The Negro in Greenbrier County, West Virginia

    The Ph.D. Dissertation THE NEGRO IN GREENBRIER COUNTY, WEST VIRGINIA -- A SOCIAL, ECONOMIC AND EDUCATIONAL STUDY by Earl Charles Clay (1946) is a thesis which was submitted to the faculty of the Division of Graduate Studies of Virginia State College in partial fulfillment of Dr. Clay's requirements for the Degree of Master of Science in Education.

It can be found at the Johnston Memorial Library, Virginia State University, Petersburg, Virginia 23806-2096. (804) 524-5582, Fax: (804) 524-5482.

The dissertation contains five chapters.

    The Thesis also contains slides and tables. The tables include such things as: Number and Ages of Negroes in Greenbrier County, Length of Residence, Occupations, Earnings, Size of Families, Types of Construction of Homes, Repairs Needed to Homes, Creature Comforts, Property Holdings, Rent Paid, Newspapers Read, and Types of Periodicals Read.

    Also, Transportation Facilities, Types of Insurance, Civic Organizations, Voting, Arrests and Prosecutions, Businesses Owned, Handicapped Individuals, Causes of Death, Illnesses, Places of Treatment, Public Assistance, Relationships in Family Units, Broken Homes, Individuals who attended Public Schools, Individuals who attended College, Recreational Outlets, Graduates of Bolling High School 1936 - 1946 and Members of the Senior Class who did not Graduate.

    The pictures include Pictures of Negro Homes, a picture of a Business Owned by a Negro, Negro Churches and Schools. There is also a map of Greenbrier County and a map of West Virginia.

    The document is 116 pages.

    The document may also be included with Dr. Clay's papers at the Greenbrier Historical Society, 301 W. Washington Street, Lewisburg, West Virginia, 24901, (304)-645-3398


This biographical sketch of Earl Charles Clay is taken from his dissertation entitled THE NEGRO IN GREENBRIER COUNTY, WEST VIRGINIA -- A Social, Economic, and Educational Study (1946), transcribed by Carol Haynes

    The writer, who is the son of the late Dr. Samuel F. Clay and Mrs. Lillian M. Clay, was born in Lewisburg, West Virginia. He received his secondary education in the high school department of West Virginia Collegiate Institute, now West Virginia State College, and his college education in the same institution, graduating with the degree of Bachelor of Science in 1930.

    In the summer of 1940 he enrolled in Virginia State College to work toward the degree of Master of Science in Education.

    For the past fourteen years he has been principal of the Bolling High School, Lewisburg, West Virginia.

    He is married to the former Miss Helen Wilcher, and is the father of two children.

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