Fayette County WV Genealogy



Contribute to the Fayette County Archives & Resources


Help us grow!  By contributing data gleaned from your own research, you are helping to keep genealogical resources free on the internet and enabling others around the world to conduct research from home. 

Do you have Wills, deeds, birth, death or marriage records? 

Do you have public records that you have transcribed, such as censuses, war records or newspaper articles? 

How about information from a family bible or cemetery inscriptions? 

Such information is vital to the project because we are helping each other discover our roots and learn more about our ancestry.  

For more info on what to submit and how, write to
Fayette County, West Virginia, US GenWeb.


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Norman Adkins , Fayette County WVGenWeb
Les Shockey, West Virginia State Coordinator
Valerie Forren Crook, Asst. State Coordinator