Rose Family Cemetery


Rose Family Cemetery

The Rose Family Cemetery is located just past the Flat Fork Baptist
Church, on a road to the right. The Ramsey Cemetery is at the end of
this road on the left and the Rose Cem. is up the hill from it. You must
walk up the hill through the woods to find it, it is just a short walk.
This is the part of the old Harrison, WV area. Flat Fork Baptist Church
is on Laurel Fork Rd. off of the Dundon-Widen Rd. I have added personal
remarks (  ) after a couple of the listing.  I hope that I made no
mistakes but I apologize if any mistakes were made.  This information
was provided by Linda L. (Friesel) Carpenter.  Any questions should
be directed to her.

Reva Rose

Mary Rose
R. M. Rose

John M. Rose, son of R. M. Rose and Mary Rose born Sept. 7, 1868 - died
Feb. 14, 190-

JOHNSON   John 1827-c.1910  Martha 1831- 1926  ( This stone was just
recently placed here by the descendants of John and Martha. After a long
search it was concluded this was their final resting place. Before this
marker was placed here in 1998 there was only 2 concrete markers with
the name Johnson. Martha's maiden name was Blankenship.)

Anna  born July 9, 1873  died July 30, 1933 (wife of Eli, maiden name
Eli  born March 5, 1871 died Feb. 7, 1957  (son of John and Martha
Blankenship Johnson)

Lulu M.,born 1906 died 1964
Wade D., born 1887 died 1955

Louise Goff Rose born Nov. 7, 1874 died Nov. 21, 1950
Feilding H. Rose Born July 13, 1869 died Aug. 16, 1942
Stella Rose  Born Oct, 31, 1911 died Sept. 19 1927


Henry Jason Hayes  born May 23, 1981 died May 23, 1981

Elizabeth J. Wood 1866-1954

John W. Wood 1865-1953

Everett M. Wood   born Dec. 15, 1906 died July 6, 1979

Nellie J. Wood  born Sept 20, 1916 died March 28, 1965

Timothy L. Wood born May 2, 1958 died Dec. 1, 1958

Vida O. born Jan. 18, 1906 (dau. of Eli and Anna Rose Johnson)
Rosco A. born Jan. 17, 1906 died Oct. 4, 1983

Alva Forrest Taylor born April 7, 1940 died April 9, 1940

Baby girl Taylor

Clarence White 1905-1975

Mark L. Ramsey  Cpl. US Army WWII born May 17, 1929 died Dec. 28, 1957

Donald Ray, son of Sewell and Nona Ramsey born April 19, 1930 died Feb.
23, 1941

Information obtained in summer of 1996 by:
Linda L. Carpenter
Rt. 3 Box 64
Washington, WV 26181