The Rose Family


My parents were Levy D. and Clemmie Rogers Friend of Ivydale, Clay County, West Virginia. My mother's mother was Malinda Belle Dawson who was the daughter of Henry Dawson and Eliza Rose Dawson. The purpose of this article is to display the Friend/Dawson/Rose ties as reflected through the Rose family. Only the ancestors of Eliza Rose will be discussed here and those seeking information on her descendents may wish to investigate further some of the references mentioned herein and at the end of this presentation.

The oldest known ancestor of Eliza Rose was Ezekiel Rose who lived in Pennsylvania sometime in the 1700's. Isaac Rose, a son of Ezekiel, was born in Chambersburg, Franklin (now Cumberland) County, Pennsylvania about 1753 and died in Nicholas County, Va. (now W.Va.) on February 17, 1829. Isaac's grave is clearly marked with a headstone and he is probably buried in Nicholas County, West Virginia, perhaps in the Rose Cemetery near Birch River.

Apparently an individual by the name of Elizabeth Sanders wrote a book entitled "The Descendants of Isaac Rose" in which information is presented not only on the descendents of Issac Rose but on other lines of the Rose family as well. If anyone reading this presentation has access to a copy of Ms. Sander's book I would appreciate receiving an e-mail from you.

Don Norman attributes much of his information pertaining to Isaac Rose on the Internet to Ms. Sander's book and much of the information presented below comes from the Norman data.

In his declaration for a pension before the Nicholas County Court on September 7, 1819, Isaac Rose stated that he served in the Revolutionary War, enlisting in Monongahela County (Monongalia) in 1777. He also stated that he served in the 13th State of Virginia Regiment commanded by Colonel John Gibson and that he served until 1780, when he was discharged in Monongahela County (Monongalia) . His pension claim is numbered W5713.

Isaac married Margaret Forsythe in Pennsylvania. Margaret was born November 8, 1757, and died November 30, 1843, in Braxton County, Va. (now W.Va.). According to various sources, Isaac and Margaret were married about 1784 and moved to Monroe County, Virginia, about 1797. They moved from Monroe County to Bath County, Virginia. About 1812, they moved to Nicholas County, Virginia (now W.Va.).

After Isaac's death, and according to William Rose's (Isaac and Margaret Rose's oldest son) declaration before the Braxton County, Virginia Court, May 20, 1846, his mother Margaret made her home with him from about 1830 until her death in 1843.

Isaac and Margaret Rose had six children. The children were William ( born about 1786 married Martha Persinger and died in 1874), Hannah (born about 1790), James (born about 1795 and married Ann Butcher), Ezekiel (born about 1795 married first Susannah Harmon and then Agnes J.F. ?), Charles (born about 1798 married Eliza McCune on May 1, 1825 and then Elizabeth O'Brien) and Amelia (born about 1798).

Charles Rose was the youngest son of Isaac and Margaret Rose. As stated above Charles first married Eliza McCune and after her death apparently before 1850, he married Elizabeth O'Brien who was born in Virginia about 1802.

Charles and Eliza McCune Rose had five children. These children were Margaret (born about 1833), John Wesley (born 1834 married Harriet Lynch on Feb. 11, 1858, Levicy Butler on July 19, 1866 and died in 1883), Mary Jane (born 1835 married Franklin Cruikshanks on Feb. 11, 1858 and died in 1877), Eliza Ann (born 1839 and married Henry Dawson July 5, 1861), Sarah Elizabeth (born about 1840 and married Franklin Legg on May 7, 1864).

Charles and Elizabeth O'Brien Rose had three children. These children were William B. (born 1839), Robert Marshall (born Aug. 17, 1844 married Seretha Martin on Sept. 13, 1865, Martha Ann Beasley on Dec. 6, 1871 and April 16, 1901), and Naoma (born in 1841).

Charles Rose apparently migrated to what is now Clay County, West Virginia because there is evidence that he was presumed dead about 1868 - 1869 as his heirs claimed his land in 1870. This land was located on the south side of Elk River at Spreading Shoals above Clay Courthouse.

My mother's maternal grandparents were Henry and Eliza Rose Dawson. Little is known of Henry and Eliza except that they were married on July 5, 1861 and they are shown in the 1880 Census of Clay County, West Virginia, along with their nine children. Henry was the son of Alexander Barnett Dawson and he and Eliza may be buried in unmarked graves at the Dawson Cemetery at Little Laurel near Ivydale, Clay County, West Virginia. One of their children was Malinda Belle Dawson who was my maternal grandmother. Art Friend


The above article was written by Arthur R. Friend in October of 1997. Sources drawn on in the writing of this presentation were:

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