The Shamblin Family


George Shamblin born ca.1804 in Virginia (now WV) and his brother Henry moved from Jackson County, Virginia to Nicholas County, Va. now Clay County, WV between the years of 1830-40. Here George and Barbara raised nine children on a mountaintop above Dorfee. Henry did not stay in Clay County long before moving to the Clendenin area. Many of the Shamblin's in that area are his descendants. George owned a 650 acre tract of land, 200 of which, he purchased from Henry. This land was part of what many know as the "King Farm" between Elkhurst and Dorfee.

George and two sons, Isaiah and Lawson enlisted in the Clay County Homeguards in 1861. July 1863, Isaiah and Lawson joined Company G of the 3rd WV Calvary at Charleston, WV. Isaiah died at Harpers Ferry, W.V Dec.1864 and is buried in the Winchester National Cemetery. Lawson died in the Slough Hospital Alexandria, Va., June 30,1865. He is buried in the Alexandria National Cemetery. Thaddeus joined the Union cause in 1864, and fought with the 7th WV Calvary. After the war he returned home and died in Charleston at his son Adam's residence, in 1924. He was brought by train back to Dorfee, and is buried in the Shamblin Cemetery near there.

Some researchers believe that sometime around 1861-62, George and Barbara returned to Jackson County where he died shortly after. I believe George was living on his farm at Dorfee when he died, but have yet to prove it. I do know that shortly after the war Barbara and her youngest son Van went back to Jackson County. Barbara died there in April 1871 while living with Van on Bear Fork near the Jackson/Roane County line.

Isaiah born 1827, was my great great grandfather. He married Miriam Cunningham May 15, 1848 at Kentuck, Jackson County. Miriam was a daughter of Joel and Mary Casto Cunningham. Isaiah and Miriam had seven children, Albert b: 1849 died 1929, David M b:1851, James D bn:1854, Eliza J b:1856 died 1868, Joel C b:1859 died 1948, George W b:1861 and Sarah E b:1863 died 1868. Not many years after Isaiah's death Miram married Anderson Aldermen and they settled in the Covington, Va area.

Joel Cunningham Shamblin, my gr-grandfather returned to Clay County and lived there most of his life. Joel's brother-in-law, Dan Cunningham was a Deputy US Marshall, and wrote his memoirs: Dan Cunningham's Criminal History of Roane and Jackson Counties. His writing spoke of the lawlessness that occured after the Civil War and mentioned the murders in Booger Hole, and others in the Jackson/Roane County area.

Joel's first marriage was to Louisa F Price. They had seven children during their marriage. Louisa died shortly after the birth of their seventh child. Joel's second marriage was to Sarah M Tolley. During their marriage they had six children. One died as an young boy and is buried next to Sarah in the Henry Schoonover cemetery, a short distance from the Blue Knob Church.

William A (Bill) my grandfather, born 1898 died 1977, was a son of Joel and Sarah. Bill married Sarah E Lyons, Oct 18, 1918. They had fifteen children, eleven lived to adulthood. Grandfather once told me of their travels between the two counties, and how they would often heat stones, and put them under the straw on the wagon floor to keep warm.

Charles Carder has a book available on the Shamblin Family of West Virginia and there is also a very interesting Y-DNA project in which many male Shamblin's are participating. If you are interested in knowing more about the Y-DNA project or the book, please don't hesitate to contact me.Herschel Shamblin