, b.c. 1837, m. Jonathan Green, Jan., 11, 1866

7. Levi, b.c. 1841

8. John P., b. April 4, 1843, d. Nov., 15, 1901, m. Agnes Frame Jan., 16, 1868

9. Cyrus C., b. 1844, m. Alcinda F. Frame Oct., 5, 1871

10. Rebecca Jane, b.c. 1847, m. James W. Hall, April 14, 1874

11. William J., b.c. 1851, m. Mary Jane----

Benjamin F. Hamrick, born about 1834, is the next ancester in my wife's direct lineage.

BENJAMIN F. HAMRICK - Benjamin F. Hamrick, a son of Cyrus and Jane James Hamrick, was born April 22, 1834. He married Lanna (Lena, Leanna) Wood on April 21, 1861. They lived in Braxton County around the Frametown area. It is believed that Benjamin served in the Civil War but more research needs to be done on this. Benjamin died in 1904 on what is known as the "Reip" property and it is assumed that he is buried in the Shawver-Reip Cemetery at Frametown. Lee Anne Wood was born in 1839 in Braxton County. The date of her death is not known but it stands to reason that she is buried in the same cemetery as Benjamin. It is known that Benjamin was a farmer most of his life. A copy of their son's (Allen Corley Hamric) application for a social security card in 1936 reveals that Benjamin's full name was Benjamin Franklin Hamrick and his mother's maiden name was Lee Anne Woods.

Benjamin and Lee Anne Hamrick had the following children:

1. Elizabeth J. born 1862

2. Mariah A. born 1864

3. Cyrus P. born 1866

4. Benjamin F. Jr. born 1869

5. Thomas B. born 1871

6. Mary E. born 1873

7. Nancy R. born 1876

8. Reynear Milton born 1878 m. Amanda Melcena Wilson

9. Allen Corley born July 26, 1881 died Dec. 1964

Allen Corley Hamric (Hamrick) was my wife's grandfather and the next direct ancestor in her line.

ALLEN CORLEY HAMRIC - Allen Corley Hamric was born on July 26, 1881, and was the youngest child of Benjamin Franklin and Lee Anne Hamric. As stated above, it is not known why he decided to drop the "k" from the end of his name. He was born in the Frametown area of Braxton County. On November 14, 1906, he was married to Mable Goldie Craft by Rev. T. M. Dean. Mable was born on December 29, 1886. At one time Allen was a river rafter, running logs into Charleston, W.Va., on the Elk River. He also worked as a carpenter and went to work at the coal mines at Widen in Clay County, W.Va. about 1923. At Widen he worked on the tipple and as a carpenter for about 40 years. Allen died on December 1, 1964 at Gassaway in Braxton County, W.Va., and his wife, Mable Goldie Craft, died on December 13, 1922, at Charleston, W.Va. Allen is buried in the Shawver-Reip Cemetery near Frametown.

Allen Corley and Mable Goldie Craft Hamric had the following children:

Myrtle Virginia born November 11, 1907 - died the same day

John Morgan born September 11, 1908

Gertrude Dell born July 17, 1910 - died November 16, 1960

Chelsie William born February 20, 1912

Mary Link born August 13, 1913

James McCauley born March 14, 1915

George Summers born October 1, 1917

Ida Isabel born November 9, 1918

Dane Hampton born December 14, 1920

Allie Louise born November 15, 1922

Gertrude Dell Hamric was my wife's (Merida Holcomb Friend) mother.

GERTRUDE DELL HAMRIC- Gertrude Dell Hamric was born on July 17, 1910, and died on November 16, 1960. She was probably born at either Diatta Run or Middle Run near the Frametown area of Braxton County and attended the Middle Run Baptist Church. On July 30, 1930, she married Herbert Stanton Holcomb and lived most of her adult live in Widen located in Clay County, W.Va. Anyone interested in further information on the Holcomb Family can click on Holcomb Family. Gertrude apparently was a housewife all of her married life. She died on November 16, l960, and is buried in the Walnut grove Cemetery near Widen. Gertrude Dell Hamric and Herbert S. Holcomb had the following children:

Merida Ethel Holcomb Friend born April 3, 1932, and now living in Williamsburg, Va.

Doris Gean Holcomb Patton born December 21, 1934, and now living in Tempe, Arizona

Ruby Lee Holcomb born April 3, 1941, and now living in Surry County, Va.

Any questions concerning the data contained in this article may be addressed to Arthur R. Friend. What has been provided here is a bare bones history of my wife's Hamric/Hamrick line. Hopefully someone will take up the challenge and do further research. If anyone does, I will gladly amend these pages to include any meaningful additional information.