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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do you have information on {insert your ancestor's name(s) here }? No, I don't. The data I have pertains to my ancestors and/or allied families only.
  2. Will you do research? No, I live about 4 hours from the courthouse. Please contact the Fayette County Historical Society for a list of individuals who will conduct research on your behalf for a fee or free.
  3. Where can I obtain birth/death certificates for my ancestors? NOTE: There are no birth or death certificates in either of the two Virginias prior to 1854. The Virginia Legislature passed a law in 1853 mandating that these records be kept and the law went into effect in 1854. If your ancestor was born between 1854 and 1917, birth and death records are recorded on microfilm and housed at the West Virginia State Archives. If your ancestor was born after 1917, birth and death records are on file at the Vital Registration office. Be advised: In terms of obtaining vital records, West Virginia is not an "open record" state. Access to certified copies of birth certificates is restricted to the certain individuals. Death certificates will only be issued to the next of kin or to persons with a legal right to the certificate. Please see the Vital Registration web site for more information.
  4. I'm just starting my family tree. Where do I begin? Here's a link to a great resource to help you: http://usgenweb.org/. Links to other great resources are located on the links page.
  5. Where can I learn more about West Virginia history, culture and genealogy? Visit the West Virginia Division of Culture and History web site and the West Virginia University's Regional and History Collection web site.

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