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NEWTON C. DARNALL - is a son of John S. and Mary J. (McDOWELL) DARNALL, of Greenbrier County, and was born in this county, July 29, 1855. In Greenbrier County, in 1879, Newton C. DARNALL and Elizabeth BOONE recorded their marriage vows, and their home is in Ronceverte, where Mr. DARNALL is successfully conducting the business of shoemaking. His wife was born in Greenbrier County, as were her parents, Alexander and Margrine (JACKSON) BOONE. They are still honored residents here. Newton C. DARNALL's post office address is Ronceverte, Greenbrier County, West Virginia.

CHARLES L. DAVIS - is a son of General A. W. G. DAVIS, of Kentucky, who married Rachel STUART, of Greenbrier County. The home of their wedded life was in this county, and here the subject of this sketch was born April 4, 1840. his father is no longer living. Runnels DAVIS, brother of Charles L., was a Confederate soldier, captain of Company B. 19th Virginia Infantry, and he received a wound at Cedar Creek from which he died. Charles L. DAVIS was also a Confederate soldier, serving in the 27th Virginia Infantry, in the "Stonewall Brigade." He was in active service two years, and then losing his health was detailed post quartermaster, and stationed at South Carolina. He was engaged in the four days fight at Manassas, the seven days fight at Richmond, with Milroy on Shenandoah Mountain, and also in the battle of Cedar Mountain. At the old STUART residence in Greenbrier County, Charles L. DAVIS was united in marriage with Bettie C. CABELL, and in their home are two children: Breckenridge C., born September 13, 1877; Rachel Stuart, January 12, 1880. Loch-Lynn, another child, died at the age of four months and eleven days. The wife of Mr. DAVIS was born in Campbell County, Virginia, January 4, 1845, and her parents were natives of Virginia, both now deceased, Breckenridge and Martha (BOULDIN) CABELL. She died June 29, 1881. Charles L. DAVIS has a farm devoted to stock-raising, and has been a member of the county court for more than six years, and is its president at this date. His post office address is Fort Spring, Greenbrier County, West Virginia.

E. H. DICKSON - proprietor of the "Chesapeake Mills," which began operations April 4, 1882. The mill is a three-story building, 45 x 48 feet, engine house 20 x 30 feet, tublar boiler four feet in diameter, 14 feet in length; 40-horse power, side-valve engine, made by Atlas Engine Works, Indianapolis, Indiana. The mill contains four run of buhrs, two for wheat, one for middlings, one for corn, and has all the modern machinery for milling. The cost of building and machinery was $9,000. E. H. DICKSON, proprietor; William FOX, head miller; W. E. SHANKLIN, engineer, and Alfred KING, assistant miller. The proprietor's post office address is Ronceverte, Greenbrier County, West Virginia.

SAMUEL H. DOSS - was born in Franklin County, Virginia, October 2, 1853, but his home has been in Greenbrier County since he was twelve years old. His parents were James and Ann (WEST) DOSS, both natives of Pennsylvania County, Virginia, his father born in August, 1814, and his mother June 11, 1815. His mother died in Franklin County, Virginia, July 22, 1865, and his father is still a resident in Pittsylvania County. The brothers and sisters of Samuel H. DOSS, who are living are: Christopher C., in Minnesota; Chalihill T. and Mary A. in Summers County, this State, and Tabitha W., Cornelia V. and Elizabeth J. in Greenbrier County. His brother James L. died April 29, 1870, and his brother Lewis P. died October 16, 1873. Christopher C. served in the Confederate Army from Pittsylvania County, James L. was a member of Dunn's Battalion, and Lewis P. a member of the Franklin County Cavalry. In Meadow Bluff district, Greenbrier County, August 12, 1879, Samuel H. DOSS wedded Ledonia V. WELCH, who was born in Greenbrier County, March 21, 1859. Robert A. and Margaret A. (NICKELL) WELCH were her parents, her father born in Greenbrier County, and her mother in Missouri. Her father is still living in this county, and her mother died April 9, 1878. The two children of Mr. and Mrs. DOSS, born at the foot of Little Sewell Mountain, are: Norma V., born May 27, 188O; W. Clarence, February 15, 1882. Samuel H. DOSS has been selling goods in this county since his start in life, and now charge of a store at Blue Sulphur Springs, which is his post office address. His business card is elsewhere given.

J. R. DUNN - is a son of John W. DUNN, who was born in Harrison County, (then) Virginia, in 1802. The birth of J. R. DUNN, was in Greenbrier County, the date November 4, 1846. In Lewisburg, this county, September 15, 1875, the marriage vows were recorded of J. R. DUNN and Mary HENNING, and in the home their marriage consecrated are four daughters, born: Julia T., September 15, 1876; Virginia A., August 14, 1877; Maria, March 28, 1878; Katie A., March 4, 1881. Mary, wife of Mr. DUNN, was born in Greenbrier County, in January, 1858. The post office address of J. R. DUNN is Ronceverte, Greenbrier County, West Virginia.

Transcribed and submitted by Valerie Crook, and Ed Johnson, , 1998.

Source: Hardesty, Henry H. Hardesty's Historical and Geographical
Encyclopedia. New York: H.H. Hardesty and Company, 1884.
Rpt. in West Virginia Heritage Encyclopedia. Ed. Jim Comstock.
Richwood: Comstock, 1974.

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