Bible Records - HONAKER 1827-1944

The following entries are taken from a Bible dated 1895 now in
possession of Darlene Luchard Nicely, great granddaughter of
Margaret Honaker Green.


F. S. Honaker died on May 27, 1907.

Elizabeth Honaker died January the 1, 1910.

Margaret A. Green died May 1, 1922.

J. J. Green died Aug. 7, 1944.


F. S. Honaker was born October 23th 1827.

Emeline Honaker was born January 17th 1852.

John Thomas Honaker was born April 24th 1854.

George Edward Honaker was born August 29th 1855.

Joseph Dewit Caldwell Honaker was born February 26th 1861.

Rebecca Jane Honaker was born November 10th 1858.

Margaret Ann Honaker was born March 30th 1863.

James William Honaker was born May 27th 1866.

The above births were apparently written by one person all at the
same time as the writing and ink are alike.


James J. Green was born April 8, 1857.

Margaret A. Honaker was born March 30, 1863.

Virgil L. Green was born August 10, 1881.

Neta M. Green was born April 21, 1884.

Eva M. Green was born September 19, 1886.

J. J. Green & Maggie A. Honaker was married December 24, 1879.


Oleta Mae Arritt and Archie Clyde Collins was  married  May  9,

Submitted to Alleghany Families

Transcribed and submitted by Louise M. Perkins,