African-American Research
in Greenbrier County, West Virginia

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1853-1854 Birth Records
Greenbrier County, WV
Transcribed by
Source: Microfilm #464939

Child                          Parents                    Birthdate
Beard, Samuel (slave)          Thomas (owner)             1/8/1853
Buster, Fanny (slave)          Claudus (owner)            6/6/1853
Edgar, Henry (slave)           Archibald (owner)          6/21/1853
Handley, Peter (slave)         Robert W. (owner)          1/8/1853
Hanna, Agness (slave)          James (owner)              5/14/1853
Jones, Charles (slave)         Abel (Owner)               7/1/1853
Kincaid, Eve (slave)           Samuel (owner)             8/1853
Mathews, Blanche (slave)       Mason, (owner)             2/1853
Mathews, Jim (slave)           Mason, (owner)             11/1853
McFarland, Edward (slave)      William H. (owner)         11/1853
Myles, Mary (slave)            Joseh (owner)              2/1853
Neal, Jacob (slave)            Felix (owner)              6/1853
Rader, Andrew (slave)          Anthony (owner)            6/18/1853
Renick, Minton (slave)         Benjamin F. (owner)        6/8/1853
Scott, Clinton, (slave)        Hiram (owner)              6/1853
Tuckwiller, Charles (slave)    Daniel (owner)             4/1/1853
Wethered, Alice (slave)        Pierce B. (owner)          7/1853
Withrow, Charles (slave)       James (owner)              2/1853
Bransford, Samuel (slave)      Henry (owner)              6/9/1854
Feamster, (slave)              William (owner)            11/31/1854
Hamilton, unnamed (slave)      Andrew (owner)             3/1854
Handly, Emily (slave)          Joseph (owner)             10/1854
Mann, (slave)                  Matthew, (owner)           12/14/1854
Myles, (slave)                 Joseph (owner)             9/1854
Neal, (slave)                  William (owner)            12/1854
Piercy, (slave)                George (owner)             12/4/1854
Riffe, Andy (slave)            Samuel (owner)             7/1854
Syme, (slave)                  William H. (owner)         2/1854
Tuckwiller, (slave)            David (owner)              6/17/1854
Zircle, Charles (slave)        Samuel (owner)             12/4/1854

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