BIRD/BYRD Family Bible record, 1817-1937

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"Bird-Byrd family Bible record, 1817-1937"
4 leaves (copy of actual record in the above collection)

Leaf #1

John B. BIRD and Sarah LIPPS His Wife were married The 31st day of May 1838.

John B. BIRD and Mary E. HENNING was married 23rd of August in the year 1865.

James W. HUMPHREYS & Mary Susan BIRD was married October the 16th in the year 1872.

Luther D. BIRD and Agnes J. HUMPHREYS was Married Dec 31st 1873.

Valentine W. BIRD and Elizabeth REED was Married 1873.

William D. BIRD and Margaret BEARD was married 1873.

Amos HINKLE and Catharne R. BIRD (19 years old) was Married 1860.

Leaf #2

John B. BIRD Was born the 15th day of May 1817.

Sarah BIRD was born the 20th of February 1817.

Catharine R. BIRD was born September 27th 1841.

Valentine W. BIRD was born March 2nd 1844.

John Henry BIRD was born August 23rd 1846.

George (?) W. BIRD was born April (20?)th 1840.

Samuel L. BIRD was born April 20th 1840.

Jane BIRD was born October 6th 1848.

William D. R. BIRD was born February 4th 1850.

Lewthur [sic] D. BIRD was born the 27 of May 1852.

Leaf #3

Mary Susan BYRD was born September the 1 1855.

Lewis Stuard [sic] BYRD was born May the 21 1858.

Joseph Brooks BYRD was born March the 8 1861.

Mary Susan Daughter of J. W. & M. S. HUMPHREYS was born Dec 5th 1874 & Died Augst 13th 1876 aged 20 months & 8 days.

J. W. HUMPHREYS Departed this Life May 1st 1877 aged 28 years months Days.

Willie B. D. HUMPHREYS Daughter of J. W. & M. S. HUMPHREYS was born July 15th 1877.

Valentine W. BYRD died in 1899.

Catharine R. BYRD died Nov 14 1905 age 64 years.

William R. BYRD died Dec 22 1908

Mary Susan (BYRD) PATTON died Jan 22, 137, age 81 years, 4 months and 21 days.

Cleo Margaret PATTON, (daughter of Luther Patton & Grace May CALDWELL (PATTON)) was born May 3rd (19)12.

Leaf #4

Samuel L. BIRD died November 16th 1840.

Jane BIRD died October 12th 1848.

John H. BIRD Died July the 18 1862 in the sixteenth year of his age.

Sarah BYRD died September 8th 1863.

Lewis Stuart BYRD died January the 30th 18(70?).

Joseph Brooks BYRD died May 17, 1931 (at his home near Second Creek Post Office) age 70 years 2 months 9 days.

Catharine LIPPS Died July the 8 1851 in the fifty eighth year of her age.

Rebekah A. H. BYRD Died March the 12 1857 in the seventy fifth year of her age.

This Bible record was submitted by Valerie Crook. The submitter does not have a connection to this family.