Hickory & Lady Slippers

Life and Legend of Clay County People

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Volume  I


HICKORY & LADYSLIPPERS, LIFE AND LEGEND OF CLAY COUNTY PEOPLE - This volume consists of stories of Clay County and its earlier pioneers and the way it was back in the old days. The stories were written by retired school teachers and older citizens of the area.


Volume II


TALES OF THE ELK - This volume consists of stories written by H. B. Davenport. It is a collection of stories of life on the Elk River and the surrounding area in earlier times.


Volume III

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THE CLAY COUNTY CLAN - This volume consists of family genealogies and histories of Clay County people. Due to lack of funds, we were unable to print this volume in one book, therefore, you must purchase each of the seven books individually.



Book 1 -  This book consists of family genealogies and their histories of Clay County People, A - B.

Book 2  - This book consists of family genealogies and their histories of Clay County People, C - D.

Book 3 - This book consists of family genealogies and their histories of Clay County People, E - G.

Book 4 - This book consists of family genealogies and their histories of Clay County People, G - L.

Book 5 - This book consists of family genealogies and their histories of Clay County People, L - P.

Book 6 - This book consists of family genealogies and their histories of Clay County People, P - S.

Book 7 - This book consists of family genealogies and their histories of Clay County People, S - Z.


Volume IV


ECHOES OF THE ELK - This volume contains poetry written by Clay County people. Appalachian Poetry is different from other poetry because it tells about Appalachian people and their lives. The people in this book have written down their poems to share their lives with you.


Book I


WIDEN, AN APPALACHLAN EMPIRE -. This book contains the story of J. G. Bradley, a coal baron who founded the Buffalo Creek and Gauley Railroad at Widen, W.Va. This company at one time was one of the leading coal producers in the state.


Book 2


WIDEN, AN APPALACHIAN EMPIRE - $10.00. This book contains articles written by historian and land agent P. H. Butler for the Widen News. We are including many of these articles because of their historical value to the early life and legend of Clay County people.


Book 3


WIDEN, AN APPALACHLAN EMPIRE - This volume contains pictorial editions as printed by the Widen News, that contain stories of the life, work and recreational activities of the people who lived in Widen and vicinity.


Volume V

Out of Print

REFLECTIONS ON IVYDALE AND VICINITY - This book contains articles written by Ellis Friend, a noted historian, on Ivydale and vicinity. These stories are written about the life, work and happenings of the people who lived in this area.




SCARED STIFF: DO YOU BELIEVE IN GHOSTS, OLD WIVES' TALES, REMEDIES, AND SUPERSTITIONS - This book contains authentic ghost stories and unusual happening as they have happened to Clay County people. It also contains, various superstitions and mountain remedies. The superstitions vary from bad luck to good luck. There is a section on mountain language varying from old sayings, mountain phrases, love and marriage, having company, death, planting by the signs, weather and a miscellaneous section.




CHURCHES OF CLAY COUNTY, WEST VIRGINIA - This volume consists of different histories of the churches located in the Clay County area. This book is very informative and mentions many of the early settlers and their part in the establishment of religious institutions in the county.




EARLY HISTORY - This book contains historical sketches written by historian Mark C. Kyle on early Clay County Post Offices starting with the Big Otter Post Office through the Wallback Post Office. Many of the early settlers of the county helped to start these post offices. This volume also contains important historical information on Clay County and Clay County families as recorded by early historian in the "Hoot-Owl" by an Old Resident, Clayburn Pierson.




MULLINS FAMILY HISTORY AND OTHER STORIES - This volume contains information on the Mullins family of Clay County and many other stories.




- RAMBLING THROUGH THE WILDERNESS - This book contains Clay County history as told by Hubert Dawson and Mack Thomas. The story is told of how Strange Creek was named and the gold that grew in Clay County. Also included is the story of how the Golden Delicious Apple was discovered on Porter's Creek. This book contains many other wonderful facts and stories about Clay County. Much of this history was written during the WPA era.




SEVENTY TWO YEARS OF COOPERATIVE EXTENSION AND CLAY COUNTY FAMILIES Note: We made an error in the volume number on this book and it should have been Volume X. This book is about Clay County, West Virginia, Extension Service's role in working with Clay County People. Through the eyes of Paul Allan, this book illustrates some of the activities agents have been involved in from the period of 1914 to 1986. (Through farming institutes and the more recent poverty programs.)  This is a wonderful and informative publication about Clay County People




EARLY HISTORY II  - This features Recollections of a Lifetime, by Col. D. S. DeWeese, newly INDEXED, containing information on pioneers of Central West Virginia-- many Clay County names; also the history of Oak Hill School by Eloise Boggs, illustrated with many pictures of the school, students, and teachers; also some stories of early days in Clay County by Clayburn Pierson, historian, whose manuscript was printed previously, in Volume VII.



SPECIAL EDITION -- SCARED STIFF II - This special edition consists of ghost tales, superstitions, remedies, old wives' tales, unusual happenings, funerals, and epithets from Clay County.



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THE HOME INSTRUCTOR - The printing in this book is not of very good quality but we think it is a good publication. Home Instructor was said to be an indispensable tool to every house hold and that it was a compendium of useful knowledge necessary for practical use of everyday life in the 1800's. This book was reprinted because things have changed tremendously in central West Virginia and in Clay County in the last one hundred years. In presenting this material we would like for our readers to respond to the last page of this book and return their responses to us.




