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Batten Ellen D-3/12/1888 A-66y
Batten Homer E no dates
Batten Harley H no dates
Miller Fran R   s/o Pruda 2/16/1914-2/16/1914
Miller  George W 1836-1911
Miller Matilda 1845-1930
Miller William F  6/5/1866-8/2/1905 s/o G W & Matilda
Miller E R   s/o G W & S M B-4/1/1881  A-5y
Miller E W  s/o G W & S M B-4/14/1874 A-9y
Ruddle Margaret (Brown) D-7/1/1863 A-60y 7m 23d  w/o Cornelius
Thompson Samuel   s/o H & M 5/25/1833-6/15/1864
Thompson Rebecca J (Dyer) D-7/1/1863 A-21y 6m 2d  w/o Samuel
Thompson infant child of Samuel & Rebecca   no dates
Dyer Roger  A-79y 4m 22d 10/10/1805-3/4/1885
Dyer Mary   A-69y 5m 8/11/1815-2/9/1885
Dyer Elias G   s/o R & M 6/23/1850-12/9/1884
Dyer Andrew J 6/4/1845-4/4/1901 md Columbia J Miller
Dyer Charles G   3/7/1889-1/13/1890  s/o A J W & C J
Cox Charles F 12/4/1889-12/30/1981  s/o Wm & Marj (Kirkpatrick) Cox
Cox James A 4/5/1891-6/28/1939
Cox Oliver    s/o W H Cox 3/26/1886-5/27/1938
Cox Sissie 6/11/1876-9/16/1876
Cox Ray 12/18/1881-7/14/1888
Cox Thurman 11/8/1893-10/15/1897
Cox Villa Winifred 9/15/1877-2/10/1896
Cox W H 1/16/1852-3/28/1921
Cox Mary J (Kirkpatrick) 2/1/1855-6/1/1950
Lampe Ray E 8/28/1909-9/4/1909
Lampe Estella 1879-1972 d/o WH & Mary (Kirkpatrick) Cox
Kirkpatrick Mary M (Messenger) 3/4/1861- w/o W S md(2) Thomas H West 12/22/1904
Kirkpatrick W S  10/28/1857-5/9/1903
Kirkpatrick Jane D- 12/7/1893 A-67y
Kirkpatrick James A D-3/25/1871  A-47y
Rogers George H, Jr. 9/27/1928-10/12/1928  s/o G H & Edith (Conrad)
Wright Martha 1920-1973
Rogers Benjamin H 6/19/1892-4/1/1920
Rogers Evert C 7/3/1903-2/15/1908  s/o George & Tetia
Rogers Orpha J 7/18/1884-2/3/1900 d/o George
Rogers Sarah M 11/13/1848-6/27/1897   w/o George
Rogers George H, Jr. 1847-1930 md (2) Lutiashia King 10/22/1899
Kirkpatrick Hardy D- 6/4/1871 A-45y 4d  md Margaret Thompson 4/20/1854


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