Paxton Cemetery


The Paxton Cemetery is located on the Paxton Farm off Hansford Fork Road at Maysel in Clay County, West Virginia. This cemetery inventory was submitted by Patty Paxton Caudill and questions concerning this information should be submitted to her.

PAXTON, Wiley - born 1874, died 1938

PAXTON, Susie Wilson - (wife of Wiley) born December 9, 1886, died May 19, 1960

PAXTON, Jesse James - (youngest son of Wiley and Susie) born October 16, 1921, died April 12, 1951, (killed during the Korean War)

PAXTON, Carl - (oldest son of Wiley and Susie) born 1912, died 1969

PAXTON, Mary Ellen Moore - (wife of Carl) born 1916, died 1954

PAXTON, Cecil Jack - (second oldest son of Wiley and Susie) born 1915, died 1978

PAXTON, Martha M. Johnson (wife of Jack) born 1917, died 1994

PAXTON, Cecil B - (son of Jack and Martha) died December, 1934

PAXTON, Eliza Paul - (son of Jack and Martha) died September, 1937

PAXTON, James Earl Jr. (grandson of Jack and Martha) born 1962, died 1983

BABY KIRBY, - (infant daughter of Ed and Tressie Paxton Kirby) died April 1, 1933

PAXTON, Betty Kay - (daughter of Emory and Justine Shamblin Paxton) born September 7, 1945, died May 15, 1947