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LIFE ON LILLY' FORK AND CLAY COUNTY FAMILIES - The stories written in this book are by previous Clay County students, but much of the material has been written as told to us by Dora Adkins Chapman. Genealogical and historical information presented in this book could have been lost if it had not been for her. Some of the families mentioned are Chapman, Ramsey, Bragg, Craigo, Westfall, Dawson, Deboard, Dunn, Graham, Hanshaw, Cougar, Moore, Morris, Mullins, O'Dell, Perdue, Keith, Pierson, Raynor, Rhodes, Samples, Eagle, Sirk, Stone, Talbot, Welch, White and Woods.




SPINE TINGLING TALES AND CLAY COUNTY FAMILIES - This book is full of authentic Clay County ghost tales and supernatural happenings. These stories have been gathered and compiled from all over the county. There are old proverbs, sayings, goodies, faith, short verses, inspirational notes, jokes, folk medicine, and more Clay County families. The families written about in this volume are Bird, Boggs, Brown, Butler, Carter, Craddock, Davis, Drake, Ferrebee, Ferrell, Goodwin, Harrison, Keener, Killingsworth, Kincaid, Lane, Legg, Lowe, Suderman, Talbot, Tanner, Taylor, Triplett, Truman, and also King, Koch, Lantz, Legg, Rogers and Woods.




CLAY COUNTY FAMILIES - This book contains superb stories about the legendary Jenes Cottrell and his sister Sylvia O'Brien. You can also read about the life story of a wonderful lady - Dessie Dawson. The life story of one of our best old time mountain fiddlers, Johnny Johnson, is revealed. There is much genealogical and historical information found on the section containing research on Clay County families such as: Auxier, Bailey, Hamrick, Legg, Morris, Morton, Murphy, Nottingham, Salyers, Sirk, Summers, Taylor, Vaughan and Woods.




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THE ELK RIVER AND OTHER STORIES - This book explains the scope of the Elk River Basin and its area. There are wonderful delicious recipes from the Elk River area given in this volume. The history of quilting, apple butter making, canning pickled corn, crocheting, and patchwork quilting are given. Stories have been written about Della Lyons, Lloyd Russell Drake, Ellis Friend, and Garnie Wilma Walker. One section deals with language from central West Virginia such as sayings, phrases, jokes, short poems and tongue twisters. There is one complete section on the unique animal in the Elk River Valley.




AND MORE CLAY COUNTY STORIES - An enlightening discussion on wash days and how it use to be done starts this interesting publication. A wonderful story about Jessie's miracle and how her life was saved after falling through the Clay Bridge. Since the American passenger pigeon once roosted here in Clay County there is a story about the last pigeon that lived in the United States. The section on dreams and the interpretation of dreams readers will find very interesting. Many Clay County ghost stories and unusual happenings are recorded. There is a section on mothers and tributes to them such as Gaytha Barker Lowe, Mary Elizabeth Fitzwater Friend, and Daisy Sizemore. The memories of a WAC as told by Garnie Wilma Walker Testa as she recalls her travels during World 11. Many Clay County families are mentioned in this particular publication.




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WEST VIRGINIA AND CLAY COUNTY HISTORY - This is probably one of our best publications in that it gives more history than anything we have done. The geology, transportation, early settlement, and constitutions of West Virginia are discussed. The valley of Virginia and the Appalachian coal fields are written about presented to the reader by the noted historian, Clayburn Pierson. One section of this book deals with many published articles about Booger Hole and other stories associated with that section of our county. The section on Clay County families will include such names as: Bishop, Bragg, Young, Graham, Hill, Holcomb, Taylor, Childers, Nicholas, Samples, Sears, Fitzwater, West, Conrad, Wilson, and McGlothlin




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CLAY COUNTY FAMILY HISTORIES – The contents of this book comprises a history of the Aaron Burr Butcher family and a history of the Whaling family is given with several pictures.  There is also a family history of the Eagle family going back to Edward Eagle.  Another section deals with Herbs and Spices.  This section goes from herb and vinegar dressings to remedies given by Clay County people.  We have many interviews and family histories in the rest of this publication including:  Bargar, Baker, Barbor, Brady, Bragg, Burdette, Ferrebee, Hubbard, James, Legg, Moore, Neal Osborne, Paxton, Samples, Sizemore, Stockwell, Terry, and Williams.  Other families that are included are Ramsey, King, Roberts, Starcher, Tanner, Taylor Wayne, Boggs, Brown, Butcher, Grose, Hall, Haynes, Hubbard, and the Thorne family.




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CLAY COUNTY FAMILIES – This publication finishes up a section on Memoirs of a War  as told by Garnie Wilma Walker Testa, an extraordinary woman who for many years taught at Clay County High School.   Part 1 of this work was included in Volume XVIII and Part II is included in this book.  This book contains an extensive history of the Johnson and Conner family histories which has been well researched.  The last part of this publication is made up of student family histories which include: Burdette, Conrad, Cruikshanks, Grose, McGlothlin, McKinney, McColley, Miller, Neal, Holcomb, Keen and Sears.  The Appendix B contains a wonderful interview of Ruby Hamrick Hale that anyone would enjoy reading.




CLAY COUNTY FAMILIES – This publication begins with a life story of William Wyatt Rhodes as written by Richard W. Samples.  Richard is the son of James Lee Samples and Chessie Edna Rhodes and a grandson of William Wyatt Rhodes and Mary Ellen Simmons.  The second section of this book is the history of Hartland, Clay County, West Virginia as seen through the eyes of Glen Samples.  Richard and Glen are brothers and grew up on this small community of Hartland.  The third section is the story of Mildred Myrtle Hickman Tracy.  The Caregiver, as told by her daughter Frances Lee Tracy Mink.  This is a heart warming story of a mother’s love for her God, her family and friends.