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RICHARD P. FINK - born April 22, 1823, in Monroe County, (now) West Virginia, has been a resident of Greenbrier County since he was twenty-six years of age. In this county, August 26, 1850, he married Rebecca F. McCOY, and their children are recorded: Mary A., born August 4, 1852, died May 8, 1882; Alfred D., April 1, 1855, lives in Ohio; George H., December 13, 1857, and Sarah E., July 4, 1859, live in this county; John H., July 4, 1861, lives in Fayette County, Ohio; Peter H., March 13, 1864; Hettie A., July 4, 1867; Catharine L., October 1, 1869, live at home. The wife of Mr. FINK was born in Rockbridge County, Virginia, and her parents were both natives of that county, Edmund and Mary (WILSON) McCOY. Her mother died in 1844, her father came to Greenbrier County in 1847, and died in this county in 1867. Jasper FINK, father of Richard P., was born in Pennsylvania, was a soldier under Colonel Burns in the war of 1812, and died in 1853. The mother of Richard P., Catharine MILLER her name before marriage, was born in Rockbridge County, Virginia, in 1776, and she died in 1864. Richard P. FINK was member of Company B, 22d Virginia Infantry, in the civil war, and served the Confederacy on the fields of Dry Creek, Droop Mountain, New Market, and through the valley of Virginia. He was wounded in the right arm at New Market, he follows the occupation of miller at Blakers mill, near the junction of Muddy and Mill creeks, and has recently purchased 441/4 acres in Lewisburg district. The mill is in Blue Sulphur district. His post office address is Alderson, Monroe County, West Virginia.

BENJAMIN FRANKLIN FLESHMAN - son of Michael and Elizabeth (SYDENSTRICKER) FLESHMAN, was born in Greenbrier County, near Lewisburg, March 18, 1829. His mother was a native of this county, and his father came to the county in 1798. They were among the early and prominent settlers in Anthonys Creek District, and his mother died on the farm they owned, in August 1839, aged about 44 years. The farm was soon after sold, but after many years was repurchased by the subject of this sketch, who brought his then aged father back to the old homestead, and here the old gentlemen died, in the house and in the same room where his wife departed this life forty-four years before, he dying March 25, 1883, in his 97th year. This farm, still owned and cultivated by Benjamin F. FLESHMAN, contains 250 acres, mostly bottom land, and lies on Anthonys Creek, at the mouth of Little Creek. The oldest grist and saw mill in the district is located on the land. The first wife of Benjamin F. FLESHMAN was Evaline J. HULL and their only child, Maggie J., is now the wife of William H. CLEEK, of Pocahontas County, West Virginia. At Knapps Creek, Pocahontas County, September 25, 1872, Benjamin F. FLESHMAN wedded Alice E. CLEEK, and their daughter, Addie Arrena, was born October 4, 1882. John and Phebe Ann (LIGHTNER) CLEEK are the parents of Mrs. FLESHMAN, who was born in Pocahontas County, March 16, 1847. During the civil war, Mr. FLESHMAN was a member of Company B, Edgars Battalion, Confederate army. Himself and wife are devoted and useful members of the Presbyterian Church, in which he is an elder. His post office address is Alvon, Greenbrier County, West Virginia.

HARRISON FLESHMAN - is descended from pioneer families of their county, his grandfather entering the land in Rich Hollow by tomahawk claim, and his parents, who were John and Catharine (RINEHART) FLESHMAN, coming to the county when the Indians still occupied it as a hunting ground. His father was born in Henrico County, his mother in Rockingham County, Virginia, and the former died in February, 1857, the latter on the 25th of November, 1859. Harrison FLESHMAN was born near Lewisburg November 11, 1812. and in Greenbrier County, December 17, 1834, he married Palmyra PERKINS, who was born near Chillicothe, Ohio, October 13, 1810. Andrew and Elizabeth (POORE) PERKINS, who came to Greenbrier County in 1814, were her parents. Her father was born in this county April 23, 1792, and died in Indiana, May 10, 1856, and her mother, born in North Carolina, in 1794, died in Indiana, March 23, 1857. The record of the children of Harrison FLESHMAN and wife is: John Andrew, born November 18, 1835, lives in Frankford; Charles H., August 12, 1837, is a resident in Ronceverte, this county; VanBuren, February 22, 1840, lives at Frankford; Miranda, born December 6, 1842, married John I. VIE, March 6, 1873, and lives in Charleston, this State; Virginia, born December 12, 1845, married William A. OSBORN, August 11, 1867, and lives in this county; Elizabeth M. C., born December 15, 1848, married G. W. BRANT October 11, 1877, and lives in this county; Margaret Palmyra, born April 20, 1854, died February 10, 1855. The sons were all Confederate soldiers, John A. and VanBuren in the Greenbrier Cavalry, enlisting in June. 1861, and Charles enlisting in the same year in the 60th Virginia Infantry. Harrison FLESHMAN is one of the substantial residents of Falling Spring district, where he owns a blacksmithing establishment, and he has been for sixteen years a magistrate in the county. Himself and wife have been in the membership of the Methodist Episcopal Church for fifty years. Frankford, Greenbrier County, West Virginia, is his post office address.

THOMPSON H. FLESHMAN - is a grandson of Moses FLESHMAN, who came from Germany to Greenbrier County in the early days of its settlement, and a son of Simeon and Sarah (THOMPSON) FLESHMAN, who were born in this county, he was born in Greenbrier County, October 1, 1840, and his parents are now deceased, his father dying in 1868, and his mother in 1869. At Grassy Meadows, Greenbrier County, December 14, 1865, Thompson H. FLESHMAN and Leah H. LEWIS were united in marriage, and in their home are six children, while death has taken their first born: Mary E. S., born March 20, 1867, died September 19, 1868. Howard F. was born March 6, 1869; Anna B., March 14, 1871; Fannie E., March 21, 1873; Albertes H., March 30, 1875; Clyde T., June 17, 1879; Effie M. H., February 21, 1882. Griggsby and Anna (COFFMAN) LEWIS, born in Greenbrier County, were the parents of Mrs. FLESHMAN, who was born in Greenbrier County, April 2, 1846. Her mother died in the year of her birth, and her father died in 1864. During the civil war, Thompson H. FLESHMAN was fife major, Company K, 22d Virginia Infantry, Confederate service. He is now and for several years has been overseer of roads, and is also school trustee of sub. district No. 17. He is by trade a stone mason, and owns a farm of 135 acres, devoted to grain raising. His post office address is Blue Sulphur Springs, Greenbrier County, West Virginia.

JOHN ANDREW FOGLESONG - born in Lewisburg, February 27, 1852, is a son of John and Polly (DYCHE) FOGLESONG who were born in Greenbrier County, and are still residents in this county. His father's birth was in the year 1816. In Henry, Marshall County, Illinois, October 17, 1881, John A. FOGLESONG was united in marriage with Nellie Elizabeth DIKES, who was born in Henry, in 1851, a daughter of Richard DIKES. Richard Guy, born October 6, 1882, is the son and only child of Mr. and Mrs. FOGLESONG. John A. FOGLESONG makes the home of his wedded life in the place of his birth, and he follows, the trade of painter. His address is Lewisburg, Greenbrier County, West Virginia.

Transcribed and submitted by Valerie Crook,, Darla Ruebush, and Ed Johnson, , 1998.

Source: Hardesty, Henry H. Hardesty's Historical and Geographical
Encyclopedia. New York: H.H. Hardesty and Company, 1884.
Rpt. in West Virginia Heritage Encyclopedia. Ed. Jim Comstock.
Richwood: Comstock, 1974.

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