The Hill Family


My parents were Levy D. and Clemmie Rogers Friend of Ivydale, Clay County, West Virginia. My mother's mother was Malinda Belle Dawson Rogers and her maternal grandmother was Susan Hill Rogers. The purpose of this presentation will be to explore the Friend/Rogers/Hill ties by looking at the ancesters of Susan Hill.

According to Jim Anderson of Logan, Ohio, the oldest known ancestors of Susan Hill are her grandparents James and Catherine Hill. James Hill was born about 1765 in Pennsylvania and died in 1824 in Nicholas County, Va., (WVa). Catherine Hill was born in 1765 in Pennsylvania and died in 1850 in Marion County, Va., (WVa). The estate record of James Hill is recorded in Kanawha County, W.Va. He owned a large tract of land extending from Cobb Station, near Clendenin, north to Osborn Mills. James Hill was a Methodist circuit rider. Susan Hill's father was Henry Robert Hill. Henry Robert Hill was born on January 1, 1801 in Harrison County, Va., (WVa) and died in 1892 at Corton, Kanawha County, WVa. He married Susannah Smith about 1826 in Kanawha County. In 1850, the family was living in Kanawha County, Virginia (now W.Va.). Neither James or Catherine Hill's place of birth nor the identity of their parents is known at this time. Anyone having such information is urged to send me an e-mail at the address listed below.

Henry and Susannah Smith Hill had twelve children. These children were Hannah, Mary, Squire, Sarah. Henry Robert (born in 1833, married Caroline Cosby Taylor on Nov. 10, 1852 and died in 1911), David, Susan Margaret (born August 27, 1837 and died February 4, 1903), Rhoda, Adaline, John, Abel and Frances.

Worth noting here is the Civil War record of David Hill. I mention his record here because my mother had spoken of having an "Uncle Dave Hill" who drew a Government pension for service with the North during the Civil War. For years I had no further data about "Dave Hill" but now with the help of my sister (Linda Friend Adams) we can now present the following on David Hill: David was born on July 22, 1835, in Kanawha County, Va., (WVa). According to David Hill's 23 page pension request to the Federal Government, on January 3, 1863, he enlisted in the West Virginia 13th Infantry Regiment that had been organized in October of 1862. At the time David was 31 years old, 5 feet 8 inches tall, had sandy hair, blue eyes and a light complexion. During the Battle of Cedar Creek in 1864 he was blinded in his left eye from an exploding shell. Earlier in June of 1864 he had contacted chronic diarrhea during a raid on Lynchburg. He was hospitalized in Clearryville, Maryland, because of his wound and was discharged May 17th, 1865. His pension petition was filed on June 20th, 1875, and when finally approved he was awarded a pension of $30.00 per month. At the time of his death on January 25, 1916, David Hill was living with his son in Woodyard, Roane County, W.Va. He is buried in the Presley Cemetery. And at the time of his death, David Hill's total estate consisted of $30.00 in cash.

After the death of her first husband, Susan M. Hill married Allen S. Rogers on November 13, 1859. Allen Rogers was born on February 21, 1837, in Braxton County, Virginia (now W.Va.) and was the son of Levi and Naoma Skidmore Rogers. Susan Hill had previously been married to John C. Booker on November 3, 1852. After Allen's death on December 4, 1877, she married Thomas M. Arthurs on February 6, 1879, in Clay County, West Virginia. The Rogers Family Bible records that Susan Hill Arthur died February the 4th, 1903, at one o'clock and 16 minutes in the day time.

Allen and Susan Hill Rogers had seven children. These children were Levi Bascom (born Aug. 24, 1861, married Susan M. Moore on Jan. 27, 1882 and died on Jan. 15, 1918), Adaline V. (born about 1865 married Henry F. Cline on Dec. 23, 1865 and then Samuel Camp), James Anderson (born March 16, 1868 married Malinda Belle Dawson on Nov. 5, 1894 and died in January of 1932), Selina M. (born Aug. 22, 1866 and married Francis M. Reed), Jerusha Adaline (born May 1, 1870 married Marshal Clark Friend and died Feb. 14, 1937), William H. Harrison (born about 1871 married Mary A. Boggs and died July 21, 1911) and Columbia (born 1873 and died the same year).

As mentioned at the beginning of this presentation, my mother's mother was Malinda Dawson Rogers, daughter of Allen and Susan Hill Rogers. Little is known of the rest of Susan Hill's family except that my mother used to speak of "Uncle Dave Hill" who apparently served on the side of the Union during the Civil War and eventually was awarded a Federal pension for his service. However, after much research, I have never been able to verify this information. Art Friend


The above was written by Arthur R. Friend in October of 1997. Sources drawn on in this presentation include:

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